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Tom Brolley

Owner, Lead NFL & Betting Analyst

Tom is a senior writer at Fantasy Points who specializes in fantasy and betting analysis. He’ll be helping you to navigate the waiver wire and manage your fantasy teams while also keeping our betting content robust all year long, especially during the season. You don’t want to be stuck in the same draft room as Tom, and he’ll help you ace your own draft by sharing his insights all off-season long. Tom previously worked with John Hansen for seven seasons at Fantasy Guru before starting The Fantasy Free Agents podcast and website with Joe Dolan and Ben Kukainis during the 2019 season — he also contributed for The Quant Edge in 2019. Tom is coming off his best season picking every game against the spread, finishing with a 57.3% winning percentage in 2019. He also started weekly Best Bets last season, and he finished with a 61.5% winning percentage.

Tom has been picking every game against the spread for the last five seasons, and he’s produced a winning record every year. He’s picked correctly at a 54.9% clip over the last three seasons and he owns a career 53.3% winning percentage. Tom plays in an 80-entry league every year where he has to pick every game against the spread. He won first-place last season, and he took home the runner-up prize, as well, with an entry he split with Joe Dolan. Tom previously finished second in the same ATS league back in 2017, too. He also finished 10th out of 900 players in the fantasy regular season of the 2018 Scott Fish Bowl. In his downtime, Tom enjoys hitting power fades on the golf course, grilling steaks and drinking cold Yuenglings on his back porch, and taking his dog Seymour — a pitbull-bulldog mix — on long hikes. Growing up in Western Pennsylvania, Tom first fell in love with football watching the undefeated 1994 Penn State Nittany Lions before Steelers QB Neil O’Donnell broke his 10-year-old heart with his three interceptions in Super Bowl XXX.