Week 13 Card Market


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Week 13 Card Market

I don't think there has ever been a wilder week of Football than Week 12 of the 2020 Season. The Broncos lost their entire QB Room 24 hours before the game, and were forced to start a practice squad WR at QB. In the same game, their opponents were starting a "tight end" at QB. The Ravens vs Steelers was postponed 3 times, and ended up playing on a Wednesday afternoon, because of a tree lighting ceremony.

With how wild the 2020 season has been, those 2 crazy things, don't really seem that crazy. With all the abnormality that was week 12, let's get to something that's now normal and see who was hot this week.

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Who's Hot?

Antonio Gibson
2020 Mosaic

Every year, a couple rookie RBs break out, and this year is no different. The only thing that's somewhat unexpected are who those breakout rookies were. I think the consensus preseason was that Jonathan Taylor and Clyde Edwards-Helaire were the RBs to have. But in reality, it's been James Robinson and Antonio Gibson.

This past week was no joke for Gibson. 20 carries for 115 yards and THREE TDs. On top of that, he caught 5 balls for 21 yards. If you started him in fantasy you're loving him right now. If you bought his cards in mid-November, you're loving him even more.

Since Mosaic was released his prices are up 300%. If the Redskins can keep winning and make it into the playoffs, we could see his prices rise even more. Gibson is a fun player to watch on a less than exciting offense.

D.K. Metcalf
2019 Prizm

I don't think any player has captured more fantasy football players and card investors, hearts more than DK Metcalf this season. Week after week he's putting up borderline video game numbers, and making spectacular plays. People are starting to draw comparisons between him and Calvin Johnson.

Metcalf is up a staggering 1100% since the beginning of the season. Those are increases you usually only see from QB's in years past. At this point, I think Tyreek Hill is the only WR who's Prizm RC is selling for more. Michael Thomas is up there too, but his arrow is pointing in the wrong direction at this point. Seeing this kind of jump makes me very excited about the future of the football card market. And who knows, this might not even be his ceiling.

Jalen Hurts

All aboard the hype train! The worse Wentz plays, the more Hurts rises. Which makes sense, to an extent. He's borderline priced to perfection and he hasn't even started a game yet. To me, the risk/reward ratio at this point is too far on the risk side, that I don't really want anything to do with Hurts cards.

Buy Low Candidates

Terry McLaurin
2019 Prizm

Terry McLaurin is flying under the radar this year. He's top 5 in receiving yards and targets, from a carousel of bad/mediocre Q's. He's on his way to becoming Allen Robinson 2.0. Putting up good numbers with some not so good QB's throwing him the ball. Also holding him back is playing for the Washington Football Team. Besides the 72 fans of the franchise, who else is watching those games?

He's almost topped 1,000 yards on the season through only 11 games. Picking up McLaurin now probably wouldn't be for a quick flip, unless the Redskins make it to the playoffs this year. Picking his cards up now and hoping he eventually gets a good QB to throw it to him is the play here.

Keke Coutee
2018 Prizm

I was buying Keke up before the season. I like the player, and his stuff was CHEAP. What I didn't expect was him to see such few snaps to start the year. I guess, in reality, what I didn't expect was for Fuller to stay healthy up until this point. The irony of the situation is the substance that kept him on the field this far into the season is what's taking him off the field for the rest of the season.

I'm not sure he's just going to get all of Will Fuller's targets going forward, but I do think he can get enough work the rest of the season for his cards to rise from where they already are. He's a low-risk player and honestly qualifies for balling on a budget, but the player in that category this week is even cheaper than Coutee.

Dak Prescott
2016 Optic

I think Dak is far enough removed from his injury that he's out of sight, out of mind at this point. I think Dak is coming back next year, even hungrier than he was this year. Trying to prove he's healthy and worthy of a new big contract.

At peak, Dak's Optic RC was selling for around $75. And if he would have kept playing the way he was, they would have gone higher in my opinion. So we know the ceiling is at least $75, and right now, on Starstock, they can be had for around $30, even cheaper on other platforms.


Devontae Booker
2016 Optic

I didn't expect much when the Raiders signed Booker. Honestly, I kind of expected him to be cut by the time the season started, or if anything he'd be the RB3 behind Jalen Richard. Clearly, I was wrong, because Booker has filled in very well when Jacobs needed a rest. He has been coming in pretty much every 3rd possession by the Raiders this year. And has been doing surprisingly, to me at least, well.

I'm trying for a quick flip here. He's arguably the number one waiver wire pickup this week, with Josh Jacob's out. I'm trying to catch that lightning in a bottle this week and hopefully sell after their game Sunday. I'm not sure what Booker’s future holds so you probably want to get out as soon as possible.


2020 Panini Prizm

Hobby Configuration: 12 cards per pack, 12 packs per box. On average, each box will have: 2 Autographs, 9 #'d Prizms, 2 Silver Parallels, 4 Inserts, and 24 Rookies. Boxes are going to be in the neighborhood of $1,000.

THIS IS NOT A DRILL! The product I've been talking about since I came to Fantasy Points, is finally here. Check your Walmarts, Target, Meijer's, anywhere you've ever seen cards to see if you can find some. Right now blasters are selling for $75-100 on the secondary market. So even if you don't want to open them (Shame on you) you can at least triple your money just by selling sealed. Keep in mind prices on singles are likely going to come down in a few days (supply and demand) so if you find any and rip it open, make sure you're moving them immediately to maximize those profits. And in the same vein, if you want to stock up on Prizm cards of this year's draft class, wait. I cannot stress this enough. Buy them during the offseason, that's when they will be at their lowest.

If you are interested in learning about cards, reach out in discord. I'm there to answer any questions you may have about the hobby.