2020 Team Betting Previews


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2020 Team Betting Previews

Staff writer Tom Brolley is previewing all 32 teams from a betting perspective leading up to the start of the season. He'll be going division by division breaking down every team's futures wagers and season player props for the 2020 campaign over the course of eight weeks. Even if you're on the fence about gambling this season, his team writeups are loaded with information that will help you prepare for the season and draft smarter this summer. As always, good luck with your wagers!

See the schedule below for article release:

NFC West

June 29 - Arizona Cardinals

June 30 - Los Angeles Rams

July 1 - San Francisco 49ers

July 2 - Seattle Seahawks

AFC West

July 6 - Denver Broncos

July 7 - Kansas City Chiefs

July 8 - Las Vegas Raiders

July 9 - Los Angeles Chargers

NFC South

July 13 - Atlanta Falcons

July 14 - Carolina Panthers

July 15 - New Orleans Saints

July 16 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

AFC South

July 20 - Houston Texans

July 21 - Indianapolis Colts

July 22 - Jacksonville Jaguars

July 23 - Tennessee Titans

NFC North

July 27 - Chicago Bears

July 28 - Detroit Lions

July 29 - Green Bay Packers

July 30 - Minnesota Vikings

AFC North

Aug 3 - Baltimore Ravens

Aug 4 - Cincinnati Bengals

Aug 5 - Cleveland Browns

Aug 6 - Pittsburgh Steelers

NFC East

Aug 10 - Dallas Cowboys

Aug 11 - New York Giants

Aug 12 - Philadelphia Eagles

Aug 13 - Washington Football Team

AFC East

Aug 17 - Buffalo Bills

Aug 18 - Miami Dolphins

Aug 19 - New England Patriots

Aug 20 - New York Jets

Tom is a Senior Writer at Fantasy Points who specializes in fantasy and betting analysis. He’ll be helping you to navigate the waiver wire and manage your fantasy teams while also keeping our betting content robust all year long, especially during the season. Tom's Best Bets against the spread won at 64.3% clip last season and he owned the last undefeated team out of 3000 entries in Scott Fish Bowl 12.