Week 3 Injury Report


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Week 3 Injury Report

Below is a no-nonsense quick-hitting analysis of current player injuries that could impact performance on game day. For any questions related to this article such as “should I drop [player A] for [player B]?” please refer to the staff’s weekly projections. In reality, there isn’t much information available yet; however, definitely bookmark this as it will be updated and fleshed out through Sunday morning. This first version is primarily players who should be on your injury radar before waivers run with more analysis to come.

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Tight Ends


Running Backs

Josh Jacobs- Hip

He didn’t practice after Wednesday. Keep this on your radar for now.

Final Update: Jacobs was limited in practice on Friday and even though this could be precautionary, I’m wondering if this is a groin injury cropping back up that could cause him issues. Either way, he’s on track to play but make sure to check back before kickoff.

Darrel Williams- Ankle

No status update as of today by the Chiefs.

Final Update: Practicing in full.

Raheem Mostert - MCL

Mostert’s injury is to his MCL but the hope is the MRI doesn’t show extensive damage and he can be back within a week. The typical return to play time for an MCL sprain is 23 days. Last year Austin Hooper missed three games due to an MCL injury. Make sure to monitor Mostert’s practice status leading up to Week Three.

Final Update: Mostert has been ruled out by Shanahan already making it sound like he might miss the next couple of weeks as well. Keep an eye on this one.

Malcom Brown- Pinky

I think this injury is being shrugged off a bit too quickly. No, it’s not a torn ACL but a compromised grip for a running back isn’t nothing. But of course the Rams have made it seem like he’ll play. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. Just know he’s not necessarily a slam dunk.

Final Update: Well, he’s back. It’ll be interesting to see how involved he’ll be. Dropped passes and fumbles are a realistic possibility due to altered grip and splinting.

Zack Moss- Toe

Oh boy. This one is slightly nerve inducing as toe injuries can cause a chunk of missed time- ask the Broncos. Moss didn’t practice Wednesday, so bookmark this article to stay updated.

Final Update: Officially out. Average return to sport time for these injuries is 38 days. However, he could be back as soon as next week. You know, standard deviations and such.

Cam Akers - Ribs

Akers was ruled out of Sunday’s game with a ribs injury. Depending on whether or not there’s significant cartilage or bone damage, he could be out a couple of weeks. However, if damage is minimal it becomes a pain tolerance issue and Akers could play next week. If that’s the case, there’s no way I’m trusting him as these injuries are notoriously brutal and his ability to take contact will definitely be limited.

Update: McVay came out and said Akers is dealing with separated rib cartilage. If that sounded painful to read, that’s because it is. If he plays I expect his snaps and usage to be way down. But that would mean the medical staff would need to even be comfortable deploying him. Monitor his status.

Update: Akers didn’t practice Wednesday so be on the lookout for his participation Thursday and Friday. This is a pain tolerance issue and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him sit or be on a snap count.

Final Update: Akers is out this week.

Duke Johnson- Ankle

Limited on Wednesday again. This could have been a moderately severe ankle sprain.

Final Update: Stil limited on Friday and may not be back until Week Four.

Wide Receivers

Michael Thomas- Ankle

Not yet.

Final Update: Officially out.

Julio Jones- Hamstring

Jones battled a hamstring injury all of last week then grabbed his leg on Sunday after dropping a pass he usually catches in his sleep.

Update: Julio did not practice on Wednesday and similar to Davante Adams, this seems like more than a veteran rest day. Usually the routine with Julio is to shrug off missed practices but as he said himself, it’s impacting him more than he’d like. Keep this on your radar as age is a risk factor for hamstring strains.

Final Update: I’m worried that Julio might not suit up. If he does, I wouldn’t blame you to utilize him, but understand his floor is zero and/or re-injury.

Davante Adams - Hamstring

At age 27, Adams’ hamstrings are ripe for the picking. He didn’t return in Week Two, but don’t panic just yet. Although he would be volatile, he could still play next week. Check back in with me later this week but keep in mind if Adams sits, it would plummet the Green Bay offense.

Update:LaFleur told the press that he isn’t too concerned about Adams’ hamstring injury but he’s somebody to watch this week for cash games and bettors.

Update: Adams didn’t practice on Wednesday and this seems like more than just a veteran rest day. Hamstrings can be fickle and with Adams likely pushing to play, but his volatility due to potential reinjury will be sky high.

Final Update: LaFleur came out and said Adams is “probably doubtful”. Just thinking out loud here: maybe the Packers hold him out Until Week Six seeing as Week Five is their bye.

Christian Kirk- Groin

Ruled out for Week Three.

Henry Ruggs- Knee/Hamstring

Ruled out.

DJ Chark - Chest

Chark’s estimated participation was “limited” on Tuesday given the short week. That’s not something you love to see necessarily, but I wouldn’t panic yet. However, if Chark is limited again (or worse sits) then sees limited snaps and minimal routes run on Thursday- this pain tolerance injury will likely be the culprit. Watch his status tomorrow, but the chances of you having better options is likely limited in most leagues. If he’s active, which is expected, you gotta fire him up.

Update: It doesn’t seem like Chark will play as he was absent from practice again on Wednesday. Wait on the official report.

Kenny Golladay- Hamstring

Golladay returned to practice in a limited fashion. Detroit may elect to sit him one more week due to the nature of his re-injury, but if practice goes well it’s go-time.

Final Update: Players always want to come off as invincible even if there’s a chunk taken out of their armor. As such, every single time players claim they’re healthy and yet don’t practice, I ignore them. The inverse is also true- when a player says he’s not 100%, I take his word for it. I’m worried about Golladay this week. Against the 8th ranked DVOA Cardinals I’m only interested in Golladay as a contrarian GPP play. He’s volatile.

JuJu Smith-Schuster- Knee

Diontae Johnson- Toe

These two are clearly going to be taking Wednesdays off. Minimal concern as of now.

Final Update: Both were full participants on Friday.

A.J. Brown- Bone Bruise

Didn’t practice on Wednesday. Long shot to play as of now.

Final Update: Out

Jerry Juedy- Rib

With the recent shakeup with his WR teammate, this injury is notable as Jeudy is supposed to step into a larger role. Have a ribs injury could make that painful and he was limited on Wednesday.

Final Update: In the premium subscriber Discord chat, I told subs there’s a real chance Jeudy is a decoy come Sunday. His injury is extremely painful and if he’s active, I’ll be impressed if he can perform well.

Will Fuller - Hamstring

Fuller, yet again, was seen on the sideline performing stretching techniques specifically designed to reduce hamstring tightness. If you have shares of Fuller, just hang in there. As of today, he’s already a volatile Week Three option. For more information on managing hamstring strains, read this. If you want to read Fuller’s entire injury profile, that’s here.

Update: Not on the Week Three injury report.

Brandin Cooks- Quad

Cooks was limited again in practice on Wednesday.

Final Update: Practiced in full on Friday.

Sammy Watkins - Concussion

Watkins suffered a nasty blow to the head on Sunday and was diagnosed with a concussion. He has one other documented concussion from 2017. As of today, Watkins’ chances of returning by next Monday is a coin flip. The extra day definitely helps but monitor his practice activity.

Update: The Chiefs have not released their injury report.

Final Update: Watkins is in the protocol. It’ll be a tough for him to see the field Monday but the extra day helps.

Breshad Perriman- Ankle

Perriman suffered an ankle injury. Read about potential scenarios here.

Final Update: Perriman will miss time according to Badam Gase.

Jamison Crowder- Hamstring

He didn’t practice Wednesday and as of today has a small chance of playing.

Final Update: Out

Jalen Reagor - UCL (thumb)

This is the injury Brees had last year and will cost him at least the next three weeks if not more.

Braxton Berrios- Hamstring

Downgraded on Friday, this isn’t a good sign for the de-facto WR1 in New York.

Tight Ends

George Kittle- MCL/Bone bruise

Apparently Kittle suffered a bone bruise and an MCL sprain in Week One. Yes Kittle is super human and yes he plays through insane amounts of pain even by NFL standards- but the average return to sport time for an MCL issue alone is 23 days. In fact, his teammate was ruled out earlier this week with the same issue. Add in a deep bone bruise and it’s nearly impossible. Kittle returned to practice on Wednesday in a limited fashion though so keep an eye on his status. I wouldn’t be totally shocked if he plays in Week Three, however I don’t think it’s the medically optimal decision as of today.

Final Update: Officially out

Jack Doyle- Ankle

Doyle didn’t practice Wednesday due to an ankle injury and should be watched this week again.

Final Update: Practiced in full on Friday and on track to play.

Jonnu Smith- Ankle

An ankle injury caused him to sit out on Wednesday. I’m not too concerned yet.

Final Update: Practiced in full on Friday and on track to play.

Hunter Henry- Ankle

Nothing too alarming coming out of the Chargers’ camp yet but monitor his practice status as he was limited on Wednesday.

Final Update: Practiced in full on Friday and on track to play.

Dawson Knox- Concussion

To my knowledge this is his first head injury. If he progresses as the average player does through the protocol, he’ll be available in Week Three at an elevated risk.

Final Update: Ruled out for Week Three.

Darren Waller- Knee

A mysterious knee ailment limited his participation on Friday. As of now I’ll chalk this up as rest on a short week.


Jimmy Garoppolo - High Ankle

Jimmy G suffered a high ankle sprain that looked like a knee injury for a split second. Depending on the severity he could be out the average amount of time which is about 15 days or longer. In reality, a barely-mobile QB like him can likely come back before that and still function well enough. For example, Matt Ryan had a similar ankle issue last year that only cost him one game. The hope here is that the MRI comes back clean.

Update: The Niners team is absolutely depleted as Kittle, Mostert, Coleman, Bosa, Jimmy G etc. are all on the mend. They decided to stay on the east coast this week, so they very well could simply start their second team (not even trying to be cute here- it’s closer to a JV team than a first team at this point) and live to fight another day. Or since it’ll be a pain tolerance issue for Garoppolo as the reports say the damage isn’t bad, they can elect to trot him out there. As a barely mobile QB, this could work with the help of a pain injection, so monitor his activity. Last Year Matt Ryan missed one week due to this injury.

Update: Jimmy G didn’t practice Wednesday and although he hasn’t been ruled out and could play, it doesn’t seem like that’s what will happen.

Final Update: He’s out. Expect him back Week Five at the absolute latest.

Tyrod Taylor - Rib/Chest

Taylor was taken to the hospital on Sunday, which is scary but he seems to be okay now. He had trouble breathing and chest pain which could be independent to the chest injury Taylor nursed all week, an exacerbation, or a combination of both. Strangely, Anthony Lynn claims when Taylor is healthy, he’ll remain the starter. If that’s the case, Taylor should be available next week given how close he was to playing today. Then again nothing is guaranteed when a player can’t breathe.

Update: An extremely unfortunate event will cost Taylor the next few weeks, but it could have been much worse.

Final Update: Officially out.

Edwin completed his Doctorate of Physical Therapy education in 2020. His expertise is in all thing’s orthopedics, injury recovery, and he has a special interest in human performance. Edwin’s vision is to push injury advice past simple video analysis and into the realm of applying data from the medical literature to help fantasy players make informed start-sit decisions.