Fanball Week 2 Superflex Review


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Fanball Week 2 Superflex Review

We are once again working with our friends over at Fanball and the NFFC for the $4K SUPERFLEX Drive, which is a typical DFS contest but with a SuperFlex, so it’s a relatively unique way to play DFS.


I think this is a pretty cool little contest in general, but part of the appeal for our customers is they get a chance to compete against me, Joe Dolan, Tom Brolley, Graham Barfield, and Scott Barrett, and you can see our picks and processes each week.

This year, we promised to keep track of our standings each week and for the season. I planned on breaking balls in this article when I win, but I didn’t plan on breaking my own balls here. But here I am, doing just that. Out of all of the DFS lineups I’ve ever submitted, one of them has to be the worst, and that may have been last week’s lineup submitted by yours truly.

I was, though, happy to see all the other guys also crapped the bed, for the most part. For the second week in a row, congrats are in order for Joe Dolan, who barely finished in the top half of the whole contest, but who beat all our asses. Dolan got what he paid for (not much) in WR Cedrick Wilson and TE Dalton Schultz, and while no one went off, he got solid days from Christian McCaffrey, Najee Harris, and Keenan Allen, along with his two QBs Justin Herbert and Russell Wilson.

You know Week 2 was a bad week when our resident DFS maven, Scott Barrett, also got taken to the woodshed by like 90% of the other players in the contest. Scott’s team really wasn’t that bad (Justin Herbert, Chris Carson, Nick Chubb, Keenan Allen, and CeeDee Lamb), but he got hosed by going all-in on the Cowboys with Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper in his lineup and total of about 15 points.

As for Tom Brolley, he also got hosed by Dak Prescott and Cedrick Wilson, along with a piddly 7 points from Alvin Kamara. Justin Herbert, Keenan Allen, Nick Chubb, Kyle Pitts, and CeeDee Lamb were decent for Tom.

Last week’s winner, Graham Barfield, was right at the bottom of the barrel like I was, and he also got hosted by Dak Prescott and Cedrick Wilson (we don’t show each other our lineups, of course) along with Alvin Kamara and DeVonta Smith.

As for me, or as I’m starting to go by, the DFS Cooler, I did something I don’t think I could do again, I came in DEAD LAST in the contest. That is quite literally the opposite of what I’m supposed to do. I’m in a DFS slump dating back to last year, so combined with a crap week, my lineup was insanely bad. Special thanks to Dak Prescott, DeVonta Smith, Tyreek Hill, DeVonta Smith, and Tyler Higbee for their especially bad performances, and also to Marquez Callaway, who apparently stinks. I’ll give Javonte Williams a pass, but his 8.4 points also hurt me. Only Jalen Hurts, Najee Harris, and Nick Chubb were decent. Other than Calloway, all my players are good and had good matchups, proving that there’s a lot of luck involved in DFS.

Here’s our Week 2 staff finishes:
  1. Joe Dolan 409th
  2. Scott Barrett 746th
  3. Tom Brolley 778th
  4. Graham Barfield 787th
  5. John Hansen 832nd

Huge congrats to player @MrWhirly1120, who took down the Week 2 contest and turned a $5 investment into $750 with a lineup that consisted of Tom Brady, Kenny Gainwell, Derrick Henry, Jalen Waddle, Calvin Ridley, Tyler Lockett, Rob Gronkowski, James White, and Russell Wilson. Not an amazing lineup, but with two go-off guys in Henry and Lockett, it was enough for the overall win.

I personally guarantee that I will finish higher in Week 3, and if I do not, then that means that the world has ended because I quite literally cannot do any worse than Week 2.



This tournament has a guaranteed prize pool that will be paid out in full, even if the contest is not at capacity. Five contestants who beat all six of the experts in this contest will be eligible to receive a free one-year subscription to Winners will be notified after the conclusion of the contest.

  1. 1st $750
  2. 2nd $350
  3. 3rd $225
  4. 4th $155
  5. 5th $125
  6. 6th $100
  7. 7th $80
  8. 8th $50
  9. 9th-10th $40
  10. 11th-25th $30
  11. 26th-35th $20
  12. 36th-70th $12
  13. 71st-152nd $10
  14. 153rd-232nd $7.50

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