DFS Welcome Letter


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DFS Welcome Letter

I was first hired full-time as a fantasy football writer three years ago.

I announced my new position to the world in the introduction of my next article:

Twelve years ago, in high school, I was sitting behind a computer in class setting my fantasy baseball lineups as a teacher babbled on about something I couldn’t care less about. “Ugh, if only I could just do this all day.”

Eight years ago, during college, I was on a train heading home from my internship at a prestigious hedge fund, reading one of Matthew Berry’s articles on my iPhone. I was thinking to myself, “Man, working at a hedge fund is really cool, and so is making lots of money, but man, I wish I could just do what Matthew Berry does for a living.”

Five years ago, I was working at my first job out of college, hating every second of it, listening to one of Sigmund Bloom’s podcasts from my cubicle of misery. I thought to myself, “Man, this sucks! I wish I could just write articles and do podcasts about fantasy football all day.”

Four years ago, I started writing fantasy articles. Two years ago, I was hired on a part-time basis. Since then, I’ve worked harder at this than anything else I’ve ever done in my life. The entire time, with the singular focus of being able to do the one thing that has haunted me for at least a dozen years now: to be able to work from home all-day, in my boxers, with SportsCenter on TV in the background, writing about fantasy football.

Two weeks ago, I was offered a full-time position. Two weeks ago, I put in my two weeks’ notice at my job. Today, I sit before you, writing this article, in my boxers, with SportsCenter on in the background.

And it is even more glorious than I had ever imagined.

Today, I sit before you, writing this letter, with SportsCenter on in the background. Only one thing has changed – now I’m wearing the pants.

At Fantasy Points, I’ll be a part-owner, serving alongside my longtime friend Graham Barfield as the co-Director of Analytics. In addition to that, I’ll be overseeing our DFS package and serving as our lead DFS writer.

Together, we plan on giving you the best DFS offering in the industry. And we plan on doing at a fraction of the cost compared to our top competitors.

Our full offering won’t be unveiled until later in the offseason, but, at a bare minimum, you can expect to find the following articles each week on FantasyPoints.com:

- Scott Barrett’s Slate Breakdown: This will be more or less (much more) the same in-depth article I was writing in 2018, when I helped just one reader take down prizes worth $40,000 (Week 6), $7,000 (Week 13), $31,600 (Week 14), and $100,000 (Week 16).

- Scott Barrett’s Sunday Morning Update: Unlike the 2018 iteration of that article, this year I plan on updating that article through Sunday morning. I also plan on including a “tl;dr” list of must-play options.

- Top Contrarian Plays: Contrarian strategy expert Graham Barfield will walk you through his GPP-focused strategy for the week, including his must-fades and top low-owned plays.

- Top Value Plays: “Sure, she’s pretty. But is she smart?” I have a model…it’s super – a true thing of beauty. And my supermodel isn’t only beautiful, it’s brilliant. It’s designed to do one thing: find the best DFS values each week on DraftKings and FanDuel – and it does that one thing incredibly well. This article will break down my model’s top value plays each week.

- Expected Fantasy Points: Which players have the most valuable workloads for fantasy? Exactly how many fantasy points is their volume worth? Who is most / least efficient at turning that volume in fantasy points? This is the best stat in fantasy football, and it will help us answer a number of important questions that aren’t specific only to DFS.

- & much more

We’ve each taken a big risk, and poured blood, sweat, and tears to give you what we think is the best fantasy product available. We have an All-Star cast of names. We have access to incredible stats and tools, with much more still to debut. And, ultimately, we control the content we put out. No nonsense, just the best analysis money can buy. No sacrificing quality for quantity. We’re beholden only to you the subscriber, and our primary goal is making you happy and helping you win money. Truly, we all feel we’ve built something extremely special, and we’re so excited to prove it to you.

Thank you,

Scott Barrett

P.S. All Fantasy Points subscribers will hold a special place in my heart, but our loyal Day 1 subscribers will always be my favorite. 😉

Scott Barrett combines a unique background in philosophy and investing alongside a lifelong love of football and spreadsheets to serve as FantasyPoints’ Director of Analytics and Lead DFS Writer.