We just launched, so our Testimonials are full of loyal subscribers and followers who have been with us at various sites and projects in the past; but we know we'll be filling this page up with trophies, winning lineups, screenshots, and more with the help of our all-star cast. Join the Fantasy Points roster today and you could see your success story below!

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With such an amazing outpouring of support since launch, we wanted to recognize those who are majorly excited about the launch of FantasyPoints.com! As the year and season progress, we’ll post all your success stories with the help of our amazing analysts.

As a former contributor to John Hansen’s previous website, I learned to follow his strategy of targeting young ascending upside players. Utilizing the information from John and his staff has helped me to earn back to back Top-3 finishes in the FFPC, including winning the 2019 $500,000 Main Event. If you are serious about winning you need to subscribe to FantasyPoints.com. They have the best staff and produce the best content in the industry - by far!
MIKE PORRECA@mikepor21
Immediate follow for the @FantasyPts and the rest of the crew you mentioned. Been following you and @GrahamBarfield for a while and if this site is anything like your work, it's going to be the league standard. Congrats!
Jon Reaves@Jon_Reaves
Yeah the draft guide rocks. Reading through the OT and Wr’s to get a feel for my Jets 1st pick. And by the way read your letter. Your definitely a star. Never doubt it bro. Glad the team is back.
Mike F@Jets123167
Big shout-out to the new @FantasyPts website/group for making #IDP a pillar of content and not an afterthought. Thank you! Normalize IDP fantasy football 🚀
Jordan Rains@50shadesofdrunk
Just getting around to checking out @FantasyPts (fantasypoints.com), a new site launched with an insanely talented staff. Kudos to @GrahamBarfield, @ScottBarrettDFB and the rest of the gang! Looking forward to this for the upcoming season!
John Ferguson@FantasyFerguson
Seeing the band get back together and watching the first live stream video! @Fantasy_Guru @FG_Dolan @TomBrolley @GrahamBarfield @gregcosell @bKukainis and adding a few new faces to mix @ScottBarrettDFB and more! 🔥
@Fantasy_Guru website content is Back BABY!!! With an EXCELLENT team!!! I'm soooooo happy I don't have to replay and text myself lineup rankings like I did every week last year......Thank you SiriusXM for on demand to be able to do that last year but it was brutal #GetThere
I have been a subscriber to @Fantasy_Guru since 2006. Renewed every year until he sold his old website. His podcast with @gregcosell was my favorite NFL show for a decade. Helped me so much in high stakes. And, off course, I'm already a subscriber to @FantasyPts! Fantastic news!
Fernando Kallás@fernandokallas
Congrats fellas I wish you all nothing but great success and having personally followed all of your previous endeavors on the various platforms and sites fantasy points offers the convenience of all this knowledge and skill all in one easy to use interface which is tits now LFG!!
Little Italy@LilItaly853
What do I find myself doing the last 15 hours? Reading every article on @FantasyPts .com. Just go and sign up. You. Can. Not. Beat this team that guru has put together. Very very good in depth articles! #FantasyFootball #NFLDraft2020 #fantasysports