2021 Good Vibes/Bad Vibes


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2021 Good Vibes/Bad Vibes

For about 20 years now, I’ve been taking my vast experience and large base of knowledge in this space and combining it with my strong intuition and great contacts around the league as the starting points for my vibes on all the players and the teams. The final piece has always been the preseason games, which I’ve always felt were very important for some players (especially young players). But this year’s been weird in terms of how the teams are approaching the preseason games, with some clubs opting to sit their starters completely.

From an on-field perspective, we’re getting more information than 2020’s COVID-cancelled preseason, but less than pre-pandemic years, which is bad news. The good news is beat writers are more plugged in this year than last, so I’m using those contacts and getting more information from insiders. So I still feel good about all my positions on all the players, and I still feel good about my preseason vibes helping us get the answers to the test before the test (which starts Week 1).

I will update this article as things happen through Labor Day weekend, so check back often.

Here’s how I feel right now.

Note: Main paragraphs are from the original publication of this article on 8/18. Subsequent updates are below.

Arizona Cardinals

8/18 WRITEUP: Things have been quiet this month with this team, but the vibes have been very good on AJ Green, despite missing some time this summer with an undisclosed injury (he’s back). From all accounts, Green looks like AJG, so there’s excitement about him finally benefitting from playing second fiddle to a superior player in DeAndre Hopkins. This bodes well for Kyler Murray, obviously. Rookie Rondale Moore has definitely played very well and has been very active, also good news for Murray. I’m personally not high on Moore as a fantasy pick because I don’t see consistent production, but if he balls out and can score TDs, it would not be a big surprise if he was a fantasy force. Our Adam Caplan has confirmed that they do love him, even at camp’s end, which is a good sign. Not much going on at RB, with Chase Edmonds and James Conner looking like the 1A and 1B RBs, and which player is the RB1 in a given game or even quarter could change. But the word is Edmunds will handle more receiving work with Conner used more in the running game, as expected. Edmunds has bulked up a little, but he’s also focused on his receiving. I can’t say I love Edmonds, but I like him enough at his ADP to flag him as a target as a high-end RB3. Conner does little for me, but I always hate those boring vet Zero-RB types, and I’m not always right.

  • 8/31/21 Update: It’s actually a good vibe, since their secondary is going to be a mess early in the season, meaning these guys should run off a ton of plays while playing from behind and and they should pile up the fantasy points. I am dubious of Kyler Murray’s ability to stay healthy all year, but while healthy, Kyler is a compiler.

  • Good Vibes: AJ Green, Rondale Moore

  • Decent Vibes: Kyler Murray, Chase Edmonds

  • No Vibes: DeAndre Hopkins

  • Bad Vibes: None of note

Atlanta Falcons

There’s little to go off of based on the preseason, but I do talk to dialed in people around the Falcons and the vibes have been OK. There’s still concern about the play of the OL, which has been underwhelming for years, but it’s not without talent. But there’s optimism with new HC Arthur Smith. My vibe is Smith will do a good job utilizing rookie TE Kyle Pitts. The vibe on Calvin Ridley is good, for sure, he’s been special this summer. It does not appear anyone of note will challenge Mike Davis for snaps and touches, with Qadree Ollison as the main threat. So I’m holding steady on Ridley, Pitts, and Davis. I’m letting Matt Ryan go to someone else this year, though. For what it’s worth, we’ve all forgotten about Hayden Hurst, but he’ll probably still be one of their top four targets.

  • 9/4 UPDATE: We’ve updated projections to reflect the addition of Wayne Gallman, who should be the handcuff even though Cordarrelle Patterson is in the mix in the backfield. I think Gallman is comparable to Mike Davis as a player.

  • 8/30 UPDATE: Not much going on here, as they rested most of their starters in the preseason finale. Kyle Pitts did catch a nice 27-yard pass, but we’re kinda going into 2021 blind, other than knowing Calvin Ridley and Pitts are ballers.

  • Good Vibes: Calvin Ridley
  • Decent Vibes: Kyle Pitts
  • No Vibes: Mike Davis, Matt Ryan, Russell Gage
  • Bad Vibes: None of note
Baltimore Ravens

There’s not much to go off of from the preseason, since Lamar Jackson, Mark Andrews, and Marquise Brown haven’t played. The OL is still a concern, but the Ravens usually figure it out and a few key cogs are returning from injury, so they are not pushing it. From all accounts, outside of his COVID bout, Lamar has had a positive summer, and HC John Harbaugh seems very pleased with his showing. They’ve also dealt with a slew of injuries at receiver beyond Brown with Sammy Watkins, Rashod Bateman, Miles Boykin, and Devin Duvernay. I like Lamar less than I did a month ago, but I’m still signing off on him as a good pick around 50-60 picks into a draft. I still also like Andrews as a TE pick, and actually think Hollywood stands out with his ADP way down to WR49 at 110 overall. I have a good vibe on Brown still, but that’s mainly about his ADP drop (and also, I’ve liked him as a value all year). If Lamar is improved, Brown will benefit the most, especially since the other WRs have missed time and/or are inexperienced. JK Dobbins hasn’t done much this summer, but he’s been without his starting OL, and they’re not playing Lamar nor are they tipping their hands in the preseason, so it’s not time to worry about Dobbins.

  • 9/4 UPDATE: Late good vibes on Mark Andrews and Hollywood Brown, especially Andrews, but Brown has been practicing, so his vibe continues to improve.

  • 8/31 UPDATE: Obviously, the Ravens and their vibes took a big hit with the JK Dobbins injury. I am not all-in on Gus Edwards, especially since they will likely sign someone else at RB this week. Let’s see what the week has in store. I like where we have Gus as of today, at RB21. This injury may be decent news for Lamar Jackson’s passing volume, but no matter what, I love the vibe on Hollywood Brown, since he returned to practice and is VERY mispriced. Also, great vibe on Mark Andrews right now.

  • Good Vibes: Gus Edwards, Marquise Brown

  • Decent Vibes: Lamar Jackson

  • No Vibes: None of note

  • Bad Vibes: Rashod Bateman

Buffalo Bills

8/18 WRITEUP: They have been a well-oiled machine on offense in training camp, so even though Josh Allen and the key starters have not played in the preseason, the vibes are good. Devin Singletary, in particular, has looked better than expected. He’s moved up my board this month while Zack Moss has moved down, but it’s hardly over for Moss, so this backfield could be a pain in the rear again, especially if Matt Breida is going to get snaps and touches. They will play with a lot of 4-WR sets, so I can’t say I love their WRs, even Stefon Diggs, whose targets will likely drop from last year. Guys like Cole Beasley, Gabriel Davis, and Emmanuel Sanders are certainly worth a late flyer for depth, since they’re all going off the board 150+ picks in. Beasley, of course, is a COVID risk, so he cannot truly be counted on and should only be drafted as a deep backup. He’s already had a prolonged shutdown due to a close contact.

  • 9/4 UPDATE: I actually drafted Josh Allen in my #1 league, the ACI, at 52 overall. I wasn’t expecting to get him, but the value was too good to pass up because the vibes are too good with Allen. I’m actually thinking he may better last year’s insane numbers. I also drafted Gabriel Davis, who could be a major fantasy asset if they have even one WR injury.

  • 8/30 UPDATE: If felt like watching a workhorse RB get fed the ball to get his timing down for the season, but it was Josh Allen slinging it all over the field like a boss. I had mentioned above how the offense was a well-oiled machine in camp, and we got a glimpse of a confident Allen with a vast array of weapons. I’m not taking him because he’s expensive, but the vibes are outstanding with Allen. I can’t say they’re great for all their receivers, since they will spread the ball around, but I can’t say they’re bad for anyone. Gabriel Davis could be a guy I’m underrating due to their being only one football, but I have moved him up our rankings on 8/30. Also, it was nice to see Zack Moss score a receiving TD from Allen in the game, but we’ve discussed this backfield as a staff and we’re all thinking it’s the same old crap this year. It sure looks that way this summer and Moss has not taken control of anything.

  • Good Vibes: Josh Allen, Gabriel Davis, Devin Singletary

  • Decent Vibes: Zack Moss, Emmanuel Sanders

  • No Vibes: Stefon Diggs

  • Bad Vibes: Cole Beasley

Carolina Panthers

8/18 WRITEUP: They do have a problem at LT, which could derail things, but the vibes are solid overall. Their red zone woes have continued this summer, but it’s still clear to me this current regime has a good plan on offense with OC Joe Brady, and Sam Darnold has been showing well. They are loaded with weapons, and it’s also already clear that rookie WR Terrace Marshall is for real. I also really like rookie WR Shi Smith, who I’ve been intrigued with especially since Darnold is effective throwing inside. Smith could be Darnold’s new Jamison Crowder if he’s needed (he may not be this year). I will say, I’m worried about Marshall dipping into WRs DJ Moore and Robby Anderson’s target shares. I may pass on at least Moore at his ADP. Even TE Ian Thomas has shown signs of life, and rookie Tommy Tremble has flashed and made some plays, so their depth is really nice. Dan Arnold is balling as usual and he was the TE1. Rookie RB Chuba Hubbard fumbled in their game on 8/21, but has otherwise looked good in the preseason and has shown some juice. The technical backup I’m hearing may still be Rodney Smith, but I’d have to go with Hubbard if I wanted to handcuff Christian McCaffrey.

  • 9/4 UPDATE: They signed Royce Freeman due to his size and pass-pro savvy, but I’m still going with Chubba Hubbard as the handcuff to CMC.

  • 8/31 UPDATE: They cut Rodney Smith (at least for now), so things are looking better and better for Chubba Hubbard as the clear handcuff to CMC.

  • 8/28 UPDATE: I did list Sam Darnold as having good vibes, and they got better in the final preseason game. His mechanics were tight, and he was throwing some nice balls. He’s a tease because there’s a lot to like, so I did move him up one spot in our rankings. They do have a ton of weapons and OC Joe Brady is the man. Rookie WR Terrace Marshall is also the man, and he looked good yet again. He’s going to take away from Robby Anderson and DJ Moore, perhaps more than Curtis Samuel did last year.

  • Good Vibes: Sam Darnold, Terrace Marshall

  • Decent Vibes: Robby Anderson, Chuba Hubbard

  • No Vibes: Christian McCaffrey

  • Bad Vibes: DJ Moore

Chicago Bears

8/18 WRITEUP: The Bears aren’t easy to handicap as they work through their QB battle, deal with some OL issues, and barely play their key skill players at RB and WR. But, the vibe on Darnell Mooney continues to be outstanding, so he’s still my favorite breakout WR and value. My vibe on Allen Robinson is also fine, thanks to Justin Fields and the QB upgrades. It’s probably going to be a little ugly at times, and Andy Dalton could keep him at bay a little longer than I think (only 1-2 weeks). But my vibe on Fields is that he will have a successful rookie season with top-15 production at worst while he plays. I’m not big on David Montgomery, and Damien Williams is a guy I like late as a flyer. The OL issues are worrisome, but other than an injury scare two weeks ago, Montgomery has looked good and Fields will help once he gets into the lineup. I’m just not high on him. I have no real vibe on their TEs.

  • 8/31 UPDATE: Marquise Goodwin emerged as the #3 here, so I added him to our projections. He can still run and is a big play waiting to happen, but he’s a walking injury report. They are pretty thin at receiver now, which should help the target numbers for Darnell Mooney and Allen Robinson, and also Cole Kmet. You may not have noticed, but we’ve treated Tarik Cohen as if he was almost out of the league all year, and he has been placed on PUP, knocking out his first six weeks.

  • 8/30 UPDATE: No major updates after the finale, my vibe on Justin Fields and the rest of their key players is just fine. I don’t think Andy Dalton escapes September before losing the starting job, and I still think Fields could start as soon as Week 2.

  • Good Vibes: Darnell Mooney, Justin Fields

  • Decent Vibes: Allen Robinson, Cole Kmet

  • No Vibes: David Montgomery

  • Bad Vibes: None of note

Cincinnati Bengals

8/18 WRITEUP: Welp, I did talk to my guy Geoff Hobson of Bengals.com the other day and the longtime NFL reporter and journalist painted a relatively positive picture. Patience is needed this summer with Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase, and I’m not panicking. In fact, Hobson told me that Burrow has no restrictions with his surgically repaired knee, and that he now has confidence in that knee, which is big. The duo have been working their asses off, and they both want to be great, clearly. It’s a good sign that Burrow is playing in their final preseason game, even briefly. You have to brace for a slow start, but Joe Mixon and Tee Higgins are ready to go with good vibes. The vibes on the OL could be better, but they could be worse. They should at least be solidified at the tackle spots, but guard remains an issue. Rookie RB Chris Evans should make the team and depending on the final roster, should be a big-time sleeper if Mixon is out.

  • 9/4 UPDATE: Nothing’s really changed here, but the more times that passes leading up to the season, the better I feel about all the Bengals long-term - the main concern, as usual, is the shaky OL, but I don’t think it will be terrible.

  • 8/30 UPDATE: It’s still sketchy with Joe Burrow and also with Ja’Marr Chase. We did move Tee Higgins up on 8/30, but I’m still endorsing all key Bengals, Burrow and Chase included, at their ADPs, and despite the shaky vibes. These are bad vibes that are easily fixable with time, reps, games, etc.

  • Good Vibes: Tee Higgins, Joe Mixon

  • Decent Vibes: Joe Burrow, Ja’Marr Chase

  • No Vibes: Tyler Boyd

  • Bad Vibes: None of note

Cleveland Browns

8/18 WRITEUP: The Browns haven’t really played their guys, but our guy Adam Caplan was at their camp earlier this month, and I’m tight with some beat people there at practice every day. The vibes are good. That’s in particular for second-year man Donovan Peoples-Jones, who seems locked into the WR3 job. There are good enough vibes on Odell Beckham, as well (I still don’t expect to draft him, though, unless he plummets). My vibe on Austin Hooper is more than fine, but there’s also a very good vibe on backup TE David Njoku, who has been a tease, at best, up until now. He can line up outside if need be, and he is very talented, so if they can get something noticeable out of him this year, that would only help Baker Mayfield’s good vibe. But the Browns wanted to be a little more explosive and multiple this year, and they’re looking good for that. RB/WR Demetric Felton looks like a weapon they may use here and there, so hopefully he catches TDs for Baker.

  • 8/30 UPDATE: The vibes remain the same, and they are very good.

  • Good Vibes: Baker Mayfield, Donovan Peoples-Jones, David Njoku

  • Decent Vibes: Odell Beckham, Demetric Felton

  • No Vibes: Nick Chubb, Kareem Hunt, Harrison Bryant

  • Bad Vibes: None of note

Dallas Cowboys

8/18 WRITEUP: First of all, the Dak Prescott “report” from Adam Schefter was not a report, it was just a conversation Adam was having on ESPN, and it was simply an opinion that Dak may not be 100% all year. There’s nothing ominous with Dak, as Schefter confirmed to me on the radio on Wednesday morning (8/25). Adam’s point was simply that he’s not 100% healthy and might not be all year, but few NFL players are 100% during the season. This news, coupled with his lowered ADP, has me sticking with Dak on my target list, and Schefter himself had no qualms with that. I’m still willing to take him if he slips to the sixth round and I’m not loving the non-QBs on the board. Otherwise, the vibes are good with Ezekiel Elliott and CeeDee Lamb, and I think we’re OK with Amari Cooper. I also do like Michael Gallup quite a bit, and good vibes there as he’ll be moved around more this year, which is a contract year. The one guy I haven’t had a good vibe on is TE Blake Jarwin, who’s coming off a serious injury, and who will likely lose just enough snaps and targets to Dalton Schultz. (Of course, Dak hit Jarwin for a long TD in practice on 8/25). I do like Jarwin’s potential if he’s targeted a lot, and I would not be surprised if he’s a hot WW guy, but I do think you can take a better flyer for a TE2 in a typical 12-team draft.

  • 9/4 UPDATE: Dak says he’s good to go for Week 1, so while there’s some risk, I feel good about the overall vibes in Dallas.

  • 8/30 UPDATE: Hey, things could be looking a lot worse in Dallas, so we’ll take it and we’ll go in fairly blind with Dak knowing that if things go only relatively well, it’ll be pretty darn good. But despite the Dak situation, I’ve been able to maintain an overall positive vibe on the Cowboys, so let’s go.

  • Good Vibes: CeeDee Lamb, Ezekiel Elliott, Michael Gallup

  • Decent Vibes: Dak Prescott

  • No Vibes: Blake Jarwin

  • Bad Vibes: None of note

Denver Broncos

8/18 WRITEUP: The vibe I got the last couple weeks was that Teddy Bridgewater was going to win the QB battle, and the news came down before I could publish this article that he is, in fact, the starter. That alone makes the vibes solid at worst. I’d prefer an improved Drew Lock to win the gig, since he has upside and raises the ceilings of their players, but he didn’t perform well enough to get the nod. I’ve been hoping they go to Teddy if Lock doesn’t improve all summer because Teddy is an upgrade over the Lock we’ve seen, and Lock didn’t show improvement throughout camp. Teddy in as the starter means the vibes are good for Jerry Jeudy, who has flashed majorly this summer. There are incredible vibes with Jeudy, who is the #1 WR here in camp, something I’ve also stated on this site a while back. There’s not a great vibe on Courtland Sutton, who I’ll let pass since he doesn’t seem to be 100% yet, but he could be a solid pick at the right price because he’s very talented. Obviously, the vibe on KJ Hamler has been good, and we were way out in front of that one (he’s been dealing with a non-COVID illness recently). My vibe is certainly good overall on Javonte Williams, so it’s still all systems go with him knowing he may not light it up initially. I’d imagine Noah Fant will be just fine, so my vibe on him is fine. No vibe on Melvin Gordon, haven’t wanted him, but I suppose if he slips and I took Williams, I’d consider Gordon.

  • Good Vibes: Jerry Jeudy, KJ Hamler, Javonte Williams

  • Decent Vibes: Courtland Sutton, Noah Fant, Teddy Bridgewater

  • No Vibes: None of note

  • Bad Vibes: None of note

  • 9/4 UPDATE: I took Javonte Williams at 25 overall in my top league, an ultra-competitive 14-team league where everyone knows all my thoughts (SXM listener league). It was ballsy and a little risky, but I’m obviously feeling it.

  • 8/30 UPDATE: I’m certainly feeling better about Courtland Sutton, who did look very good in the finale, and I like the vibe on Javonte Williams with Melvin Gordon sitting out. Overall, pretty good vibes.

Detroit Lions

8/18 WRITEUP: There wasn’t much positive that came out of their second preseason game since they didn’t play their starters, but the vibes have been fairly decent here for our purposes. For example, their secondary once again looks bad, so Jared Goff will likely have to throw a lot more than they want. There’s optimism with their star-studded OL, and D’Andre Swift was back at practice last week, so he might be holding steady, since his ADP is dropping based on his groin injury and some comments from their meathead HC Dan Campbell about how he doesn’t know if Swift will be ready for Week 1. I think that’s more motivational, but who knows? I’m still willing to take Swift, especially in the fourth, but the vibes aren’t very good overall. The Lions will stink, so that’s always a concern. I do still like Jamaal Williams, who is at least a lot cheaper than Swift. If you take Swift, using a 9th or 10th round pick on Williams is still a good idea if you’re the handcuffing sort. If you don’t take Swift, Williams is a great target in that range for depth. I’ve liked Amon-Ra St. Brown as a deep sleeper since the draft, and we’ve projected him to lead their WRs in catches since early May. Now we’re in late August, I still feel good about that call, since the rookie has been really solid and has clicked well with Goff. Tyrell Williams did look good in the opener and he’s clearly entrenched as the #1, so I’ve given him some love while bailing on Breshad Perriman, who may not make the team. Of course, Tyrell was dinged up as of 8/25, so I’m not expecting pristine health. Also, I thought rookie RB Jermar Jefferson looked good in the second game, and he’s had a nice showing, so he’s going to be the #3 here and would have a chance at having fantasy value if Swift or Williams missed time.

  • 9/4 UPDATE: Our guy Adam Caplan talked to his Lions source late this week, and the report on D’Andre Swift was encouraging. He’s not out of the woods in terms of his injury concerns, but the reality with Swift is not matching the perception in the fantasy world. The reality is a little better than the perception.

  • 8/31 UPDATE: As I stated last week, Breshad Perriman wasn’t a lock to make the team, and he’s been cut, so good vibe still on Amon-Ra St. Brown and also Tyrell Williams, but also I have to give a nod to Quintez Cephus, who now may open the season as the #2 WR with Perriman out. I still like St. Brown the most for his upside. He’s lived in the slot this summer, but he’s very capable of playing outside. Williams is a great late pick for early in the season either as a trade away guy or just someone to hold down the fort with a large role. Relative to the cost in fantasy for all their players, the vibes are okay, but they are going to be a bad team.

  • Good Vibes: TJ Hockenson, Amon-Ra St. Brown,

  • Decent Vibes: Jamaal Williams, Tyrell Williams, Quintez Cephus, Jermar Jefferson

  • No Vibes: None of note

  • Bad Vibes: D’Andre Swift,

Green Bay Packers

8/18 WRITEUP: Pretty good vibes here. They are loaded at receiver, that is clear. What I don’t have is a good vibe on which receivers we want in fantasy other than the obvious Davante Adams and Robert Tonyan. The vibes on Tonyan have been very good, so we’ve moved him up despite the risk of serious TD regression. Clearly, there are plenty of options for Aaron Rodgers. I was told by someone who spent time at Packers camp that Marquez Valdez-Scantling was drawing a lot of praise, but that’s not enough to get me to back him, even though he’s cheap. He is viable in a 14-teamer or larger, though. MVS’ showing is enough for me to want to avoid their wideouts not named Adams, in smaller leagues. It was only four carries, but AJ Dillon looked monstrous and piled up 28 carries for 7.0 YPC in the second game. Luckily, he didn’t do anything noteworthy to push up his ADP but I’m officially begging everyone to draft him at his ADP of 95-100. His potential ROI, even if Aaron Jones is healthy, is fantastic. I’ve been harping on his receiving game and expected workload, and things are looking good in that regard, as he’s working a lot on the passing game in camp and doing well, and he caught his lone target in Week 1 and both of his targets Week 2. Unless rookie Kylin Hill makes this a three-man committee of sorts, it looks like Dillon could even catch 30-35 balls or more. I’m not worried about Hill, though, since Dillon is a volume player and they used a second round pick on him in 2020, so he’s going to play. They really do not want to overexpose Aaron Jones with much more than 200 carries. I do love Jones, by the way.

  • 9/4 UPDATE: Nothing to report other than my gut feeling on AJ Dillon continues to be out-of-this world good.

  • 8/31 UPDATE: I continue to have a good vibe on Marquez Valdes-Scantling, and the team thinned out its receiving corps a little with the final cuts. MVS is looking like the #2B receiver here for Aaron Rodgers, so he could be a steal late as hell (195 ADP).

  • Good Vibes: AJ Dillon, Robert Tonyan, Marquez Valdez-Scantling

  • Decent Vibes: Aaron Rodgers

  • No Vibes: Aaron Jones, Allen Lazard

  • Bad Vibes:

Houston Texans

8/18 WRITEUP: Absolutely horrible vibes all year, obviously. The only players I’ve been remotely interested in are late dart throw types in rookie receiver Nico Collins and slot man Keke Coutee, who I do think could be a sneaky WW pickup at some point. I don’t expect to draft Brandin Cooks this year, but he continues to chug along and put up numbers. I was a huge Cooks guy when he came out, I hung on too long, then I bailed… only for him to be pretty damn good the last two years after the fact. He’s just a player I’ve struggled to get a grasp on. I guess the vibe is good with Phillip Lindsay compared to where it was two months ago, when he was an afterthought. Lindsay is a guy who’ll at least have a prayer for fantasy with a lot of the early-down work. David Johnson does little for me at this point. Their TEs have been a fantasy wasteland, and it will continue this year.

  • 9/4 UPDATE: Screw this team.

  • 8/31 UPDATE: There’s nothing good to report here vibe-wise. In fact, they may be worse with Deshaun Watson speculation heating up and Watson likely remaining on the roster and made inactive each week. It’s already looking nuclear in Houston.

  • Good Vibes: Nico Collins

  • Decent Vibes: Brandin Cooks, Phillip Lindsay

  • No Vibes: Keke Coutee

  • Bad Vibes: David Johnson

Indianapolis Colts

8/18 WRITEUP: Welp, the vibes have been all over the map, and it’s a good thing I wasn’t doing this article three weeks ago, because I would have wasted a lot of time. Let’s just say the vibes could be a lot worse right now. One could even argue the vibes are good, which is incredible given the first reaction to Indianapolis’ most famous feet. Carson Wentz and LG Quentin Nelson appear to be on track for Week 1, which is great news for everyone involved, especially Jonathan Taylor. The vibes on him have been outstanding, by the way. I do have a good vibe on Michael Pittman for sure, and he’s stepped up big time this summer just like Taylor. Both players were two of my favorites from the 2020 class and both are looking good. I’m not expecting a bonanza with Pittman because they will run a lot and spread the ball around, but I do think he’s the #1 WR here. TY Hilton can still run, as he’s shown this summer, but he tends to take time to get on the same page as his QBs (like Andrew Luck and Philip Rivers) so I’d rather pass on him and possibly target him as a “trade for” guy during the season. I also do like Parris Campbell, and he’s avoided injury this summer, which is a win. He’s also looked good … because he is good. The Colts have not made a move at TE as of it, so it’s looking like it’s Jack Doyle o'clock. Former jazz musician Mo Alie-Cox will be a factor (again, they spread the ball around), but a healthy Doyle will catch 50+ balls, something done by only 14 TEs last season.

  • 9/4 UPDATE: It’s a rollercoaster ride, but we’re trending back to the positive side at least with these Colts.

  • 8/30 UPDATE: The TY Hilton injury is a buzzkill because they don’t have great WR depth, but it’s great for the Michael Pittman and Parris Campbell vibes, that’s for sure. Doesn’t hurt Jack Doyle, either, and will help Zach Pascal and Mo Allie-Cox. But it’s a moot point if Carson Wentz has trouble with close contacts or any other covid-related issue. It’s fair to say Wentz isn’t vaccinated, which means he’s a bigger risk to miss time, as he’s currently missing, putting his Week 1 status in question. Shakier vibes overall, so not great for Jonathan Taylor.

  • Good Vibes: Michael Pittman, Parris Campbell, Jack Doyle, Zach Pascal

  • Decent Vibes: None of note

  • No Vibes: Nyheim Hines

  • Bad Vibes: TY Hilton, Carson Wenz, Jonathan Taylor

Jacksonville Jaguars

8/18 WRITEUP: Ewwww. Not good vibes. If you notice, there was only one Jaguar on my list of 75 players to target in my Draft Plan article, and that player was Travis Etienne. I didn’t even love him, but I was willing to take him at his ADP, yet that leaves us with zero Jaguars on my list of targets. I was not against taking Laviska Shenault before the Etienne injury, but he was not a target. He’s still not a target for me, but his outlook improved due to the injury, for sure. Marvin Jones looks like the #1 here and Trevor Lawrence’s go-to guy. I know we all underrate Marvin every year, but I may do it again with the bad Jaguar vibes. Oh, and Marvin got dinged up last week (shoulder). I’m wondering if DJ Chark might end up being a value if his ADP plummets these next two weeks. He’s going to have to slip to 100-plus picks at this point for me to take a shot. The vibe certainly got good in a hurry for James Robinson this week. My initial feeling was he’s going to eat, and that is true. But Carlos Hyde is going to be a much larger factor than anyone was behind Robinson, so I’d be most comfortable taking him in the late third round with a RB need and the talent about to drop off a tier. As for Hyde, he’s suddenly very viable as a late-round flyer for depth.

  • 9/4 UPDATE: I continue to feel better about the Jags, but I’m also still not actively targeting any of their key players.

  • 8/30 UPDATE: The vibe certainly improved overall after their preseason finale, and the vibe on Laviska Shenault improved the most. The vibe for Carlos Hyde also improved, which means James Robinson’s vibe took a small but negligible hit from where it was a few days earlier.

  • Good Vibes: James Robinson, Laviska Shenault, Carlos Hyde

  • Decent Vibes: Marvin Jones, Trevor Lawrence

  • No Vibes: None of note

  • Bad Vibes: DJ Chark

Kansas City Chiefs

8/18 WRITEUP: I’m getting a weird vibe on the Chiefs in a Super Bowl hangover sort of way, but their OL has progressed well, which is huge. Of course, they could need time to gel. But overall, it’s mainly simply a question of health with these guys. If healthy, they’ll obviously be fine. I’ve been in on Mecole Hardman as a target this year, and I’m still in, but I’m not exactly expecting a breakout. Basically, he’s not very good, but he can fly and he’s going to get plenty of opportunities, so I still like him. It sure feels like people will be looking to pick up Byron Pringle on the wire this year, so if you dig deep, you might as well draft him. Hardman can’t be counted on, and neither can Demarcus Robinson. Clyde Edwards-Helaire is a tough call this year. I expected to be fully on board at a post-hype sleeper discount, but he’s still inside the second round (top-24), and I don’t find myself considering him around 20 overall, opting instead for JK Dobbins. But CEH could certainly bust out if his game is expanded in the passing game and he can do a little better in short yardage. I like Darrel Williams as a late pick, but Jerick McKinnon has been solid and has a good chance to make the team, making Williams a little less appealing.

  • 9/4 UPDATE: Continue to get a late and positive vibe on Byron Pringle.

  • 8/30 UPDATE: The vibe on Mecole Hardman isn’t great after the third game, and it did improve for Demarcus Robinson, not that he’s draftable. Jerick McKinnon’s vibe improved, which hurts Darrel Williams’ vibe a litte, but I still like Williams as a cheap RB depth pick.

  • Good Vibes: None of note

  • Decent Vibes: Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill, Clyde Edwards-Helaire

  • No Vibes: Byron Pringle

  • Bad Vibes: Mecole Hardman

Los Angeles Chargers

8/18 WRITEUP: The Chargers are tough for me because I like what they did on the OL, and I like the potential of some of their young players, but I’m not a believer in the new OC Joe Lombardi, who was fired the first and only time he ever called plays, and I do worry a little about things being a little tougher for Justin Herbert his second time around the league. Herbert will be OK, but he’s overpriced. I’m not a big Austin Ekeler guy in terms of taking him in the first round, but I certainly understand the PPR appeal. A good test of how good an OC is how he uses RBs in the passing game, and I’m skeptical of Lombardi. I’d take him in the second round in PPR, of course. I’d still look to rookie Larry Rountree as the best flyer behind Ekeler, but it will likely take him some time to earn playing time. Otherwise, it’s a backfield to avoid. I’ve liked Josh Palmer all along and he’s done really well and looks like their future starter once the disappointing Mike Williams departs as a free agent in 2022. The vibe is good on Donald Parham at TE, but we do have Jared Cook around and rookie Tre’ McKitty, so Parham is a potential WW guy only for most.

  • 9/4 UPDATE: Vibes are fine overall, but I’m still skeptical that Eckler and Herbert can produce well relative to their ADPs.

  • 8/30 UPDATE: Not much going on here, they rested most of their vibes. The RB spot behind/longside Austin Eckler is still a mess, but I still have a good vibe on Larry Roundtree.

  • Good Vibes: Donald Parham, Josh Palmer, Larry Roundtree

  • Decent Vibes: None of note

  • No Vibes: Justin Herbert, Keenan Allen, Austin Eckler

  • Bad Vibes: Mike Williams

Los Angeles Rams

8/18 WRITEUP: The vibe has been shaky in the LA backfield since the Cam Akers injury, but I did like the Sony Michel acquisition. I know his recent history isn’t promising, but he did play well last year and has looked good this year — and it wasn’t that long ago he was a really nice prospect coming out (2018). It was Adam Schefter who broke the news and Schefter came on my SiriusXM show an hour later on 8/25 and hinted that Michel could even be their lead back. The GM Les Snead said he adds a “flavor” to their running game. I think it could be a near-even split for snaps and touches, and I think Michel may be a better receiver. So I gotta say, I have bad vibes for Darrell Henderson and good vibes for the more affordable Michel. Otherwise, all my other Rams vibes are good with Matthew Stafford, Robert Woods, Cooper Kupp all looking good. I’m not “all in” on Tyler Higbee, that’s just not possible, but I do still appreciate his potential if active, so I will take him as an upside-oriented pick as opposed to a safe one. They have depth in Van Jefferson and speedy depth in DeSean Jackson, who can still run, and rookie Tutu Atwell, so they are loaded.

  • 9/4 UPDATE: Very good late vibe on all things Rams, especially Matthew Stafford. I am IN on Sony Michel, and if he’s talent 80-90 picks in a draft or later, I’m even more in

  • 8/31 UPDATE: The team released RB Xavier Jones, which has to be good for the vibe with Sony Michel. It is in my book. Damn good vibes all things considered with this team.

  • Good Vibes: Sony Michel, Matthew Stafford, Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods

  • Decent Vibes: Tyler Higbee

  • No Vibes: None of note

  • Bad Vibes: Darrell Henderson, Xavier Jones

Las Vegas Raiders

8/18 WRITEUP: The vibes are pretty good here. Our guy Adam Caplan has told me via team sources that WR Bryan Edwards has been one of their best players in camp and that everyone is excited and expecting big things. There’s a great vibe on Edwards, who is a great sleeper. His upside is limited in this run-heavy offense, but he could score 7-8 TDs at least. That comes with decent but not great vibes on Henry Ruggs, who might settle into being a better real-life contributor as a can-opener type than a huge fantasy contributor. Both Josh Jacobs and Kenyan Drake are decent picks at their ADPs, if not values, but this backfield is annoying. I can tell you via Caplan that Jacobs is expected to handle the bulk of the early-down work, so Drake won’t hurt Jacobs much. I don’t have either players as targets, but I’m OK with them and their vibes. Jacobs is better in non-PPR and Drake in PPR, of course. I’m still not very interested in Derek Carr, for what it’s worth, but he is emitting good vibes this summer. I’m fine with Darren Waller at his ADP, but normally default to RB-WR there at the 2/3 turn, and get my TE later. But the numbers back up going TE early.

  • 9/4 UPDATE: Still have a great vibe on Bryan Edwards. Per our guy Adam Caplan, the vibes are good on Josh Jacobs, but knowing them they’ll probably use Peyton Barber as their goal line back.

  • 8/31 UPDATE: I didn’t even mention John Brown in the first installment of this article because I knew he was possibly on his way out, and he’s out. That only helps the vibes for Bryan Edwards, but also Henry Ruggs.

  • Good Vibes: Bryan Edwards, Derek Carr

  • Decent Vibes: Henry Ruggs, Josh Jacobs, Kenyan Drake

  • No Vibes: Darren Waller

  • Bad Vibes: None of note

Miami Dolphins

8/18 WRITEUP: It’s not perfect here, but I’d lean on the positive side despite some concerns on the OL, the loss of Lynn Bowden, and some weird RB usage in the preseason. I’m a little higher on Tua Tagovailoa than the masses, and I can envision a surprisingly high number of TDs if things break well. I do have a good vibe on all his weapons, and Tua has overall played promisingly. Vibes are just fine on Jaylen Waddle and Mr. Flash Mike Gesicki, who is flashing again this summer. I’m still not calling him a breakout player, but I will take him if he’s a value. I also like DeVante Parker as a value this year, and I usually hate him. I was not in on Myles Gaskin this year, and I certainly don’t feel better about him in late August. The loss of Bowden does help, so Gaskin could still be a poor man’s Austin Ekeler with 200+ touches, which is pretty decent. But clearly, Malcolm Brown and possibly Salvon Ahmed look to be in the mix for snaps and touches.

  • 9/4 UPDATE: No changes.

  • 8/30 UPDATE: Despite some rumors surrounding Deshaun Watson, I have a good vibe on their offense and defense. Tua Tagovailoa’s margin for error isn’t great, but I think he’s going to play well this year. I have a good vibe on their passing game.

  • Good Vibes: Tua Tagovailoa

  • Decent Vibes: Jaylen Waddle, Mike Gesicki

  • No Vibes: Myles Gaskin, DeVante Parker

  • Bad Vibes: None of note

Minnesota Vikings

8/18 WRITEUP: The Vikings have been weird with the vibes due to the COVID talk and some scares, not to mention them missing #1 pick LT Christian Darrisaw with a second core-muscle surgery, and at this point he can’t be counted on early in the season. The vibes have not been good, and the OL is the biggest issue, but I’m not panicking because they haven’t played their starters, namely Dalvin Cook, Justin Jefferson, Adam Thielen, and also QB Kirk Cousins. Cousins will play in their final preseason game, but the others won’t, so we’re going in a little blind. As long as Darrisaw can actually play 14+ games this year, the vibes should be OK because these guys have all shown they can execute well in this offense. I do still like Irv Smith, even knowing he’s not going to get a lot of targets.

  • 9/4 UPDATE: Vibes are still sketchy here, but a guy like Adam Thelein may benefit from the Irv Smith injury.

  • 8/31 UPDATE: Not good. They won’t have their #1 pick LT Christian Darrisaw in the opener, and no one knows when he’ll even be able to play. Kirk Cousins has covid-related risk, and Irv Smith may miss up to two months. Maybe the defense will have to carry these guys this year, at least early. That is very possible, though. But offensively, the vibes are terrible. I don’t think Chris Herndon is going to be a savior, but we’ll keep an eye on him.

  • Good Vibes: None of note

  • Decent Vibes:

  • No Vibes: Dalvin Cook, Justin Jefferson, Adam Thielen,

  • Bad Vibes: Irv Smith, Kirk Cousins

New England Patriots

8/18 WRITEUP: The vibes are good here. It’s clear they will enjoy better QB play this year because either Cam Newton is much better, or because he’s replaced. Feeling the heat, Cam responded with his best day throwing the ball as a Patriot in the second game. But we’ll see if he can keep that up because it was against all backups and with his starting OL, and then he had his COVID-related mixup and Mac Jones shined in his place. Jones continues to look, in several ways, like the other guy from 20 years ago (and I mean from 20 years ago, not the guy he became). I still believe Jones will start 12 games or more, but it’s the Patriots so anything can happen. But long-term this year, it’s going to be Mac for sure. I think that bodes well for Damien Harris, whose TD potential skyrockets if Cam’s out of the lineup, and James White, since Mac is a better checkdown option, and both get helped by Sony Michel moving to the Rams. Rhamondre Stevenson looks like the real deal, but he’s really only a handcuff to Harris. Jakobi Meyers looks to be in good shape with either QB, since he clicks with Cam and will be just fine if it’s the accurate Jones. I was told earlier this month by a reliable source that the passing offense will be centered around Jonnu Smith, which I can see, but Myers has also been a guy I’ve been in on this summer.

  • 9/4 UPDATE: Very good vibes still on Mac Jones, Jonnu Smith, James White, Damien Harris, and also Jakobi Myers.

  • 8/31 UPDATE: Well, obviously the vibe got even better in a hurry with Mac Jones being named the starter and Cam Newton released. I basically called this 2-3 weeks ago, and as I covered then, it’s great news for Damien Harris, James White, Jonnu Smith, and probably also Cam’s guy Jakobi Meyers.

  • Good Vibes: Damien Harris, James White, Jakobi Meyers, Jonnu Smith, Mac Jones

  • Decent Vibes: Hunter Henry, N’Keal Harry

  • No Vibes: Nelson Agholor

  • Bad Vibes: None of note

New Orleans Saints

8/18 WRITEUP: Some of the worst vibes in the NFL this summer are emanating from the Big Easy, and none worse than Latavius Murray, who’s been sluggish all summer. He may not make the team, which would make Tony Jones a thing, and I think he will be a thing. I give credit to Jameis Winston for presumably beating out Taysom Hill, but Jameis doesn’t do much for me with Hill lurking and possibly vulturing TDs. If they pulled first-ballot Hall-of-Famer Drew Brees off the field for Hill, they will certainly pull Jameis. Jameis starting would be decent news for Alvin Kamara, and the cat’s out of the bag for our guy Marquez Callaway, whom we had ranked 25 spots over his ADP before his big game with Jameis. The vibes otherwise are not good for Adam Trautman, who will have to block more than expected, and Tre’Quan Smith, who’s missed most of camp. I will say that Smith’s ADP has been plummeting and it’s a long season, so he’s worth a flyer 175+ picks in for upside. I think Jameis clicks with him and he is talented, but he’s off the radar for most in 12-team leagues or smaller. The other guy who has made a splash has been WR/TE Juwan Johnson, who seems to be the more direct replacement for Jared Cook.

  • 9/4 UPDATE: No update of note.

  • 8/31 UPDATE: As expected, Jameis won the job, which does help Alvin Kamara’s vibe and helps it. The vibes otherwise are holding steady, and they did keep Latavious Murray around, so that’s good. There are still rumblings that Tony Jones could press Murray for time.

  • Good Vibes: Marquez Callaway, Juwan Johnson

  • Decent Vibes: Alvin Kamara, Jameis Winston, Latavius Murray

  • No Vibes:

  • Bad Vibes: Taysom Hill, Adam Trautman, Tre’Quan Smith

New York Giants

8/18 WRITEUP: Man, this team is tough to get a handle on, in part because they’ve had injuries and haven’t played their guys. I may be overreacting, but my position on the Giants all year was that I needed to see some damn good vibes, and we’re not seeing crap on that front. The vibes on Saquon Barkley are at least getting better and better, so I’m leaning positive there. I’m willing to take him, but it’s an upside-oriented pick with downside, so I’m more into Barkley if I’m intent to go for the jugular and risk downside. I’ve been out on Kenny Golladay all year, and he’s been out for almost all of camp, which is not good. I do have a good vibe on my guy Sterling Shepard, who once again should be active, productive, and is sneaky for fantasy. Daniel Jones loves throwing it to him, and should lean heavily on him and Evan Engram, at least early on. Engram has looked good again this summer, so while I don’t trust him, he’s a viable TE2 if he drops, as there is upside to be had here in his contract season. Just like the Giants, I needed to see progress with Jones, and we’re just not seeing it. And the OL still looks lame.

  • 9/4 UPDATE: Vibes still aren’t good, but they may be improving. I predicted Sterling Shepard would lead the Giants in catches almost two months ago, and now that’s a thing from their beat writers, so great vibes here. Evan Engram at least avoided PUP, and rookie Kadarius Toney, who I love as a dynasty guy, is working back into the mix, so the vibes aren’t cataclysmic.

  • 8/31 UPDATE: I’ve felt all summer that I needed to see good vibes from the Giants to be even somewhat invested in them - and it’s been the opposite. Granted, Daniel Jones didn’t have most of his skill players, but their OL looked bad, Evan Engram got banged and will be questionable for Week 1, and we still don’t know about Saquon Barkley availability for Week 1. Barkley may be okay, but the OL has looked bad and it’s mostly bad vibes.

  • Good Vibes: Sterling Shepard

  • Decent Vibes: Saquon Barkley

  • No Vibes: None of note

  • Bad Vibes: Daniel Jones, Kenny Golladay, Kadarius Toney, Evan Engram

New York Jets

8/18 WRITEUP: It’s a mixed bag in that the vibes on QB Zach Wilson and WRs Corey Davis and Elijah Moore are mostly good, but the OL is dragging everyone down. I’m more than fine with our rankings for these guys, though, and they are priced appropriately. I love Moore and will take him in every draft in the 12th round, even knowing he may not be startable for a month or two. I’ve warmed up to Davis based on his great showing this summer, but I’m not aggressively targeting him. In fact, I’ll take Moore over him even though I think Davis is a lot safer. The tough call here is RB Michael Carter, who has been kind of buried this summer. But he has looked good when given action, and I still think he’ll lead this backfield in touches, so if he slips a little, I’d feel good about drafting him. I just don’t want to have to count on him the first month or two of the season. It looks like Tyler Kroft is the TE to get here, but you probably don’t want a Jets TE. The vibes could be better here, but they could be worse.

  • 9/4 UPDATE: No update of note.

  • 8/31 UPDATE: I guess the vibe is good for Tyler Kroft. He was considered a solid prospect coming out of college way back in 2015, but he’s all they have and Zack Wilson is all about those inside throws.

  • 8/28 UPDATE: The vibes on Michael Carter continued to get worse, as he continued to play behind Tevin Coleman and Ty Johnson. It’s a concern because you don’t want to overpay for a guy who won’t be worth starting early in the season, but I’m sticking with Carter as a good value because I’m looking at the whole season, and he should still lead their backfield in touches.

  • Good Vibes: Elijah Moore, Corey Davis

  • Decent Vibes: Zack Wilson, Michael Carter

  • No Vibes: Jamison Crowder

  • Bad Vibes: None of note

Philadelphia Eagles

8/18 WRITEUP: The Eagles aren’t an easy team to wrap your head around, since it’s a new regime and offensive system, but the vibes have been decent overall. That starts with the health of their OL, which is good right now and hugely important. I was concerned about Jalen Hurts early on in camp, but his solid showing in the opener helped, as has the other positives, like the health of the OL, the debut of DeVonta Smith, the emergence of WR Quez Watkins, and the continued presence of TE Zach Ertz, who looks good this summer. The continued Ertz presence is a bad vibe for Dallas Goedert, so it’s hard to handicap Goedert, who has looked great this summer and is due an extension but has to deal with unexpected competition for targets. The vibes are good for rookie #1 pick Smith, who returned quickly from his knee sprain and who flashed quickly with his get off the line, and his ability to separate with route quickness. Miles Sanders’ vibes have probably been more good than bad, but based on the presence of Jordan Howard and rookie Kenny Gainwell, I’m a little concerned Sanders won’t get goal-line carries and his target number will be underwhelming. Of course, his ADP has also dropped, so I’m still signing off on him at his ADP, which is now a fourth round pick. He’s definitely shaky, though, so expectations should be lowered a little from where they have been with Sanders. Also, with fellow second-year man Quez Watkins continuing to make plays, I’ve moved off Jalen Reagor. I’ll take him if he slips, but even at his 145 ADP I’m not that into him, which is a bad sign. He’s very up-and-down, and probably won’t get a ton of opportunities if Ertz is around and the RBs catch passes. And especially if Watkins commands snaps and touches.

  • 9/4 UPDATE: Bad vibe on Dallas Goedert because it’s a good vibe with Zack Ertz seemingly sticking around all year. That makes the vibe for Jalen Hurts and the whole offense pretty good. The health of the OL is great, and that’s a huge plus.

  • 8/31 UPDATE: Vibes improved for Miles Sanders with Jordan Howard getting released, and they also improved for Quez Watkins with Travis Fulgham and John Hightower getting released. Solid news and solid vibes here.

  • 8/28 UPDATE: I’d be lying if I said the addition of Gardner Minshew didn’t sit well with me, but I do think Jalen Hurts can handle any pressure that comes if he struggles, and you’re taking him for his upside, which is unchanged, at least for the short term early in the season.

  • Good Vibes: Quez Watkins, Kenny Gainwell

  • Decent Vibes: Jalen Hurts, Miles Sanders, Zach Ertz

  • No Vibes: None

  • Bad Vibes: Dallas Goedert

Pittsburgh Steelers

8/18 WRITEUP: We can’t escape the concerns with their revamped OL, but I continue to look into whether or not anyone is panicking, and I’m not seeing panic, so that’s good. Najee Harris so far is exactly what we thought he’d be, so good vibes here. I do love Chase Claypool and Diontae Johnson as WR2s in the fifth round and have good vibes there. The vibe on Ben Roethlisberger is holding steady — his arm looks OK, but he’s still only a lower-end QB2. But he does have a ton of weapons, including rookie TE Pat Freiermuth, who looks like a future star. Freiermuth could ruin Eric Ebron, so little interest there, and Freiermuth could be a top-12 TE in 2022, so get him in dynasty.

  • 9/4 UPDATE: No update of note, but the vibes are still positive overall.

  • 8/31 UPDATE: They ended up keeping both Benny Snell and Kalen Ballage, but the guy who will get some touches around Najeh Harris is Anthony McFarland. I’d still go with him as the handcuff.

  • Good Vibes: Chase Claypool, Najee Harris, Pat Freiermuth

  • Decent Vibes: Diontae Johnson, Ben Roethlisberger

  • No Vibes: None of note

  • Bad Vibes: None of note

Seattle Seahawks

8/18 WRITEUP: It’s been quiet in Seattle this summer, and we’ll be checking in on them next week once the preseason is over to get the final word on their players. But there’s not much to really check in on with stable options like Russell Wilson, DK Metcalf, Tyler Lockett, and Chris Carson. I don’t find myself actively targeting anyone here, but I’m willing to take any of those guys if they make sense. I do want to push Rashaad Penny as a good stash-and-hope option, and I have and will continue to, but his appeal would be higher if DeeJay Dallas wasn’t around. Dallas has had a very nice summer. Gerald Everrett is a tough call, but I’m leaning to the negative side. He’s been a tease, and Seahawk TEs have been teases. He will help them, but he’ll be volatile for fantasy.

  • 9/4 UPDATE: At this point, the vibe has to be good with Gerald Everett, since it looks like he’s the only new receiver here who will contribute early in the season, and they desperately needed another receiver to contribute last year.

  • 8/31 UPDATE: They keep Rashad Penny and Alex Collins, along with Deejay Dallas, so this backfield is a mess if Chris Carson is out.

  • 8/28 UPDATE: This backfield behind Chris Carson could be a pain in the rear if Rashad Penny doesn’t get his act together, since Alex freakin Collins is in the mix, and DeeJay Dallas is improved.

  • Good Vibes: Gerald Everett, DeeJay Dallas

  • Decent Vibes: None of note

  • No Vibes: Russell Wilson, DK Metcalf, Tyler Lockett, Chris Carson

  • Bad Vibes: None of note

San Francisco 49ers

8/18 WRITEUP: Good vibes here this summer, but the QB situation is a tough one. Trey Lance is ridiculously talented, but he’s a wild stallion, so it’s hard to figure when he’ll get his chance. I’m leaning toward it coming later than most think still, and Jimmy Garoppolo’s play and their W/L record has a lot to do with how this shakes out. No matter what, I like both WRs Brandon Aiyuk and Deebo Samuel, and I’m kind of feeling George Kittle’s health is being less of an issue, at least in part to his lack of work last year, which should help. Rasheem Mostert has been banged up for months, and this week he popped up with a back issue, which makes me like Trey Sermon even more. They can sign anyone and he’d produce, but Sermon does stand out to me as a really nice value and a guy who’s under the radar.

  • 9/4 UPDATE: Can’t say the vibe is great on Trey Lance, who really doesn’t look ready to play. I do have a good vibe overall on the 49ers, but the QB situation is really tricky. So the vibe on Jimmy Garoppolo is pretty decent. I’ve been on Team Justin Fields in terms of the cheat code QB bargains. I think with Lance, at this point, I’m looking at him as a better trade target in-season.
  • 8/30 UPDATE: Uh, oh. I actually mentioned the possibility of the 49ers going with a little bit of a platoon system with a “Lance Package” and now that’s a real possibility. It does not help the vibes of either player. Maybe it helps Jimmy G a little, but it does disrupt the plan for all the Lance fans out there. I’m a fan of Lance and his potential, but I have been more on the “there’s no rush” side of things. It’s not great, and it makes Justin Fields stand out more as the late cheat code QB to get, which he has always been for me in redraft for 2021.

  • Good Vibes: Trey Sermon, Deebo Samuel, Brandon Aiyuk, George Kittle
  • Decent Vibes: Trey Lance/Jimmy Garoppolo
  • No Vibes: None of note
  • Bad Vibes: Raheem Mostert
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

8/18 WRITEUP: When you’re running it back with everyone from your championship (and then some) and have Tom Brady and HC Bruce Arians leading things, the vibes have to be good. Gio Bernard will make their passing game even better, so they are loaded. I really don’t love Chris Godwin and Mike Evans at their ADPs, but I will take my guy Godwin still. I actually love Antonio Brown, by far the cheapest of the three. As good as the vibes are, I’m not that interested in many of their players, in addition to Evans and Godwin. Leonard Fournette, Ronald Jones, and Rob Gronkowski are picks I have not made this summer. But the vibes are good.

  • 9/4 UPDATE: Incredible vibes.

  • 8/30 UPDATE: Damn good vibes! Wow, barring a surprise cut, things are looking good.

  • Good Vibes: Tom Brady, Gio Bernard

  • Decent Vibes: Chris Godwin, Mike Evans, Antonio Brown

  • No Vibes: Rob Gronkowski

  • Bad Vibes: None of note

Tennessee Titans

8/18 WRITEUP: We have a COVID issue here, so the vibes aren’t great. I’ve had a bad vibe all summer, actually. It’s not any one thing that has gone down this summer, either. The loss of OC Arthur Smith along with TE Jonnu Smith and Corey Davis concerns me because this is a terrible receiving corps if Julio Jones misses time, and we know he misses time. I don’t like their projected win total of 9 for Derrick Henry, so I’m passing on Henry, who literally does only half as well when they lose. I’m also passing on Ryan Tannehill at his ADP. I could obviously be wrong, but I have every Titan player of note ranked below his ADP. I don’t even know what to do with Anthony Firkser!

  • 9/4 UPDATE: No real change, but Darrynton Evans is on IR, so bad vibes there. Jeremy McNichols will hold some value for those in 30-team leagues.

  • 8/31 UPDATE: I personally still have a shaky or bad vibe, and Ryan Tannehill’s covid scare doesn’t help. I was surprised rookie WR Dez Fitzpatrick got cut, but he could still be in their plans.

  • Good Vibes: None of note

  • Decent Vibes: None of note

  • No Vibes: Ryan Tannehill, AJ Brown, Julio Jones, Derrick Henry

  • Bad Vibes: Josh Reynolds

Washington Football Team

8/18 WRITEUP: Overall, the vibes are quite good. Good signs for our guy Antonio Gibson this summer in terms of his usage (his third down work should increase as the season progresses). Good vibes on a few plays Logan Thomas has made in games and his good showing in camp. Always good vibes with Terry McLaurin. Good vibes with Ryan Fitzpatrick, as well. I don’t have a great vibe on Curtis Samuel this year, as he’s missed a ton of camp, but he’s certainly capable of helping the offense majorly.

  • 9/4 UPDATE: Still good vibes, still GREAT vibes on Antonio Gibson, Do not let him slip past 12 overall, please. Thanks.

  • 8/31 UPDATE: I have loved Jaret Patterson this preseason and we have had him ranked over Peyton Barber all month based on the rookie’s showing in camp, and now he’s the handcuff for Antonio Gibson (Barber could always be re-signed, keep in mind).

  • Good Vibes: Antonio Gibson, Logan Thomas, Terry McLaurin, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Jaret Patterson

  • Decent Vibes: Adam Humphries

  • No Vibes: Curtis Samuel

  • Bad Vibes: None of note

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