Week 13 Injury Roundup


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Week 13 Injury Roundup

The following will be a quick-hitting recall of last week’s previous injuries with any tidbits of news or assessment that can be gleaned during the early stages of the week. This article exists to cover only new injuries to fantasy-relevant players as most weeks some player injuries end up slipping through the cracks or are just relevant enough to crop up in a meaningful way down the road. Later this week the Injury Report will be published that will include all player injuries new and old. And remember- don’t over-react to the Wednesday practice report.

Running Backs

Antonio Gibson - Toe

Ouch. This one hurts for those managers who were smart and snagged him early. Gibby (can we call him that now?) was also on the injury report in Week 6 with this injury, so an exacerbation will almost certainly put him out for the next two weeks…at least. According to the data on NCAA athletes, the mean return to play time is 10 days. However, this data isn’t the most reliable because the population is different enough from a demographic standpoint and because the reporting in college athletics is scarce compared to the NFL. A more reliable number to use is 28, which is the median number of days missed by players with turf toe. As mentioned in this tweet, several skill players this year have suffered this injury missing anywhere from 21 to 49 days. Especially considering this is Gibson’s second go ‘round with this injury, it’s highly unlikely he plays next week or even the next. The prudent move from a planning perspective is to pretend he won’t be back at all and place him in the IR slot.

Early week chances he plays: < 25%

Ito Smith - Concussion

Smith was evaluated for a concussion on Sunday which is not good given his history of neck and head injuries. With Gurley’s knee acting up, it’s not a preposterous idea to pick up Brian Hill to fill the Gibson hole in your lineup. Of course, it would likely be much better from a volume perspective for both Smith and Gurley to sit, which isn’t out of the question as of today. It’s not a hard and fast rule, but typically if a concussion recurs within a calendar year, the concern is further trauma to the brain. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hill plays, but considering the highest re-injury risk for him is 10 days after the initial injury, the Falcons could sit him.

Early week chances he plays: 40-50%

Frank Gore - Concussion

Not that 12 team leagues are looking for an excuse to play a Jet in the playoffs, but if Gore can’t come back, Ty Johnson saw 22 totes in his stead on Sunday. Given that Gore’s last documented concussion was 2014, it’s possible he’s back by next week but as we know, brain injuries are much more complex than that.

Early week chances he plays: 51%

Wide Receivers

Laviska Shenault Jr. - Thumb

Shenault hurt his thumb on Sunday and didn’t return in the second half. Video analysis on this one is tough, but the most likely scenario is a smashed thumb or the same injury Jalen Reagor suffered earlier this year. If minor, he’ll tape it and be good to go on Sunday. Anything beyond a minor injury would require surgery otherwise he would risk future issues. As of now there are no other reports regarding the injury, so it’s impossible to make a prediction. Here’s the video.

Early week chances he plays: 50%

Tee Higgins - Hamstring

Apparently, Higgins suffered a tweaked hamstring at the end of Sunday’s game. It’s unknown the severity but the data shows a significant injury can cost players up to 13 days. Even if he plays, re-injury is possible.

Early week chances he plays: 50%

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