SiriusXM Mock Draft Review


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SiriusXM Mock Draft Review

Monday, August 24th we did a 12-team PPR mock draft for SiriusXM Fantasy Football featuring much of the staff of the site, some SiriusXM staff and a couple of hardcore listeners to the show. It was incredibly competitive and difficult because everyone in the draft really knows their stuff and a lot of us share similar opinions on players. I’ll break things down from a good value/bad value standpoint in terms of where players were selected in this draft in relation to their average draft position as well as our player rankings here on the site.

Note: All ADP data used in this article is courtesy of our partners at the NFFC and the data is used from drafts over the previous week.

This draft was conducted at The starting lineup requirements were:

1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 2 Flex (RB/WR/TE), 1 DT, 1 PK

1.011Lisa AnnMcCaffrey, Christian CAR RB
1.022Paul KellyBarkley, Saquon NYG RB
1.033Jules McLeanElliott, Ezekiel DAL RB
1.044Dr. Edwin PorrasKamara, Alvin NOS RB
1.055John HansenEdwards-Helaire, Clyde KCC RB
1.066Matt in LASanders, Miles PHI RB
1.077Tim RiordanMixon, Joe CIN RB
1.088Tom BrolleyHenry, Derrick TEN RB
1.099Chris from NYCook, Dalvin MIN RB
1.110Joe DolanThomas, Michael NOS WR
1.1111Graham BarfieldAdams, Davante GBP WR
1.1212Scott BarrettDrake, Kenyan ARI RB

Analysis: The first nine picks were all backs and only two of the twelve first-round picks were spent on receivers which is fairly typical.

Good Value: Michael Thomas. Dolan was probably surprised to see Thomas on the board at 1.10 and while we don’t think he’ll catch another 149 balls this year, he should still be the first WR off the board and he usually goes a few picks earlier. It’s my contention that Thomas should NOT be a consideration unless he falls to you late in the first as he did here. If you’re picking in the top half of the first round and you don’t take a back, good luck finding one you like who is a value late in the second round.

Bad Value: None of note, but I’ll mention Hansen’s pick of Edwards-Helaire here simply because the #5 position seems to be the toughest spot in the first round to draft from. I’ve already outlined why I don’t believe Thomas should be a consideration at five and there doesn’t seem to be a clear cut consensus back to take there. An argument can be made for Cook, Henry, Mixon, Edwards-Helaire, or Sanders at that spot. John loves his young, ascending upside players and Edwards-Helaire could be a monster.

2.0113Scott BarrettHill, Tyreek KCC WR (Q)
2.0214Graham BarfieldEkeler, Austin LAC RB
2.0315Joe DolanJacobs, Josh LVR RB
2.0416Chris from NYJones, Julio ATL WR
2.0517Tom BrolleyKelce, Travis KCC TE
2.0618Tim RiordanJones, Aaron GBP RB
2.0719Matt in LAChubb, Nick CLE RB
2.0820John HansenGodwin, Chris TBB WR
2.0921Dr. Edwin PorrasHopkins, DeAndre ARI WR
2.122Jules McLeanKittle, George SFO TE
2.1123Paul KellyRobinson, Allen CHI WR
2.1224Lisa AnnMahomes, Patrick KCC QB

Analysis: Our second round held no major surprises and was fairly consistent with ADP.

Good Value: Per the ADP, Patrick Mahomes was the biggest value going four picks after his ADP (20). QBs tend to slide in these expert drafts so it wasn’t surprising to see him last until pick 24.

Bad Value: None really but Travis Kelce was taken six spots ahead of his ADP (23). My guess is Brolley felt the advantage Kelce gives him at TE outweighs the price he might pay at one of the other skill positions later on.

3.0125Lisa AnnBell, Le'Veon NYJ RB
3.0226Paul KellyGordon, Melvin DEN RB
3.0327Jules McLeanConner, James PIT RB
3.0428Dr. Edwin PorrasEvans, Mike TBB WR
3.0529John HansenTaylor, Jonathan IND RB
3.0630Matt in LAThielen, Adam MIN WR
3.0731Tim RiordanBeckham, Odell CLE WR
3.0832Tom BrolleyCarson, Chris SEA RB (Q)
3.0933Chris from NYGolladay, Kenny DET WR
3.134Joe DolanSmith-Schuster, JuJu PIT WR
3.1135Graham BarfieldCooper, Amari DAL WR
3.1236Scott BarrettMoore, D.J. CAR WR

Analysis: Five of the first eight picks were RBs which is typical. Keep that in mind if you’re drafting late in round one. It’s a good idea to come away with two backs with your first two picks because the WRs available in the late third / early fourth seem to present more value than the backs in that range.

Good Value: Kenny Golladay went eight picks after his ADP (25). He’s typically the seventh WR off the board but he was the 11th taken in this draft which is exactly where we have him ranked on the site.

Bad Value: Le’Veon Bell went 10 spots earlier than his ADP (35). All reports are that Bell is in the best shape of his life but I’m scared off by the fact that the all five Jets offensive lineman have never played together before. Our guy Manish Mehta from the New York Daily News told John and me on the radio this week that he expects Frank Gore to be in the 8-10 carry per week range which would cut into Bell’s touches.

4.0137Scott BarrettAndrews, Mark BAL TE
4.0238Graham BarfieldWoods, Robert LAR WR
4.0339Joe DolanRidley, Calvin ATL WR
4.0440Chris from NYAkers, Cam LAR RB
4.0541Tom BrolleyChark, D.J. JAC WR
4.0642Tim RiordanFournette, Leonard JAC RB
4.0743Matt in LAIngram, Mark BAL RB
4.0844John HansenBrown, Marquise BAL WR
4.0945Dr. Edwin PorrasMontgomery, David CHI RB
4.146Jules McLeanBrown, A.J. TEN WR
4.1147Paul KellyJackson, Lamar BAL QB
4.1248Lisa AnnKupp, Cooper LAR WR

Analysis: We saw a high-end QB, a high-end TE and the best of the remaining backs and receivers go off the board here.

Good Value: You probably know most of us on the site are not big on Leonard Fournette this year but at some point everyone becomes a value and Riordan got Fournette 10 spots later than his ADP. His potential downside is more palatable as a fourth-rounder and as a third RB as he was here for Tim. Lamar Jackson is also a huge value in this round a whopping 25 picks after his ADP. I am a staunch believer in waiting on a QB but Jackson was too much of a value here to pass up. Total disclosure – I should have taken him in the fifth round instead of here in the fourth as Lisa Ann had already drafted Mahomes and would not have taken Jackson. I’ll chalk that mistake up to hosting our draft broadcast on SiriusXM Fantasy Football and drafting at the same time.

Bad Value: Mark Ingram’s ADP is 60 so he’s usually going on that fifth/sixth-round turn which makes him a reach here in the fourth. He certainly could return value at that spot if he maintains the role he had last season for all of 2020 but he likely could have been available a round later.

5.0149Lisa AnnGallup, Michael DAL WR
5.0250Paul KellyMetcalf, DK SEA WR
5.0351Jules McLeanMcLaurin, Terry WAS WR
5.0452Dr. Edwin PorrasMurray, Kyler ARI QB
5.0553John HansenHunt, Kareem CLE RB
5.0654Matt in LASutton, Courtland DEN WR
5.0755Tim RiordanHilton, T.Y. IND WR
5.0856Tom BrolleyLockett, Tyler SEA WR
5.0957Chris from NYErtz, Zach PHI TE
5.158Joe DolanSwift, D'Andre DET RB
5.1159Graham BarfieldFuller, Will HOU WR
5.1260Scott BarrettJones, Ronald TBB RB

Analysis: Murray is usually the third or fourth QB selected and he was the third one taken in this draft. Murray and Dak Prescott are usually off the board within a few picks of each other but Dak didn’t get selected until a round later in this draft.

Good Value: Courtland Sutton has reportedly been outstanding in camp so far and is typically being taken on the round four/five turn so Matt grabbed himself a nice value a half a round beyond Sutton’s ADP. It’s looking like Sutton is the clear #1 target in the Denver passing game to start the season. He’s our WR21 but Matt got him as WR24.

Bad Value: We have Michael Gallup ranked as our WR35 and his ADP is 69 so he appears to be a big reach here as WR21 at pick #49. I prefer all the receivers taken in this round to Gallup.

6.0161Scott BarrettJohnson, Diontae PIT WR
6.0262Graham BarfieldBoyd, Tyler CIN WR
6.0363Joe DolanParker, DeVante MIA WR
6.0464Chris from NYPrescott, Dak DAL QB
6.0565Tom BrolleyJohnson, David HOU RB
6.0666Tim RiordanGurley, Todd ATL RB
6.0767Matt in LAAllen, Keenan LAC WR
6.0868John HansenDiggs, Stefon BUF WR
6.0969Dr. Edwin PorrasLandry, Jarvis CLE WR
6.170Jules McLeanJones, Marvin DET WR
6.1171Paul KellyGreen, A.J. CIN WR
6.1272Lisa AnnDobbins, J.K. BAL RB

Analysis: There are typically five or six QBs selected through the first six rounds of a 12-team draft but only four were selected so far in this one. Since there are two flex positions required in our starting lineups, many drafters are looking to wait on the QB.

Good Value: Todd Gurley was drafted 33 spots after his ADP (33). If Gurley can make it through the season healthy and handle the 15+ touches per game OC Dirk Koetter said he’d be getting, Riordan likely got himself a steal here in the sixth. I’m out on Gurley as a third-rounder because of the questions surrounding his knee, but in the sixth round, he’s worth a gamble. Same thing goes for David Johnson who we have serious doubts about but he was available here a full two rounds after his ADP which makes the risk much more palatable.

Bad Value: It wasn’t surprising to see Dionte Johnson go here in the sixth round even though his ADP makes him a seventh-rounder (and technically a “bad value”). We’re higher on him than most and this draft is packed with our people so Barrett knew Johnson would not have made it back to him 23 picks later.

7.0173Lisa AnnHooper, Austin CLE TE
7.0274Paul KellySingletary, Devin BUF RB
7.0375Jules McLeanReagor, Jalen PHI WR
7.0476Dr. Edwin PorrasHurst, Hayden ATL TE
7.0577John HansenCohen, Tarik CHI RB
7.0678Matt in LAWilson, Russell SEA QB
7.0779Tim RiordanWatson, Deshaun HOU QB
7.0880Tom BrolleyCooks, Brandin HOU WR
7.0981Chris from NYWhite, James NEP RB
7.182Joe DolanMostert, Raheem SFO RB
7.1183Graham BarfieldWaller, Darren LVR TE
7.1284Scott BarrettGibson, Antonio WAS RB

Analysis: This league requires eight starting skill position players so it’s not surprising to see that only half our drafters have taken a QB through seven rounds.

Good Value: Raheem Mostert and Devin Singletary. Mostert’s ADP is 55 and Singletary’s is 57. Mostert has reportedly been the best runner in 49ers camp so far and looks like a strong bet to be their lead back. I don’t love Singletary this year but I thought he presented too much value as a seventh-rounder to pass him up.

Bad Value: Austin Hooper was last year’s TE3 in PPR fantasy points per game but his fantasy value took a hit going from Atlanta to Cleveland. We have him ranked as our TE16 on the site and his ADP is 129 making him a monster reach here at pick #73 as TE5.

8.0185Scott BarrettHoward, Jordan MIA RB
8.0286Graham BarfieldMoss, Zack BUF RB
8.0387Joe DolanAllen, Josh BUF QB
8.0488Chris from NYSlayton, Darius NYG WR
8.0589Tom BrolleyEdelman, Julian NEP WR
8.0690Tim RiordanTate, Golden NYG WR
8.0791Matt in LAEngram, Evan NYG TE
8.0892John HansenPittman, Michael IND WR
8.0993Dr. Edwin PorrasMattison, Alexander MIN RB
8.194Jules McLeanHigbee, Tyler LAR TE
8.1195Paul KellyCrowder, Jamison NYJ WR
8.1296Lisa AnnJeudy, Jerry DEN WR

Analysis: Three Giants were selected in this round as were three vastly different running backs. A veteran early-down grinder (Howard), a rookie who could make an impact (Moss), and a handcuff (Mattison). Mattison is an expensive handcuff that the Cook owner in this draft missed out on. It’s something to consider when deciding whether or not to draft Dalvin Cook in the first round.

Good Value: None of note.

Bad Value: Hansen selected Michael Pittman 52 spots earlier than his ADP. In John’s defense, he knows that most of us in this draft love Pittman this year as a value and he wouldn’t have a prayer of getting him anywhere near his 144 ADP. We have Pittman ranked as our WR43 and John took him at WR41. Riordan’s selection of Tate was also 52 spots earlier than his ADP.

9.0197Lisa AnnEdmonds, Chase ARI RB
9.0298Paul KellyHenry, Hunter LAC TE
9.0399Jules McLeanJohnson, Duke HOU RB
9.04100Dr. Edwin PorrasJackson, DeSean PHI WR
9.05101John HansenWentz, Carson PHI QB
9.06102Matt in LAMack, Marlon IND RB
9.07103Tim RiordanCook, Jared NOS TE
9.08104Tom BrolleyPerriman, Breshad NYJ WR
9.09105Chris from NYLindsay, Phillip DEN RB
9.1106Joe DolanHarris, Damien NEP RB
9.11107Graham BarfieldBreida, Matt MIA RB
9.12108Scott BarrettWilliams, Preston MIA WR

Analysis: More than 100 picks in and we finally saw our eighth QB selected. There are usually 10 gone by this point. Again, the larger starting lineups put more of an emphasis on grabbing skill position players.

Good Value: We’re not overly excited about Marlon Mack but he will have a role for the Colts even with the addition of Jonathan Taylor. It’s been reported that he’s been catching lots of dump-offs from Checkdown Charlie Philip Rivers. He was a pretty good receiver coming out of college but he hasn’t been asked to do much pass-catching so far in Indy. His ADP shows him coming off the board about a round earlier so I’ll sign off on him here in the ninth round.

Bad Value: DeSean Jackson is reportedly in great shape and as fast as ever so he’ll have some big games this year assuming he can stay on the field. That’s a big assumption to make though as Jackson has missed 27 games over the last five seasons and has managed to suit up for 14 or more games in just two of those five seasons. Dr. Porras took him a full three rounds earlier than his ADP.

10.01109Scott BarrettBrown, Antonio FA* WR
10.02110Graham BarfieldColeman, Tevin SFO RB
10.03111Joe DolanGronkowski, Rob TBB TE
10.04112Chris from NYSamuel, Deebo SFO WR
10.05113Tom BrolleyMurray, Latavius NOS RB
10.06114Tim RiordanLamb, CeeDee DAL WR
10.07115Matt in LASanders, Emmanuel NOS WR
10.08116John HansenRuggs, Henry LVR WR
10.09117Dr. Edwin PorrasPollard, Tony DAL RB
10.1118Jules McLeanHines, Nyheim IND RB
10.11119Paul KellyPeterson, Adrian WAS RB
10.12120Lisa AnnLove, Bryce WAS R

Analysis: There were still some nice WR values on the board 110+ picks into this draft who could be fantasy starters, especially in a league like this where we start three receivers and two flexes.

Good Value: Deebo Samuel’s Week One status is still up in the air (I’d bet he sits), but he seems to be trending in the right direction based on recent reports. Even if he misses a few games, getting him at this late juncture represents a huge discount.

Bad Value: Brown’s ADP is over 200 so technically he is a reach in the tenth round but if he ends up catching on with a team early in the year he’ll be a fantasy starter who could potentially make a huge impact for fantasy…and there aren’t many guys we can say that about at this point in drafts.

11.01121Lisa AnnGore, Frank NYJ RB
11.02122Paul KellyJefferson, Justin MIN WR
11.03123Jules McLeanBrady, Tom TBB QB
11.04124Dr. Edwin PorrasKirk, Christian ARI WR
11.05125John HansenFant, Noah DEN TE
11.06126Matt in LAScott, Boston PHI RB
11.07127Tim RiordanMichel, Sony NEP RB
11.08128Tom BrolleyWilliams, Mike LAC WR
11.09129Chris from NYVaughn, Ke'Shawn TBB RB
11.1130Joe DolanHardman, Mecole KCC WR
11.11131Graham BarfieldRyan, Matt ATL QB
11.12132Scott BarrettBrees, Drew NOS QB

Analysis: Three future Hall of Fame QBs were taken in this round as QB9, QB10 and QB11 demonstrating that there’s plenty of fine options available if you don’t address QB early in drafts.

Good Value: Christian Kirk lasted almost three rounds beyond his ADP (92). I’ll note that we’re not as high on Kirk as the fantasy community at large as his ADP shows him going as the 40th receiver off the board but we have him ranked as WR55.

Bad Value: I’m no Gore-a-phobe but Frank Gore typically goes undrafted. Lisa took him here as a Bell handcuff but even if Bell missed time, I’d be hard-pressed to get too excited about using the 37-year old Gore in a fantasy lineup.

12.01133Scott BarrettAiyuk, Brandon SFO WR
12.02134Graham BarfieldHenderson, Darrell LAR RB
12.03135Joe DolanHockenson, T.J. DET TE
12.04136Chris from NYArmstead, Ryquell JAC RB
12.05137Tom BrolleyStafford, Matthew DET QB
12.06138Tim RiordanDillon, AJ GBP RB
12.07139Matt in LAShepard, Sterling NYG WR
12.08140John HansenHerndon, Chris NYJ TE
12.09141Dr. Edwin PorrasCampbell, Parris IND WR
12.1142Jules McLeanHarry, N'Keal NEP WR
12.11143Paul KellySims, Steven WAS WR
12.12144Lisa AnnCobb, Randall HOU WR

Analysis: Brolley wins the game of QB chicken as he’s the last drafter to pick his starting QB.

Good Value: Matthew Stafford lasted a couple rounds longer than usual making him a value here in the twelfth. He’s ranked as our QB13 but he’s projected to score just 0.8 fantasy points per game fewer than our QB8, Carson Wentz, who was drafted three rounds earlier.

Bad Value: I reached and took Steven Sims about 50 picks before his ADP. Drafting against this sharp group and knowing that many of them believe (as I do) that Sims is one of the better values in the entire draft made me want to get him early before he disappeared from my draft queue.

13.01145Lisa AnnHoward, O.J. TBB TE
13.02146Paul KellyKelley, Joshua LAC RB
13.03147Jules McLeanBernard, Giovani CIN RB
13.04148Dr. Edwin PorrasJohnson, Kerryon DET RB
13.05149John HansenMiller, Anthony CHI WR
13.06150Matt in LAJones, Daniel NYG QB
13.07151Tim RiordanSamuel, Curtis CAR WR
13.08152Tom BrolleyWashington, DeAndre KCC RB
13.09153Chris from NYGoedert, Dallas PHI TE
13.1154Joe DolanJackson, Justin LAC RB
13.11155Graham BarfieldBrown, John BUF WR
13.12156Scott BarrettAnderson, Robby CAR WR

Analysis: We’re firmly into backup territory here with three handcuff backs being selected (Johnson, Bernard, Washington)

Good Value: Daniel Jones is ranked as our QB11 but he was taken as QB13 in this draft about 40 picks after his ADP (116). He could potentially be the best QB value in this draft. The Guru’s Miller pick looks pretty sweet here as well a good two rounds after his ADP as does Barfield’s Brown pick.

Bad Value: None of note.

14.01157Scott BarrettLazard, Allen GBP WR
14.02158Graham BarfieldJarwin, Blake DAL TE
14.03159Joe DolanTate, Auden CIN WR
14.04160Chris from NYEvans, Darrynton TEN RB
14.05161Tom BrolleyBurrow, Joe CIN QB
14.06162Tim RiordanSternberger, Jace GBP TE
14.07163Matt in LAGage, Russell ATL WR
14.08164John HansenMcKinnon, Jerick SFO RB
14.09165Dr. Edwin PorrasSmith Jr., Irv MIN TE
14.1166Jules McLeanNewton, Cam NEP QB
14.11167Paul KellyTucker, Justin BAL PK
14.12168Lisa AnnMayfield, Baker CLE QB

Analysis: This was a strong round for upside guys, which is no surprise considering who is doing the drafting. Almost every player taken here in the 14th fits what you should be looking for late in drafts. Young, ascending upside players who have a shot to break out.

Good Value: I really like McLean’s Cam Newton pick here. You may look at our projections/rankings and see Cam as QB19 but baked into that season-long ranking is the likelihood Cam may not start all 16 games. Sort our QB rankings by fantasy points per game and you’ll see Cam at QB9. In other words, if he’s the Patriots starter he’s a fantasy starter.

Bad Value: Auden Tate typically goes undrafted but he has been receiving glowing reports from camp so far. A.J. Green, John Ross and Tee Higgins have all missed time this summer and Tate has been flashing and making the most of his chances. We’ll see where he lands on this Cincy WR depth chart when Week One rolls around.

15.01169Lisa AnnMiller, Scott TBB WR
15.02170Paul KellyGesicki, Mike MIA TE
15.03171Jules McLeanMcFarland, Anthony PIT RB
15.04172Dr. Edwin PorrasButker, Harrison KCC PK
15.05173John HansenSteelers, Pittsburgh PIT Def
15.06174Matt in LAKnox, Dawson BUF TE
15.07175Tim RiordanSmith, Ito ATL RB
15.08176Tom BrolleyReynolds, Josh LAR WR
15.09177Chris from NYGay, Matt TBB PK
15.1178Joe DolanRavens, Baltimore BAL Def
15.11179Graham BarfieldShenault, Laviska JAC WR
15.12180Scott BarrettSanu, Mohamed NEP WR

Analysis: We’re at the point now when some drafters are seeing more value in taking a high-end kicker or defense than in taking another deep backup.

Good Value: I was surprised to see Mike Gesicki on the board this late. I got him as TE 21 at pick 170 compared to his ADP of TE10 and pick 114. There’s not a ton to count on this year in the Dolphins passing game and he definitely started to emerge late last year. I got him as my second TE which I’m very pleased with.

Bad Value: None of note.

16.01181Scott BarrettSmith, Jonnu TEN TE
16.02182Graham BarfieldHyde, Carlos SEA RB
16.03183Joe DolanLutz, Wil NOS PK
16.04184Chris from NYBeasley, Cole BUF WR
16.05185Tom BrolleyThomas, Ian CAR TE
16.06186Tim Riordan49ers, San Francisco SFO Def
16.07187Matt in LABuccaneers, Tampa Bay TBB Def
16.08188John HansenFreeman, Devonta FA* RB
16.09189Dr. Edwin PorrasChargers, Los Angeles LAC Def
16.1190Jules McLeanGould, Robbie SFO PK
16.11191Paul KellyGoff, Jared LAR QB
16.12192Lisa AnnEdwards, Gus BAL RB

Analysis: Even at 180+ picks into this draft there are still interesting players that are worth a dart throw.

Good Value: Devonta Freeman is unsigned but worth a shot this late. If he gets signed at some point it will likely be because whatever team signs him probably had an injury to their starting back and needs a pro to step in and eat up some touches. Freeman has reportedly been picky (which may be why he’s still a free agent) so if he does land someplace it could be a fantasy-friendly situation (on the low end). Carlos Hyde, a 1000-yard rusher last year, could be an early-season Chris Carson injury away from being a 15-18 touch per week back in Seattle.

Bad Value: None of note.

17.01193Lisa AnnBills, Buffalo BUF Def
17.02194Paul KellyWatkins, Sammy KCC WR
17.03195Jules McLeanSaints, New Orleans NOS Def
17.04196Dr. Edwin PorrasDoyle, Jack IND TE
17.05197John HansenZuerlein, Greg DAL PK
17.06198Matt in LASnell, Benny PIT RB
17.07199Tim RiordanElliott, Jake PHI PK
17.08200Tom BrolleyPatriots, New England NEP Def
17.09201Chris from NYMcCoy, LeSean TBB RB
17.1202Joe DolanRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB
17.11203Graham BarfieldKoo, Younghoe ATL PK
17.12204Scott BarrettFairbairn, Ka'imi HOU PK

Analysis: Just two rounds to go so it’s time to make sure you’ve got a kicker and a defense in your draft queue if you haven’t already filled those spots.

Good Value: It’s been a strange six months since the Super Bowl for Sammy Watkins but he’s still a starter catching passes from the best fantasy passer in the NFL. I’m by no means “all in” on Sammy but taking him 50 picks past his ADP (144) as the 74th receiver off the board is a no-brainer to me as my team’s seventh WR.

Bad Value: None of note.

18.01205Scott BarrettChiefs, Kansas City KCC Def
18.02206Graham BarfieldColts, Indianapolis IND Def
18.03207Joe DolanOgunbowale, Dare TBB RB
18.04208Chris from NYVikings, Minnesota MIN
18.05209Tom BrolleyGonzalez, Zane ARI PK
18.06210Tim RiordanHiggins, Tee CIN WR
18.07211Matt in LAMcManus, Brandon DEN PK
18.08212John HansenTannehill, Ryan TEN QB
18.09213Dr. Edwin PorrasRodgers, Aaron GBP QB
18.1214Jules McLeanBoykin, Miles BAL WR
18.11215Paul KellyBears, Chicago CHI Def
18.12216Lisa AnnPrater, Matt DET PK

Analysis: Only 20 QBs were drafted in this 12-teamer showing that it’s not imperative that you grab a backup. Some draftable QB2’s available on the wire in this league include Garropolo, Minshew and Cousins.

Good Value: Ryan Tannehill was a fantasy starter in 2019 and while we know he’ll have trouble duplicating his lofty TD% and YPA numbers in 2020, we do have him ranked as our QB16 and the Guru got him about 50 picks beyond his ADP.

Bad Value: None of note.

PK’s Starters

QB L. Jackson

RB Barkley, Gordon

WR Robinson, Metcalf, Green

TE Henry

Flex Singletary, Crowder

K Tucker

DT Chicago


All 12 teams came out of the first two rounds with at least one running back. Just two teams went RB-RB with their first two picks. Seven of our 12 teams grabbed backs with two of their first three picks. We’ve been preaching it here on the site and on SiriusXM Fantasy Football Morning…Get into the running back business early this year.

My Barkley pick at 1.02 was a no-brainer and I knew that coming back around in the late second I’d be looking to grab either Kelce or Kittle (both were gone) or the best WR on the board because the backs typically available at #23 overall do not present any value.

The first major decision I had to make was at 3.02. I considered drafting Adam Thielen there (who I love this year, especially in a full-point PPR league like this one) but I knew if I did I would be taking a big chance that I’d be unable to get an RB2 I was happy with at 4.11. I decided on drafting Gordon in the third and that turned out to be the right call because the backs with which I would have been satisfied with my fourth-round pick were all gone by the time I was on the clock.

I’ve got a top-2 QB, a top-2 RB and no obvious weaknesses in my starting lineup. My bench is a nice combination of young ascending players (Kelley, Jefferson, Gesicki, Sims) and veterans I can likely plug in as spot starters if needed (Goff, Peterson, Watkins). I feel like I got strong value for my picks and overall this looks like a well-rounded team that I’d be happy to go into the season with.

Paul is an award winning radio programmer and air talent whose broadcasting career started in 1994. He's been a host on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio since 2010, frequently working with Founder John Hansen.