Week 6 Injury Roundup


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Week 6 Injury Roundup

The following will be a quick-hitting recall of last week’s previous injuries with any tidbits of news or assessment that can be gleaned during the early stages of the week. This article exists to cover only new injuries as most weeks some player injuries end up slipping through the cracks or are just relevant enough to crop up in a meaningful way down the road. Later this week the Injury Report will be published that will include all player injuries new and old.

Miles Sanders- Knee

Sanders is slated to miss 1-2 weeks according to Chris Mortensen. This injury looked like a meniscus mechanism of injury meaning the primary issues are swelling and pain. If Sanders’ body can pump the inflammation out of the joint by Week 8, then he has a chance to play with a Toradol injection. Keep in mind this is a big if and Pederson will likely look on the rosy side of things all week long. Ignore him and instead monitor Sanders’ participation.

Joe Mixon- Foot

Well, the hope was to have more information by Tuesday but there’s been only radio silence. For now, no news is good news on the foot injury but continue to monitor what he does Wednesday and more importantly, Thursday and Friday.

Mark Ingram- Ankle

The “mid to high ankle” portion of this description definitely makes me chuckle. It’s like saying a player has a “low to mid leg hamstring strain”. Anyway, Baltimore has said this isn’t serious and the bye has come at the perfect time for Ingram. Nevertheless, players often miss two games even for a “mild” high ankle sprain. If nothing else, Ingram’s effectiveness and/or volume will almost certainly be capped and this could crack open the door for a certain rookie running back to make a statement.

Raheem Mostert- Ankle

Unfortunately Mostert will be placed on IR with a high ankle sprain and he’ll likely be out 3-4 weeks. With teammate Tevin Coleman “a long shot” according to Shanahan, it seems that the backfield will continue to be in disarray.

Zach Ertz- Ankle

Ertz suffered the dreaded high ankle sprain on Sunday according to Mortensen. This could be one reason Ertz has struggled this season but that would be a very generous benefit of the doubt for the almost-30 year old tight end. Now, some might believe that it’s time to pick up Dallas Goedert and those people would be right. However, remember that Goedert has been on the IR and a of Tuesday night, has not been activated. A Wednesday activation for a Thursday game seems like a reach and the right process move is to not expect Goedert to be active until after this week.

Jonnu Smith- Ankle

I said on Twitter that this injury doesn’t seem to be anything crazy serious. Additionally, Schefter also reported it’s minor. I would start Jonnu with an added hint of volatility this week.

Be on the lookout for the Injury Preview Published every week with a full blown injury update on all fantasy relevant players.

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