2024 CFF Preseason Guide

On Labor Day weekend of 2001, I selected BYU RB Luke Staley with the 6th overall pick in the inaugural NCFF Draft. A future Detroit Lions 7th rounder, Staley proceeded to rip the NCAA for 196 rushes and 32 receptions, 8.1 yards per carry, 1,930 total yards, and 28 total touchdowns, catapulting my school to the first-ever Boz Cup Championship.

Since then, College Fantasy Football has gone from an obscure, niche subset of the broader NFL fantasy football community to a begrudgingly respected “little brother” who is coming of age and ready to assert himself with the varsity team. We might not be starters just yet, but there’s a burning passion at our core before the game we love.

We are the sickest of the sick.

We are the ones who scrub ALL 134 teams for nuggets of relevance.

Our dedication to CFF is unassailable.

Our beloved hobby has been steadily growing year after year since the pandemic season sent our leagues into turmoil. Major changes in the structure of NIL and the College Football Playoff are specifically designed to compensate the players fairly and boost the cultural relevance of the league. The touchstone cultural moment of the 2024 offseason — the new video game, EA Sports College Football 25 — could conceivably usher in the dawn of the CFF/C2C Era we have all been waiting for.

We all have to do our part to make this happen. Gather your friends and family who merely “like” college football and start leagues on Fantrax and expose them to the greatest fantasy game known to mankind — COLLEGE FANTASY FOOTBALL!

Thank you for reading our preseason guide, and remember, do small things with great love.

Eric Froton, Zach Hall, and Josh Chevalier