Week 13 Injury Report


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Week 13 Injury Report

What This Is:

*A no-nonsense quick-hitting analysis of fantasy-relevant player injuries that could impact performance on game day.

*A preview of the current week’s fantasy-relevant players with an injury through Thursday night.

What This Is Not:

*A comprehensive analysis of players who are on bye or currently on the I.R.

*A look ahead to injuries impacting fantasy football beyond Week 9.

For any questions related to this article such as “should I drop [player A] for [player B]?” please refer to the staff’s weekly projections. This is not the final version and will be continually updated through Sunday morning, so definitely bookmark this article.

General Guidelines:

The following general rules apply for big shake-ups on the weekend:

*Players who are downgraded from full or even partial practice to “Did Not Practice” on Friday or Saturday, for any medical reason, are a long shot to play. Typically you’ll see teams say these players are a “game time decision” which is code for “they ain’t playing”.

*Players who have a concussion have up until Saturday night/Sunday morning to clear the protocol.

*If no “final update” is available, the player has either been officially ruled out or no news is good news.

The following players have already been ruled out for Week 8 as of Friday evening so get them out of your lineup!

The players on the COVID List are difficult to project because there’s a big difference in the rules based on whether or not a player was symptomatic vs. tested positive vs. out because of contact tracing. The general rules of the covid list are explained here but are as follows:

  1. A player exhibiting symptoms + a positive test can return after 10 days since the initial onset of symptoms + at least 3 days since the last symptoms + at least one negative test.
  2. If there are no symptoms present but a positive test is reported, players can return in 5 days only after not exhibiting symptoms + two negative tests at least 24 hours apart.

The following players are on the COVID/Reserve List and will not play on Sunday and beyond:

  • J.K. Dobbins - Was eligible to return against the Steelers and in theory should play against the Cowboys.

  • Mark Ingram - Was eligible to return against the Steelers and in theory should play against the Cowboys.

  • Lamar Jackson - Is now eligible to play against the Cowboys. It’s uncertain whether he’ll be active, though. It’s hard to imagine the Ravens won’t start Lamar on Tuesday if he remains eligible.

  • Mark Andrews - He won’t be ready by Tuesday.

  • James Conner - There’s virtually no news on Conner but he is still on the COVID list as of today. He tested positive on November 28th meaning his return on day 9 (Monday December 7th) would violate rules. This is assuming he was symptomatic. Just have a backup plan.

  • Adam Thielen - On track to play.

The following notable players practiced in full on Friday and are on track to play with no limitations unless otherwise noted below.



Dude caught a stomach stomach bug according to Cheese Burger Eddy Andy Reid. Be on high alert about him this week as dehydration and overall fatigue without being worked into the game plan could limit his upside. The likelihood of him having a ceiling game this week is low.


A weird situation made weirder when Adrian Pterson made a comment about Swift’s health. Let’s be clear: Swift is out of the concussion protocol. However, he did not practice last week due to a non-COVID illness. He isn’t expected to play this week but if he does, he’s too volatile to utilize.



Unfortunately there isn’t much that’s known about Robinson’s battle over the last two weeks with a knee injury. That means he comes with minimal volatility but not enough reason to bench him.


Cam Newton - Abdomen/Groin - MODERATE VOLATILITY

Newton was limited all week with a (presumably) groin strain considering basically every ab muscle attaches at the groin. 61% of skill players in 2017 played despite being limited all week. In fact, Newton was one of those with a throwing shoulder injury. He played twice that year through two full weeks of LP’s. So, the issue probably isn’t eligibility, the problem is mobility and playing through pain.


It is off that he’s still limited in practice, but he bounced back nicely in terms of accuracy and depth of target last week, so he’s getting close to 100%. You can use Stafford with minimal health concerns.


It’s not clear how ready Tua will be come Sunday, but if pain and inflammation were an issue last week, he might not be out of the proliferative stage of healing just yet. That means gripping and throwing a football in the NFL is, well, difficult. I would be surprised if he plays and if he does, he’s volatile.


Myles Gaskin - December 4th

Joe Mixon - December 13th (soonest)

Christian McCaffery - December 13th

D.J. Moore - December 13th

George Kittle - December 27th - 2021

Josh Jacobs - December 20th

Edwin completed his Doctorate of Physical Therapy education in 2020. His expertise is in all thing’s orthopedics, injury recovery, and he has a special interest in human performance. Edwin’s vision is to push injury advice past simple video analysis and into the realm of applying data from the medical literature to help fantasy players make informed start-sit decisions.