Week 14 Betting Power Ratings


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Week 14 Betting Power Ratings

My Power Ratings are designed to be a starting point for point-spread betting between two teams. They take into account recent performances, long-term injuries, coaching, and strength of schedule. These ratings are intended to help predict performances in the present, but they’re not necessarily predictive for the rest of the season. I will take my Power Ratings into account when I make my weekly against the spread picks, but I’ll also consider current injury reports, home-field advantage, weather, and other factors that may be relevant.

Example: My top-rated team, the Bills (8.5), would be 16-point favorites on a neutral field over my worst-rated team, the Texans (-7.5). Using a two-point adjustment for home-field advantage (last year’s HFA average was 1.8 points), the Bills would be 18-point favorites over the Texans at home and 14-point favorites over the Texans on the road.

Note: I’ll be dedicating more time to updating and making our Waiver Wire article even better with additional updates throughout the week. My schedule is already packed to the gills during the week so I’ll no longer have the time for my weekly betting notes and futures market updates.

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Week 14 Power Ratings

RankTeamPower Rating2021 Record (ATS)Ratings ChangeSuper Bowl Odds
1.Buffalo Bills8.59-3 (6-5-1)+.5+350
2.Kansas City Chiefs89-3 (3-8-1)-.5+500
3.Dallas Cowboys7.59-3 (8-4)+.5+700
4.Philadelphia Eagles7.511-1 (7-5)+1+500
5.Cincinnati Bengals68-4 (9-3)+1.5+1200
6.San Francisco 49ers58-4 (7-5)-1.5+1200
7.Miami Dolphins58-4 (6-6)-.5+2000
8.Minnesota Vikings410-2 (6-5-1)+1800
9.Tampa Bay Buccaneers2.56-6 (3-8-1)-.5+1800
10.Baltimore Ravens2.58-4 (4-7-1)-2.5+2000
11.Tennessee Titans27-5 (8-4)-1+4000
12.New York Jets27-5 (7-5)+.5+10000
13.Seattle Seahawks1.57-5 (6-6)-.5+5000
14.Los Angeles Chargers1.56-6 (7-5)-1+8000
15.Detroit Lions15-7 (8-4)+1.5+20000
16.Las Vegas Raiders15-7 (6-6)+1+20000
17.Washington Commanders17-5-1 (7-5-1)+10000
18.New England Patriots.56-6 (6-5-1)-1+13000
19.Cleveland Browns.55-7 (6-6)-.5+13000
20.Pittsburgh Steelers-05-7 (6-5-1)+1+25000
21.Green Bay Packers05-8 (5-8)+.5+20000
22.Jacksonville Jaguars-.54-8 (4-7-1)-1+30000
23.New York Giants-.57-4-1 (9-3)+15000
24.New Orleans Saints-14-9 (5-8)+15000
25.Arizona Cardinals-14-8 (6-6)+70000
26.Atlanta Falcons-25-8 (7-6)+25000
27.Indianapolis Colts-24-8-1 (5-8)-.5+100000
28.Carolina Panthers-2.54-8 (6-6)+25000
29.Denver Broncos-33-9 (4-8)-.5+100000
30.Chicago Bears-3.53-10 (4-8-1)
31.Los Angeles Rams-43-9 (4-7-1)-.5+80000
32.Houston Texans-7.51-10-1 (4-7-1)-.5

Tom is a Senior Writer at Fantasy Points who specializes in fantasy and betting analysis. He’ll be helping you to navigate the waiver wire and manage your fantasy teams while also keeping our betting content robust all year long, especially during the season. Tom's Best Bets against the spread won at 61.5% clip in 2019 and he was a perfect 8-0 on his Best Bets for season win totals in 2020.