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For those who want a taste of Fantasy Points content, our Free Package will take you through the majority of the off-season, up until training camp and preseason action. Beginning right after the Super Bowl, subscribers with a Free account will have access to our most important off-season pieces, including Division Reviews, Free Agency Previews, analysis on the NFL Combine and Draft, as well as select best-ball content. Those with Free accounts will also have access to some key John Hansen off-season articles such as Lessons Learned and early iterations of draft plans. Finally, to help showcase what you get by upgrading, select off-season livestreams will be made available to those with Free accounts. It's a great way to see what the best experts in the industry have to offer. If you want to upgrade from a Free account to Standard or Premium, be sure to take advantage of our Early Bird special, usually expiring in July!


  • Free Agency Review

    Extensive position-by-position breakdowns of every single player of note who signed with a new team or re-signed with his former team. You can also read individual breakout articles for the biggest moves of the off-season, going in depth from all angles.

  • NFL Combine Analysis

    Who were the winners and losers from the NFL's annual rookie combine in Indianapolis? Which athletic metrics actually matter?

  • NFL Draft Articles/Rookie Reports

    Breaking down the fantasy football impact of the NFL Draft — before and after — from every angle. Analysis on players, landing spots, and coaching impact will be plentiful. Oh, we also have Greg Cosell's full Draft Guide, with a special focus on fantasy-relevant skill-position players.

  • IDP Articles

    Whether you're just dipping your toe into the IDP pool or you're a seasoned vet playing in deep leagues, we keep you updated through the offseason: From Free Agency Reviews through the Post-Draft Stock Watch and Rookie Reports, all the way through Pre-Season Stock Watches and Draft advice.

  • Injury Analysis

    Get detailed, thorough, and easy-to-read injury analysis by two professionals in sports medicine, Dr. Edwin Porras and former NFL playerDr. Mark Adickes. Specific injury explanations, expected recovery times, and injury recurrence rates are just the beginning of the topics addressed in their weekly analysis.

  • Best-Ball Content

    The best way to prepare for your big late-summer draft is to participate in best-ball drafts throughout the spring and early summer. You can win a pretty penny doing it, too! Get draft plans, analysis, and strategies from our team of experts.

  • Lessons Learned

    We never want to make the same mistake twice, but learning from our mistakes is really important in fantasy football. But what did we get "wrong" that was just bad luck? As he does every year, John Hansen breaks down the previous fantasy football season with some tough-learning tips that we can apply to next season.


  • Periodic email newsletter highlighting our recent articles, site updates, subscription specials and promo codes to get a head start on the upcoming season.


  • Off-season Podcasts

    Covering a variety of topics, we'll have a plethora of off-season podcasts to keep you listening all spring and summer.

  • Fantasy Points Waiver Wire Podcast

    Tom Brolley and Joe Dolan will highlight the top waiver wire adds each week in this quick-hitting podcast.

  • IDP Points Podcast

    Our IDP guys Tom Simons and Justin Varnes cover the world of IDP with commentary on risers and fallers, the Waiver Wire, this week's matchups and more.

  • Fantasy Points Matchup Podcast with Greg Cosell

    Our John Hansen is joined by Greg Cosell, the Senior Producer of the Matchup Show on ESPN, and they discuss the upcoming week's biggest matchups and fantasy storylines.

  • Injury Recap Podcast with Dr. Edwin Porras

    Our in-house Doctor of Physical Therapy, Dr. Edwin Porras, will recap injuries from the following week, check in on players returning from injury, and give his medical thoughts on what to expect for the upcoming slate of games.


  • NFL and Fantasy News Feed

    Our steady stream of NFL news, injury reports, transactions, and more provides up-to-date information whenever you want it and is searchable by player and sortable by NFL team and also position.


Our Standard Package is perfect for the season-long fantasy football enthusiast. A worthy upgrade from a Free account, our Standard Package offers everything you need to dominate your fantasy football drafts, and navigate through the season to a championship. Leading up to fantasy drafts, we'll be releasing Cheat Sheets for a variety of scoring systems, Auction and Best-Ball content, draft plans for leagues of all sizes, and more. Standard Package users also will have access to our Draft Tools, including our analytics-powered Fantasy Points Generator. We'll have maximum coverage of preseason action, and 20+ pieces of content per week during the season, including our Waiver Wire report, our Market Watch, Adam Caplan's NFL Insider, Dr. Edwin Porras' injury analysis, our Keeper/Dynasty Watch, John Hansen's Players to Trade/Trade for, Greg Cosell's Film Room, Graham Barfield's Stat-Pack, Justin Varnes and Tom Simons' IDP analysis, and much much more! Standard accounts won't completely miss out on Daily Fantasy and NFL Betting content, as we'll occasionally open up access to those pieces of content to display the benefits of upgrading to Premium!


  • 2020 Player Profiles

    For roughly the top-300 skill players. Each Payer Preview will include the key statistical facts you need you know, a concise scouting report, and 2020 fantasy outlook.

  • Preseason Game Reviews

    Extensive reviews of each preseason game with every fantasy-related stat and tibdit you should know about covered.

  • Hansen's Draft Plan

    John Hansen's Draft Manifesto is back! Hansen breaks down his plan of action for his drafts based on the talent and depth at each position, ADP, and specific draft position (picking early first round, late, etc). It's all covered here position-by-position, round-by-round, and pick-by-pick. Constantly updated throughout the preseason to give you the most current analysis possible.

  • Preseason Vibes

    One of industry veteran John Hansen's signature preseason pieces, he covers all the overall “vibes” for each team in the preseason and relates them to the fantasy values of their players. This highly anticipated article is usually updated DAILY the last 1-2 weeks of the preseason.

  • Values & Players to Target

    Using ADP, we isolate the players we like as values or targets for various reasons at various stages of a draft (Round 1-3, 4-6, etc.), and we offer additional analysis on why we like them and when you should be targeting them.

  • Overvalued & Players to Avoid

    Using ADP, we isolate the players we think are overvalued currently with reason why, plus we'll give you analysis on the players we are generally avoiding regardless of ADP.  

  • Mr. Relevant

    A very popular article, this one will give you the analysis you need to draft the best players available with one of your last or next-to-last picks.

  • ADP Analysis

    Our ADP (Average Draft Position) experts scan as many drafts as possible to keep you up on the summer's draft trends and ADP risers and fallers.

  • FantasyPoints Top-150 vs. Free Draft Sites

    Comparison between our top-150 rankings and the overall draft rankings from Yahoo and ESPN to find the top values.

  • Rookie Report

    In our very extensive coverage, we rank the year's rookies and offer in-depth analysis on their 2020 and keeper-league values.

  • Mock Draft Analysis

    We will produce/participate in numerous “regular” fantasy drafts to give a clearer picture of the fantasy draft landscape in the real world (not in Expert leagues).

  • Kick Returner Previews

    We preview each kick return game and rank all 32 teams based on their return game potential. If your league awards extra points for return production for offensive players, we've got you covered this year.

  • Offensive Line Previews

    We preview each OL in great detail and analyze how it will affect the fantasy production for its team. We'll include all the data, personnel, and pertinent player news.  

  • Coaching Changes

    We analyze the fantasy implications of each of 2020's coaching changes, including coordinator changes.

  • RB Handcuffs

    We update readers on who the best RB handcuffs for each “starter” should be.

  • PPR Gold

    An extensive preview of the RBs, WRs, and TEs who should be more valuable and/or sleepers for those in PPR leagues, and we constantly update the list through the preseason.

  • Top Backups

    A look at the top back-up players at QB, RB, and WR. Some of these players you'll want to draft late to protect your starters or even to stash away for a rainy day.

  • Breakout WRs

    An extensive look at WRs and TEs entering their second and third seasons that will place players in various tiers so you know which have a good chance, a decent chance, or little chance to break out.

  • TD Vultures

    We profile the RBs, WRs, and TEs who should be particularly active inside the red zone and in goal-line situations, giving them a good chance to score TDs.

  • Trading Strategies

    We offer up a plethora of tips and trading strategies to help you form the best team possible.

  • 2-QB League Strategies

    We provide you with plenty of thoughts, tips, and strategies for leagues that allow you to start 2 QBs, plus we offer statistical breakdowns that support our approach in these types of leagues.

  • General Draft Strategies

    Whether you're a novice or a seasoned pro, you'll be well covered when it comes to fantasy football draft strategy articles.

  • 8-Team Draft Plan

    John Hansen maps out of a plan of action for those in very small leagues and offers advice on which players are the best picks in your draft.

  • 15-Team Draft Plan

    By covering a plan of action for a 15-team league, Hansen dissects a plan of action that is applicable for those in 14 and 16-team leagues.

  • Lessons Learned

    John Hansen applies the lessons fantasy owners should have learned from the 2019 season to the upcoming 2020 campaign.

  • Graham Barfield's Stat Pack

    In the preseason, Barfield sifts through all the statistical minutiae to give you 4-5 key stats for each team that are meaningful and actionable for 2020 fantasy drafts.

  • Yards Created Series

    Using a proprietary collection of data and methodology, Graham Barfield's signature feature is an analytical per-play charting process that answers key questions about RB talent independent of OL play. Subscribers will have full access to yards created per attempt (inside, outside, out of shotgun, from under center, etc.), defenders in the box data, percentage of carries versus extra defenders in the box, percentage of carries that created 5, 10, 20, and 30+ yards, missed tackles (forced by speed, elusiveness, and power), yards blocked and blocker alignment data, receiving data on a per route basis, and pass protection execution rates!

  • When important news breaks, you can count on us to quickly produce a stat-based article to help you understand and contextualize the ramifications of the news.

  • Volatility Rankings

    Who are the league's safest and most volatile players, by production and volume.

  • Post-Draft Press Conferences

    Analyzing every post-draft press conference from every team and determining what this might mean for the rookies drafted and teams' plans moving forward.

  • Touchdown Regression

    Who are the league's top regression candidates (whether good or bad) heading into 2020.

  • The QB Cheat Code

    Looking at the effects of mobility on fantasy QB production.

  • The Bell Cow Report

    Who were the league's bell cow running backs in 2019? Who will be a bell cow in 2020?

  • 99 Stats

    Scott Barrett looks at the most interesting and important fantasy stats heading into the 2020 season.

  • Injury Discounts

    Who are the top injury discounts heading into 2020? Who played through serious injury? How did it impact their fantasy production? Who are we overlooking as a result?

  • 2020 Strength of Schedule

    Which quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends had the toughest/easiest fantasy schedules in 2019? How did that impact their fantasy production? Which quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends will have the toughest/easiest fantasy schedules in 2020?

  • Keeper/Dynasty Watch

    In the preseason and during the season, this article will clue you in on any player who is emerging as a viable add/hold in a deep keeper or dynasty league.  

  • Keeper/Dynasty League Draft Plan

    If you're starting a new keeper or dynasty league, we'll give you a  plan of action for this year with players to target, values to steal, and more.

  • Keeper/Dynasty League Strategies

    We give you a ton of keeper league tips and strategies to help you draft a good team, manage it, and more.

  • IDP Draft Plan

    We give you a plan of action for your IDP draft by explaining how to use your league structure to know when to address IDP during your draft.

  • IDP Market Watch

    Upgrades and Downgrades from the IDP world will be covered here and updated regularly in the preseason based on preseason performances, position battles, injuries, and more.

  • IDP Guide

    Learn which positions in which defensive schemes are good for fantasy, understand all 32 schemes so you can better understand player values for IDP, and get help on forming your roster based on your IDP scoring and setup. And more!

  • IDP Position Eligibility

    It varies across major game-hosting websites, so we give you the skinny on what to expect.

  • IDP Rookie Report

    The top-30 rookies for IDP leagues, constantly updated in the preseason.

  • IDP Values & Sleepers

    A constantly updated and extensive look at this year's best IDP choices. We look at emerging young players, players who benefit from a scheme change, and more.

  • Auction Draft Plan

    Similar to our season-long Draft Plan, we give you an extensive plan of action for your Auction Draft, based on our analysis of the entire player pool. Our seasoned pros will give you the most insightful auction strategies available on the planet.

  • Multiple Auction Strategy Pieces

    Including but not limited to: Auction basics, best practices, how to “cheat” in your auction, predicting auction values and more.

  • The Market Report

    We keep a track of preseason position battles, injuries, training camp and exhibition game performances and more to give you a running commentary on who's rising, falling, holding steady throughout the preseason.  

  • Caplan's NFL Insider

    Our resident NFL Insider Adam Caplan will be providing a running commentary on the fantasy-related tibits he's hearing around the league. Caplan, an avid FF player for 30+ years, regularly chats with NFL executives, coaches, agents, and fellow insiders alike - and he knows exactly where to dig to find useful fantasy nuggets to help you win your league. No other fantasy site can claim to have an Insider as connected as Caplan on staff!

  • The Fantasy Points Physicians

    Our resident Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Mark Addicks, as well as our resident Doctor of Physical Therapy, Dr. Edwin Porras, will be assisting us behind the scenes as well, so their information will be worked into all our content. They will both be helping subscribers understand the ramifications of key injuries in the league through articles, videos, podcasts and more.

  • Franchise Focus

    The FantasyPoints staff will break down all 32 teams' fantasy outlook by position. We'll dig deeper than anyone else breaking down each player on every team to get you prepared for the season.

  • Tiered Best Ball Rankings

    Powered by the most accurate projections in the business, Graham Barfield will break down the best ball draft board in his tiered rankings to give you an edge over your opponents.


  • Caplan's NFL Insider

    Our resident NFL Insider Adam Caplan will be providing a running commentary on the fantasy-related tibits he's hearing around the league. Caplan, an avid FF player for 30+ years, regularly chats with NFL executives, coaches, agents, and fellow insiders alike - and he knows exactly where to dig to find useful fantasy nuggets to help you win your league. No other fantasy site can claim to have an Insider as connected as Caplan on staff!

  • Box Score Report

    Pass targets, catch rates, snaps, red zone stats, fantasy tier finishes, big plays, yards-after-the-catch, and more for each game of the week. [a][b]

  • Waiver Wire

    A comprehensive look at all the viable options on the WW for smaller leagues (8 and 10 teams) to larger leagues (14 and 16 teams). We will rank the players by position and by expected production with analysis and critical data like pass targets, goal-line touches, and player snap counts. We will also include some insight and data on how much the top players should be bid for. And if you have teams imported from your league provider into MyPoints, the available players in this report will be highlighted to save you a ton of time!

  • Market Watch

    An extensive weekly feature detailing which players' (offensive and defensive) stock is rising or falling, with reasons why. This feature usually covers 35-40 players, so between this report and our Waiver Wire report, we cover the week that was in fantasy football with everything you need to know.

  • Tuesday Talking Points

    Managing Editor Joe Dolan's observations from the week that was along with trends, big plays, near misses, as well as a heads up and insight on the upcoming week's biggest fantasy stories and headlines.

  • Players to Trade/Trade For

    Our experts will take a detailed look at all viable fantasy assets and list those you should consider trading or trading for, based mostly on their current perceived values versus their future potential. It's a great way to master the buy-low, sell-high adage in fantasy football.

  • Streaming Central

    Tom Brolley will give his favorite streamers at each position for the week ahead so you have plenty of time to add them off of the waiver wire.

  • Keeper/Dynasty Watch

    This article will clue you in on any player who is emerging as a viable add/hold in a deep keeper or dynasty league.  

  • IDP Market Watch/Waiver Wire

    The week's risers and fallers from an IDP perspective, plus WW options for IDP leagues.

  • Graham Barfield's Stat Pack

    Barfield will shift through the statistical minutiae to give you 2-3 stat nuggets for all 32 teams each week. These are meaningful stats that you can always use to your advantage.  

  • Fantasy Points Tracker

    Graham Barfield breaks down defensive production allowed in a variety of ways, such as WR vs. CB data, fantasy points allowed, and more!

  • Start ‘Em/Sit ‘Em

    Scott Barrett and Graham Barfield go through the key starts and sits for every league type — shallow, normal, and deep. He gets all this information out to you before Thursday night kicks off, to help make those tough decisions easy!

  • Thursday Night Football Vantage Points

    Managing editor Joe Dolan breaks down the key news and matchup information for the TNF game.

  • Matchup Vantage Points

    Managing editor Joe Dolan reads everything so you don't have to. He breaks down all the key news and angles for every matchup in the upcoming slate of games on Sunday and Monday with expert analysis baked in.

  • IDP Previews

    A position-by-position look, with analysis on all players of note, IDP style. We go over the no-brainer starts, the matchup plays, guys to bench for the week, and more.

  • Friday Night Injury Roundup

    We'll produce for you a full roundup of the final practices of the week with the status of all the key injured players as of the crucial Friday practices.

  • Saturday News & Notes

    A late-week look around the league, with pertinent informative fantasy-related tidbits regarding player roles, injury replacements, and more.

  • Cosell's Film Room

    With 40+ years of film study under his belt, most of which he's been the Senior Producer of the Matchup Show on ESPN, Greg Cosell is one of the most respected NFL minds in the country. Greg is studying NFL coaches tape all week, and he even goes into the office on Saturday morning to view tape. Once he's done for the week, Greg will file with us his top fantasy matchups of the week. Our readers will be armed with exclusive and unique content that cannot be found anywhere else!

  • Hansen's Hints

    With all the information other than the actual inactives in for the week in hand, John Hansen goes game-by-game and gives you (in quick, bullet-point form) all the players he likes and doesn't like, including his reaches or sleepers of the week. If you're looking for a quick but comprehensive overview of the matchups, injuries, and player outlooks for the games, this is the place to go.

  • Game Day Page

    We've got you covered on Sunday with steady updates automatically populating our Sunday update page, so we're all over the inactives, lineup changes, and weather concerns.

  • NFL Playoff League Content

    For those who redraft just for the postseason, we produce a variety of playoff content, complete with each team's playoff outlook, tips for drafting, player rankings, sleepers, news and injuries, and more.

  • Weekly Playoff Content

    Each week before the weekend games, we offer game/ player previews, player rankings, injury updates, and more for those who can re-draft just for that week.


  • Custom Preseason Cheat Sheet (PDF)

    Quickly generate a custom cheat sheet in PDF form for easy printing and use during your draft. After 8/1/20, we will update projections for these cheat sheets DAILY!

  • PPR and NON-PPR Top-200 Overall (PDF)

    Our 1-page PDF cheat sheets is a nice reference tool and lists position, projected points, and has highlighted our players to target from picks 1-200.

  • IDP Cheat Sheet

    We'll rank the IDPs and help you locate the players who'll get you sacks, tackles, and interceptions. And we constantly update throughout the preseason.

  • IDP Top-100 Cheat Sheet (PDF)

    We'll rank our top-100 IDP players overall, regardless of position, so you can see how all the players stack up. We'll update this daily in August.

  • Keeper/Dynasty Cheat Sheet

    Often updated daily, we'll usually rank 60+ QBs, 100+ RBs, 125+ WRs, and 60+ TEs with players flagged for having upside or downside from their ranking and more. View rankings for reference or print out the PDF cheat sheet for a startup keeper/dynasty draft.

  • Rookie Cheat Sheet

    For those looking for rookie-only rankings, you can view those here and print out a PDF cheat sheet with rookies only whenever you like.

  • Auction Guru Excel Tool

    Use this excel-based tool to dominate your auction. Once you enter your league and scoring info, the tool will have an estimated “highest bid” for each player to open the draft. As the draft unfolds, the tool spits out real-time updated values for players (based on our projections), adjusting for factors like: owners over or under-bidding for players (adjusts value of other guys left), whether people have filled their slots for starters and likely reserves, and other key stuff. [c]

  • Auction Cheat Sheet

    In PDF form, use this handy sheet to manage your auction and rest easy knowing our price tiers are always updated (weekly) and are in conjunction with our projections.


  • Customized Preseason Projections

    Choose one of our many pre-installed scoring systems (ESPN, Yahoo!, PPR, Non-PPR, NFFC, TE Premium, etc) and quickly generate custom projections with fantasy point totals in your league.

  • Customized Preseason IDP Projections

    Choose one of our many pre-installed scoring systems (ESPN, Yahoo!, PPR, Non-PPR, etc) or input your own scoring settings and quickly generate custom projections with fantasy point totals in your league.

  • Customized Season Projections

    Choose one of our many pre-installed scoring systems (ESPN, Yahoo!, PPR, Non-PPR, TE-Premium, etc) and quickly generate custom season projections with projected weekly stat and fantasy point totals in your league. These projections can help you manage your team with add/drops and trading.

  • Weekly Projections

    Choose one of our many pre-installed scoring systems (ESPN, Yahoo!, PPR, Non-PPR, TE Premium, etc) and quickly generate custom weekly projections to help with tough start/sit decisions.

  • Keeper/Dynasty Rankings

    Ranking the players we think are best suited for the long haul, taking into account age, experience, history, and more.


  • Interactive, fantasy-focused statistical leaderboards with the ability to sort and filter for your specific needs, so you can do your own analysis and studies on the rare occasions when the FantasyPoints team hasn't already done it for you.


  • A.I. powered Draft Tool to help you maximize your fantasy points during draft time. Use our season projections and select a scoring system to generate recommended draft picks based on current roster, opponent's roster, positional needs, anticipated positional runs, and more. Choose whether you want to draft based on upside, best available player, or roster depth. This tool will even let you know how many possible fantasy points you may miss out on by skipping a player.


  • Import your fantasy football team from one of several popular fantasy sites (Yahoo!, ESPN, CBS, MyFantasyLeague, or NFFC) and sync with our projections and leaderboards. Our system will highlight on any of our databases your players and your leaguemates' players. Based on our projections and one of our pre-set scoring systems, use our Matchup Tool for help with start/sit decisions as our FLI tool displays your current week's matchup.


Simply put, our Premium Package gives you access to 100% of our site, from season-long analysis and draft preparation, to NFL Betting analysis and tools from Tom Brolley, to Scott Barrett, Graham Barfield, John Proctor, Pat James, and Austin Webster's Daily Fantasy expertise. Those with Premium accounts will also have access to our Advanced Leaderboards, our Discord Community Chat, and all of our livestreams. With a Premium package, you'll get more content on a weekly basis than any other website in the industry.


  • People have been asking for it for years. NFL Films legend Greg Cosell has finally accumulated all of his pre-draft scouting reports in one beautiful magazine-like package, available exclusively as a download on!


  • Monday Night Football Chat

    Our Discord Community Chat room is always open and subscribers can talk amongst themselves, but our staff will chime in often throughout the week as well as hosting official chats like this one. Hang out with us for a chat session during the first half of MNF each week.

  • Waiver Wire Chat

    Our Discord Community Chat room is always open and subscribers can talk amongst themselves, but our staff will chime in often throughout the week as well as hosting official chats like this one. We'll have designated chats each Tuesday when you can ask our experts your most pressing waiver wire questions.

  • Thursday Night Football Chat

    Our Discord Community Chat room is always open and subscribers can talk amongst themselves, but our staff will chime in often throughout the week as well as hosting official chats like this one. Hang out with us for a chat session during the first half of TNF each week.


  • Offseason Livestreams

    Our staff will periodically drop by to talk about whatever is on their minds during the off-season. They'll also have some fun during the spring and summer by doing some best-ball drafts with subscribers on the livestream.

  • Preseason Livestreams

    Our staff will ramp up their livestreams during the month of August to help our subscribers stay on top of the latest training camp news and to help them dominate in their drafts.

  • In-Season Livestream Schedule
    • Tuesday Waiver Wire Livestream

      Staff members will stop by every Tuesday night to talk about the week's waiver wire. They'll also answer your waiver wire questions before you make any moves for the week.

    • TNF Preview and Betting Livestream

      Staff members will get you ready for the first action of the week with a preview of the TNF action before it kicks off. Tom Brolley will also discuss the week ahead from a betting perspective.

    • Friday Night DFS Livestream

      Scott Barrett, Graham Barfield, and John Proctor will go in-depth breaking down the DFS slate for the week ahead, giving you some of their favorite plays for Sunday.

    • Gameday Livestream

      Our staff will be there for you on gameday to cover all the inactives and fantasy news starting at 11 a.m. ET leading up to the 1 p.m. kickoffs. We'll give last-minute start-sit tips for season-long players, plus our favorite DFS and gambling picks.


  • Beyond the traditional stats, our advanced leaderboards will let you see the game from every angle possible, so we can describe the way players, teams, and coaches operate like never before. Like our traditional leaderboards, these advanced leaderboards have the ability to be sorted and filtered based on the user's needs.


  • Expected Fantasy

    Which players have the most valuable workloads for fantasy? Exactly how many fantasy points is their volume worth? Who is most / least efficient at turning that volume in fantasy points? This stat will help us to identify regression candidates, buy-low / sell-high targets, and undervalued DFS plays on a weekly basis.

  • Top Value Plays

    Our DFS SuperModel highlights the best value plays at each position on both sites every week. Scott Barrett breaks down the ones you'll want most on your DFS lineups.

  • Contrarian Plays

    Want to make sure you nail the Calvin Ridley 25-point fantasy explosion at 2% ownership? Graham Barfield will dig deep to find the low-owned tournament plays at each position that will help you take down a GPP.

  • Scott's Barrett's Slate Breakdown

    The culmination of a full week of research, Scott Barrett tells you everything you need to know to dominate your DFS cash and tournament games.

  • Scott Barrett's Sunday Morning Update

    A lot can happen overnight and early Sunday mornings, so Scott Barrett will provide his thoughts on all that transpired, as well as a ‘tl;dr' update on the best plays of the week.

  • Hansen's DFS Picks

    John Hansen will offer up his favorite DFS plays of the week with 1-2 cash game lineups.

  • Showdown Slate Preview

    Slate-specific strategy advice as well as optimal plays for all three weekly Showdown slates.

  • Early Look At the Slate

    Each Tuesday, Austin Webster will provide an early look into the best plays of the main slate that lies ahead.

  • Projected Ownership

    Who will be the chalk of the week? Who is being too slept on? Each week we'll have projected ownership powered by FanShareSports.


  • Off-Season Articles
    • Team Betting Previews

      Every summer, Tom Brolley will break down every team's season win total with a reason to like the over and a reason to like the under. He'll also include his leans or best bets for each team.

    • Favorite Futures Bets

      Every August, our staff will compile their favorite futures and season prop bets in one spot. Make sure to check back regularly throughout the preseason to get our latest future wagers.

    • Off-season Event Wagers

      If a sportsbook sets lines for an NFL off-season event (free agency, NFL Draft, etc…), we'll have you covered with articles breaking down the odds.

    • Power Ratings

      Tom Brolley will update his Power Ratings article periodically throughout the off-season after major off-season events (free agency, NFL Draft, etc…) and the article will become a weekly report again during the preseason.

    • Team Betting Postmortem

      At the conclusion of the season, Tom Brolley will break down what went right and went wrong for each team when it came to their season win total.

  • In-Season Articles
    • Best Bets

      This article will be the main hub for our staff's favorite bets each week. We'll constantly update this article with our favorite spread, total, and player prop wagers for the week ahead. Make sure to check back regularly throughout the week to get our latest wagers.

    • Opening Line Report

      Tom Brolley will preview a couple of games with lines that could move by the end of the week. This article is designed to help you get the best odds possible by helping you to decide if you should place a bet early in the week or if you should wait until closer to kickoff based on potential line movements.

    • MNF Trends and Picks

      Tom Brolley will give you all the trends you'll want to know for Monday Night Football, and he'll give any leans and best bets for the primetime contest.

    • Staff Picks

      Our entire staff will pick every game straight up each week, and we'll give you our picks for survivor and confidence pools based on our consensus selections. Tom Brolley will also pick every game against the spread.

    • TNF Trends and Picks

      Tom Brolley will give you all the trends you'll want to know for Thursday Night Football, and he'll give any leans and best bets for the primetime contest.

    • Power Ratings

      Tom Brolley's Power Ratings are designed to be a starting point for spread betting between two teams. They take into account recent performances, long-term injuries, coaching, and strength of schedule. He'll also highlight the biggest risers and fallers each week based on recent performances.

    • Sunday Trends and Picks

      Tom Brolley will go game-by-game and dig up any interesting trends you'll need to know for the weekend ahead. He'll also lay out any leans and best bets he has for each contest.

    • Hansen's Players Props

      The Guru himself will give his favorite player prop bets for the weekend ahead. Hansen spends all week refining and perfecting our weekly projections so he's perfectly suited to find any player props that look exploitable for our subscribers.