Contract Points: NFC South


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Contract Points: NFC South

The NFC South will have two new starting quarterbacks this season, but those two players might only be around for two seasons.

And one of those players, Tom Brady, has new teammates who are facing some contract issues over the next few years.

Atlanta Falcons

When the Falcons signed veteran RB Todd Gurley, they did it knowing he had a knee issue going back to his college days at the University of Georgia. That's why they only signed him to a one-year contract.

Fourth-year RB Brian Hill is in the final year of his rookie deal and Ito Smith is in the third year of his rookie deal. So it's very possible that this team is looking for a new starting running back next season.

At wide receiver, veteran Julio Jones is signed through 2023, but the team can get out of his contract after the 2021 season, as there is very little guaranteed money left in his contract in 2022. So Jones will have to keep playing at a high level for the team to bring him back in 2022, which would be his 12th season with the team.

At tight end, third-year pro Hayden Hurst is signed through 2021.

Carolina Panthers

Veteran QB Teddy Bridgewater is signed through 2022, but the Panthers can get out his deal easily after two seasons, as there is no guaranteed money left in his deal after 2021. To me, it wouldn't be a surprise if the team drafts a quarterback fairly high next year, unless Bridgewater plays really well this season.

At wide receiver, Robby Anderson signed a two-year deal, but the second season ($8 million base salary) does not include any guaranteed money, so they'll just cut him next year if he doesn't play well.

WR Curtis Samuel is in the final year of his rookie deal, and 2018 first-round pick DJ Moore is on the third year of his four-year contract.

New Orleans Saints

This team is in a very interesting situation at the quarterback position. Starter Drew Brees, 41, is on a two-year contract, but only the first season includes any guaranteed money. So if he has a bad season or suffers a significant injury, he may not be back next season.

The question is this: do the Saints truly think Taysom Hill is their starter of the future? Hill re-signed for two seasons, and there's over $7 million owed to him in year two, so he's likely going to be with the team through 2021. Jameis Winston only signed a one-year deal.

At running back, Alvin Kamara is in the final year of his rookie deal, but the team has shown interest in extending his contract. Veteran Latavius Murray is signed through 2022. However, the guaranteed money in his contract expires after this season ends.

At tight end, veteran Jared Cook is in the final season of his two-year deal. And keep in mind the team drafted rookie Adam Trautman with the belief that he'll take over for Cook down the road. The Saints are super high on Trautman — they traded all of their Day 3 draft picks to move into the third round to draft him.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

New starting QB Tom Brady is signed through 2021 and they owe him a total of at least $25 million (fully guaranteed salary and roster bonus), so Brady will definitely see the second season of his contract.

At running back, starter Ronald Jones is in the third year of his four-year deal. And as we've seen, he hasn't exactly established himself in that role.

At wide receiver, fourth-year pro Chris Godwin is in the final year of his rookie deal, but the team wants to extend his deal.

At tight end, veteran TE Rob Gronkowski is in the final year of the deal he signed all the way back in 2012 with the Patriots. Former first-round pick OJ Howard is signed through 2021, but the team can cut him before the first day of free agency next year and so they wouldn't be on the hook for his $6.013 million base salary.