Week 5 Injury Report


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Week 5 Injury Report

This article will be updated as practice reports roll in throughout the weekend. For the most up to date injury data between updates, bookmark this link and check it periodically.

What This Is:

*A no-nonsense quick-hitting analysis of fantasy-relevant player injuries that could impact performance on game day.

*A preview of the current week’s fantasy-relevant players with an injury through Friday night.

General Guidelines:

The following general rules apply for big shake-ups on the weekend:

*Players who are downgraded from full or even partial practice to “Did Not Practice” on Friday or Saturday, for any medical reason, are a long shot to play. Typically you’ll see teams say these players are a “game time decision” which is code for “they ain’t playing”.

*Players who have a concussion have up until Saturday night/Sunday morning to clear the protocol.

*If no “final update” is available, the player has either been officially ruled out or no news is good news.

The following players have already been ruled out as of Friday evening so get them out of your lineup!

The following notable players practiced in full on Friday and are on track to play without limitations.


Jimmy Garoppolo - Calf

The hope is that Jimmy G heals up nicely but ends up losing the starting job to Trey Lance in a similar way that Chicago handled their QB situation. Otherwise, expect a headache starting Week Six. For now, prep for the Trey Lance show in Week Five.

Teddy Bridgewater - Concussion

Brigewater is expected to start if he clears the protocol on Saturday. Remember that these aren’t linear and he could just as easily have a setback on Saturday. I don’t necessarily anticipate that happening but it’s in the cards. Just make sure to triple check Sunday morning inactive here.


Joe Mixon - High ankle

Mixon did not suffer a “low ankle sprain”. This is easy to confuse as the reports are that he sustained a low grade ankle sprain. That means the source believes it is considered “minor” but does not categorize the type of sprain. Based on the mechanism, this is likely in the eversion and/or high ankle sprain category. In other words, this is a low grade, high ankle sprain.

Still with me? Great. Mixon didn’t practice all week and the best comparison is the situation that Dalvin Cook is currently facing. If Mixon goes on Sunday, he’ll be extremely limited. At this point, I don’t expect him to go despite Zac Taylor calling him “day to day”.

Dalvin Cook - Ankle

Rinse and repeat with Cook. He’s battling a high ankle sprain and only got in one limited practice on Friday. If active, expect him to be limited in a very similar fashion as last week. Be ready to swap him out with Mattison and pivot in DFS if Cook ends up being inactive which, at this point, would be a prudent move by Minnesota.

Antonio Gibson

Gibson admitted he has a stress fracture in his shin. He added that they do “give him some rest” which is the primary concern since he’s been able to play through it. Washington is obviously managing that injury and as a result Gibson hasn’t seen a massive workload. Gibson is playing through pain is the bottom line and even though his availability isn’t in question, his upside is absolute capped until he can get over this.

Chase Edmonds - Shoulder

This mystery shoulder injury is either an AC sprain or a Tee Higgins type injury. Edmonds was limited on Friday after two DNPs meaning he has a decent shot of playing Sunday despite being called a game-time call. His volatility for re-injury will be moderately high though, so take it easy in DFS with exposure.

{{D'Andre Swift|RB|DET} - Groin

As always, he’s listed as questionable and as always he was limited all week. He’ll likely play without limitations.

Elijah Mitchell - Neck/shoulder

Mitchell should be out there on Sunday. He’s highly volatile due to the risk for re-injury of the neck/shoulder.

Ezekiel Elliott - Knee

Elliot was limited on Thursday but this doesn’t sound like a major concern as of yet.

Melvin Gordon - Knee

Last week, Javonte Williams saw more than 50% of the snaps for the first time all season. Sure, it was only 51% but it was his highest mark. Gordon is still limited so the breakout is coming soon.


Amari Cooper - Hamstring

Cooper played through a hamstring strain and has been limited this week. Yes, he’s an absolute trooper and plays through injuries, but re-injury is still a concern. He’s moderately volatile as a DFS option until he’s off the report.

Chase Claypool

Claypool was a full participant on Friday which is great. Much like Cooper, though, he’s moderately volatile in his first week back from a soft tissue strain.

Courtland Sutton - Ankle

Sutton apparently rolled his ankle in practice on Friday and was limited as a result. This shouldn’t impact his availability but re-injury risk on Sunday is high.

Curtis Samuel - Groin

The next phase of this return to sport is to increase his snaps compared to Week Four. This is still a highly volatile situation until Samuel plays his full allotment of snaps without setbacks.

DeVante Parker - Hamstring

Per Barry Jackson, Parker, on the injury report with a shoulder injury, is now dealing with hamstring soreness. Parker attempts to play through an injury every year and the results are mixed. He’s the most volatile receiver this week in addition to being a game time decision.


T.J. Hockenson - Knee

Finding video of injuries when players finish the game is like finding in a needle in a haystack. As a result, not much is known of this injury that caused two DNPs before a LP on Friday. If Hockenson is active, you have to start him unless you’re quite literally in a 4 team league. Consider him minimally to moderately volatile if active.

George Kittle - Calf

As expected, Kittle re-aggravated the calf in Week Four and is now a game-time decision. He’s once again playing with the highest volatility among tight ends on the slate. If he’s inactive, look for Ross Dwelly to make some noise.


The following dates are estimates based on historical data and the updates directly from the team. They are educated guesses and not set in stone.

  • Russell Wilson - Week 12/13

  • Wilson’s camp will do all they can to bring Wilson back in Week 10 (the soonest he can return) but he’ll likely need more time than that.

  • Christian McCaffrey - Week Seven

  • McCaffrey apparently did not suffer a setback and instead the Panthers are being extra cautious with him. This is great news for his Week Seven status but like we learned this week, things can change on a dime.

  • Jarvis Landry - Week Six/Seven

  • Theoretically, the Browns have until Saturday to activate Landry this week.

  • Nick Chubb

  • It’s not clear if Chubb has a strain or was “cleated”. The best case scenario for a strain is missing 1-2 games much like Aaron Jones did in 2020. If more severe, this could lead to 3-4 missed games the way George Kittle is set to do. Either way, the Browns IR moves over the next 24 hours will help us determine the exact severity.

  • DeVante Parker - Week Eight/Nine

  • Sammy Watkins - Week Eight/Nine

  • Rob Gronkowski - Week Seven/Eight

  • Trey Lance - Week Seven/Eight

  • Rashod Bateman - Week Six

  • Russell Gage - Week Six/Seven

  • Damien Harris - Week Six/Seven

  • Jerry Jeudy - Week Seven/Eight

  • Saquon Barkley - Week Seven/Eight

  • Kenny Golladay - Week Seven/Eight

  • Julio Jones - Week Six

  • Darius Slayton - Week Six/Seven

  • Sterling Shepard - Week Six

  • Rashaad Penny - Week Seven/Eight

  • Chris Carson - Week Six/Unknown

  • Carson’s (presumably) arthritic neck is a volatile injury. He could be back this week and look spry or he could have another flare on his first carry and be out another few weeks. Carson is highly volatile the rest of the season.

  • Tua Tagovailoa - Week Six/Seven

  • JaMycal Hasty - Week Seven/Eight

  • Michael Thomas - Week Seven/Eight

  • Marquez Valdes-Scantling - Week Seven/Eight

  • Tyrod Taylor - Week Seven/Eight

  • George Kittle - Eight/Nine

  • Will Fuller - Week Eight/Nine

  • David Montgomery - Week Eight/Nine

  • Logan Thomas - Week Eight/Nine

  • Jeff Wilson - Week 10-12

  • Clyde Edwards-Helaire - Week 10/11

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick - Week 10/Unknown

  • Tyrell Williams - Unknown

  • Curtis Samuel - Unknown

Edwin completed his Doctorate of Physical Therapy education in 2020. His expertise is in all thing’s orthopedics, injury recovery, and he has a special interest in human performance. Edwin’s vision is to push injury advice past simple video analysis and into the realm of applying data from the medical literature to help fantasy players make informed start-sit decisions.