Join our Discord Server

Our Discord Chat is back and expanded for 2022! Now open to ALL active subscribers, we’ve added channels based on sport and subscription level. While you can find our Staff and Community Reps in the chat interacting with subscribers, we have plenty of automation tools to make your Fantasy Points experience great. Set notifications for the #projections channel to get a notification anytime projections are updated. Set notifications for the #articles channel to get a notification anytime an article is posted.

Take a look at a quick tutorial on how to join the server as well as everything to do while in the community chat!

Notification Channels

News: Linked up to Rotowire’s news feed and Joe Dolan’s analysis

News-Tweets: Important tweets from reliable journalists such as Adam Schefter and Tom Pelissero

FP-Tweets: Tweets from the Fantasy Points Twitter Account

Site-Issues: Tweets from the Fantasy Points Help Twitter Account

Livestreams: Notifications anytime a YouTube show is posted or scheduled

Media-Group: Notifications anytime a YouTube show from our Media Group is posted or scheduled


Please note: Joining the Discord server is much easier via desktop rather than mobile.

From the Chat tab in My Account

Step 1

Click the “Claim” button to generate a new invite code. This will be a code unique to your account and may not be used by anyone else.

Step 2

Follow the instructions to join Discord server. You can use Discord either via Web or downloaded as an application (for Desktop or Mobile).

Step 3

Upon joining the server, you will be prompted with a Welcome DM from Fantasy Points as well as a Rules list. Please read and agree to the rules. You will not be allowed to enter Discord without agreeing to the rules.

Step 4

After agreeing to the rules, head to the #verify channel to verify your subscription sport and status. You Welcome DM will have instructions on how to verify yourself.

More Information

If you are having difficulty verifying yourself or have other questions, you can reach out to one of our Community Reps or open a Support Ticket in Discord.