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Fantasy League Importer

Welcome to the Fantasy Points Roster Importer (AKA FLI - Fantasy League Importer). We are working to get this tool up and running and wanted to give you an update as we complete the final stages of the initial release.

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We want to be transparent about this tool we have been working on so we have outlined what you should know about FLI while we continue to work on its release.

The FLI project has been built entirely from scratch and does not use any third party solutions our competitors may be using to perform the tasks. We have been developing this internally and feel by doing the work ourselves we can grow the tool with new features as it matures. FLI will operate similarly to other league import tools you may have used, but since it is brand new, expect there to be bugs and issues we have to address along the way. While we appreciate all feedback, we ask that you please only submit valuable feedback and issues pertaining to FLI within the proper support form. This will help our team work out the issues you may be experiencing. We also understand that there may be frustrations along the way, bear with us, it’s our first release and we will continue to develop the tool.

  • Import league limits are:
    • Up to 5 active leagues for Standard subscription
    • Up to 20 active leagues for Premium subscription
  • Imported leagues are not retained between seasons.
  • Leagues will be cleared when:
    • Subscription is no longer Standard or Premium.
    • Subscription is cancelled.
    • Date is between March 1st and August 1st of the current calendar year.
  • Access to FLI will be disabled between March 1st and August 1st for maintenance and improvements.
  • In order to sync your leagues, Fantasy Points has to log in to your account on your behalf. You may receive an email notification from a provider when attempting to import your leagues.
  • We do require securely storing your credentials to perform subsequent syncs of your leagues. Due to this, we recommend setting your login credentials to the providers to something other than the same credentials you use for sensitive data like banks or email accounts.
  • Any change to your credentials on a providers site will cause FLI to no longer sync your leagues. The league(s) affected will need to be removed and imported again.


  • We have initial support to import leagues from MyFantasyLeague (MFL), CBS and NFL.


  • At this time, FLI does not import scoring systems from your leagues.


  • We will be adding support for Yahoo and ESPN leagues as quickly as we can for the first year. Additional providers are on our roadmap but did not make the cut year one.
  • We have much bigger plans for Year 2, including either the import of scoring systems or the ability to create your own in the FLI. We also plan on adding an Optimal Lineup Generator based on our projections and your selected scoring system.

We appreciate everyone’s patience and wanted to do everything from scratch - our Draft Tool, our Import Tool, our DFS Optimizer. We did not want to rely on any third-party software, and know that all of our tools will only get better and better. Thanks for being an OG subscriber to Fantasy Points!