Caplan's Week 13 Insider Fantasy Notebook


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Caplan's Week 13 Insider Fantasy Notebook

Off the Injury Report For Week 13

Note: These players were listed on their team’s injury report for at least one week (week 12), but are not listed on this week’s injury report on any day (for an injury) this week.


Jared Goff/Lions (oblique) vs. Vikings: I know some of you in 2-QB leagues may be using Goff this week since he’s going up against the struggling Viking secondary.

He’s now off the injury report after missing a game with his injury and was listed with it for two weeks.

Running Back

Saquon Barkley/Giants (ankle) at Dolphins: I’m always waiting for my top players who are dealing with a lingering injury to exit the injury report. It’s more about peace of mind than anything else. I want to know that I can start the player without worrying about his availability for that particular week.

Well, it has finally happened with Barkley, as he’s off the injury report for the first time all season.

He was listed in weeks 1-6 (knee) coming back from his ACL injury and weeks 7-12 with his lingering ankle issue, but Barkley is finally off the injury report. So, hopefully he can progress as a runner and he did look really good on his 32-yard carry against the Eagles last week and was able to change direction quite well.

Damien Harris/Patriots (neck) at Bills: If you have had him on your team(s) over the last two years, you probably are aware that he’ll show up on the injury report from time to time.

This time, he was added to the injury report in Week 12 with the neck issue, but played and is now off the injury report.

Elijah Mitchell/49ers (rib, finger surgery) at Seahawks: One of the biggest surprises for fantasy football GMs this season, Mitchell has dealt with his share of injuries, but is off the injury report for the first time since Week 8.

Cordarrelle Patterson/Falcons (ankle) vs. Buccaneers: The darling for fantasy GMs this season, seemingly out of nowhere, Patterson missed one game with his injury due to playing on a short week, but is now off the injury report after a two-week stint on it.

T.Y. Hilton/Colts (toe) at Texans: The veteran pass catcher has been on and off the injury report quite a bit this season, but is off of it after dealing with his latest injury for just one week.

Wide Receiver

Darnell Mooney/Bears (foot) vs. Cardinals: From talking to the Bears about him since he was drafted, one of the things they have said is he’s a “baller” which means he wants to play and is very competitive. And he rarely misses practice, which is important to note as too many younger players don’t understand the importance of getting work in with the QB. That’s how you develop timing.

Mooney has been on the injury report on and off this season with lingering injuries, but has not missed a game and is off the injury this week after being on it with his latest injury for the past two weeks.

Marquise Brown/Ravens (thigh) at Steelers: The Ravens are one of the teams that won’t list a player with a hamstring injury. What they do is list him with a thigh injury so that the opponent can’t locate where the injury is. This has been going on for years.

In Brown’s case, he was listed on their injury report for back then “thigh” injuries for the past three weeks, but is now not listed with either.

Mike Evans/Buccaneers (back) at Falcons: He was only on their injury report for this injury in Week 12, but is now off of it.

Chris Godwin/Buccaneers (foot) at Falcons: I get preliminary injury reports from most teams after their games and typically 75% of the injured players are listed, but the missing 25% seem to show up on Wednesday’s report, which is the first official one for the Sunday games.

Godwin was not listed on their injury report coming out of their game before the bye, but showed up on it for the first practice back and didn’t practice much that week, which made some of you nervous who have him on their team. Well, Godwin played the week that he was first listed with this injury (10) and hasn’t missed any time and is now off their injury report.

Cole Beasley/Bills (ribs) vs. Patriots: Some people think he has not been as active in the Bill passing game due to his lingering injury.

That’s hard to evaluate, but Beasley is now off their injury report for the first time since Week 8.

Tight End

Rob Gronkowski/Buccaneers (back) at Falcons: He has been amazing of late and for the first time since Week 3 with either his ribs or back injury, which were both related as he suffered the broken ribs and back injury in the same game, he’s not listed on the injury report.

Hunter Henry/Patriots (neck) at Bills: Any time a player pops up on the injury report with a neck injury I’ll at least get a little concerned, but Henry first dealt with the injury last week and played and is now off the injury report entirely.