Fantasy Points Dynasty League Draft


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Fantasy Points Dynasty League Draft


Hello folks. We started a new website this year, so we figured that a new, startup dynasty league would be a great way to give the people some content. We tend to think a Dynasty Top 200 Cheat Sheet is hard to implement — different, viable strategies can be executed in a startup league. Do you want to prioritize win-now or the long run? Do you want to try a balanced approach? It’s hard enough to come up with a set of positional dynasty rankings given those parameters, let alone mixing positions.

So instead of a no-context cheat sheet, the staff here at Fantasy Points chose to hold a startup draft, with a mix of personalities and strategies that we’ll document here. Our staff will be blogging thoughts at the end of each round.

For content purposes, we’re keeping this pretty basic and universal — no crazy roster restrictions or scoring, and no superflex. The scoring is PPR with 4-point TD passes and -1 for INTs and fumbles. We have NO KICKERS OR DEFENSES. Standings during the season are determined by “victory points.” We have a weekly head-to-head matchup for each team, but owners also can earn a “victory” by finishing in the top half of the league in scoring for a particular week (we think this is a great way to keep the head-to-head element alive in fantasy football — it’s the most fun way to play — while also increasing “fairness”). Therefore, if an owner wins his or her H2H matchup and posts a top-six total score in the league any given week, that owner is awarded 2 victory points. Therefore, it’s possible to be incredibly unlucky and lose every H2H matchup but still finish with 14 VPs with exclusively top-six finishes. The maximum number of victory points an owner can accrue is 28 — 14 H2H wins and 14 top-six scores. We have a four-team head-to-head playoff bracket beginning in Week 14.

The full starting lineup is 10 players: 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 4 RB/WR/TE FLEX. Players can build their teams however they want with the four FLEX spots, though superflex (allowing for a QB) is not implemented. We have 9 bench spots and 3 IR positions (with players required to be out or on IR to use an IR spot — suspensions don’t count).

The 19-round slow email draft began on Wednesday, May 20. As with most dynasty leagues, the 2020 startup draft will be a snake draft. The 2020 draft order was determined randomly. Further drafts, starting with the 2021 rookie draft, will be shorter and will be NFL Draft style — 1-12 and then 1-12, with the worst record drawing the 1.1, 2.1, 3.1, etc. picks.

Trades of draft picks in the league ARE allowed and encouraged: owners can trade any of their 2020 draft picks to move up or down, and they can also trade draft picks up to two years in the future as well. Rookie drafts will be five rounds starting in 2021.

Waivers will run weekly and will use a free-agent auction budget (FAAB) system. We have set up blind-bid waivers on a weekly interval, starting July 15 and carrying every week through the NFL season.

  • Joe Dolan, Fantasy Points Dynasty League commissioner

Draft Order

  1. Paul Kelly
  2. Dr. Edwin Porras
  3. Tom Brolley
  4. John Hansen
  5. Jules McLean
  6. Joe Dolan
  7. Scott Barrett
  8. Adam Caplan
  9. Justin Varnes
  10. Graham Barfield
  11. Ben Kukainis
  12. Tom Simons

Round 1

1.011Paul KellyChristian McCaffrey (RB, Car)Not much of a decision here. As the Guru and I discussed on SXM Fantasy Football Morning, we considered Barkley at #1 for a fleeting moment...but then cooler heads prevailed. CMC should be the top pick in every dynasty draft.
1.022Dr. Edwin PorrasSaquon Barkley (RB, NYG)Aside from the obvious 1.01 being off the board: Genuine generational talent, a healthy ankle, and an irrational coaching staff that insists on feeding Barkley makes him a smash 1.02 for me.
1.033Tom BrolleyMichael Thomas (WR, NO)I hated drawing the #3 pick with a bit of a dropoff after CMC and Saquon. I grabbed the no-doubt #1 WR in the league right now who is just 27 years old, but I’m worried I’ll be struggling at RB when I’m back on the clock at 22nd overall.
1.044John HansenEzekiel Elliott (RB, Dal)I wasn’t doing cartwheels after this pick, since Zeke has already handled over 1350 touches, but the man is just 24 years old as of today (25 in July). If I can get three top years from him, I’m fine with that, and he’s obviously more proven than some of the younger backs taken in this round. He’s also in an absolutely loaded Cowboy offense, so I can see his carry totals dropping a bit to keep him fresh - and his TD numbers to rise.
1.055Jules McLeanClyde Edwards-Helaire (RB, KC)Unlike John, I am doing cartwheels over my pick! Sling all the over-hyped bullets you want folks, I’m standing tall on this one. Great landing spot, QB lobbied for him and not only gets the wisdom of Andy Reid, but Eric Bieniemy. There was zero chance CEH would be there in the 2nd round, so I pulled the trigger and got my guy!
1.066Joe DolanAlvin Kamara (RB, NO)Before Jules made her pick, there was some brief discussion with Scott Barrett about a deal here — I can already tell Scott is going to work the phones like crazy. I opted to stay put because I knew I’d get either Kamara or Dalvin Cook. Jules shocked me by taking CEH, and I had my pick of the litter. I went with the guy in the better offense.
1.077Scott BarrettDalvin Cook (RB, Min)Was hoping for Kamara here, but Cook is a fine constellation prize.
1.088Adam CaplanMiles Sanders (RB, Phi)It was either Sanders or Mixon for me..I went with the RB in a much better situation (QB, OL, playcalling, HC). Sanders has a very good chance of being a top-5/7 RB for years to come in PPR leagues due to his versatility and the way the coaches will use him.
1.099Justin VarnesJoe Mixon (RB, Cin)With the run on top-end RBs, I was hoping either Sanders or Mixon would fall to me before the run ended. I think Mixon is undervalued at his ADP, thanks to his poor 1st half last season. I want one of the handful of foundation backs, and at 23, I think he’s got RB1 potential for the next several years. He’s got a legit shot at 280-300 carries and 50 grabs a season.
1.1010Graham BarfieldDavante Adams (WR, GB)Still only 27-years-old, Adams has the potential to be the fantasy WR1 over the next 2-3 years. Was on pace for 170 targets in 2019 (missed four games) after seeing 169 targets the year prior (played 15 games).
1.1111Ben KukainisJonathan Taylor (RB, Ind)Was hoping Sanders, Mixon, or Davante would fall, but alas… I opt for JT, who will certainly be in some semblance of a committee to start but is the superior talent in the Indy backfield, not to mention Mack is in the final year of his contract.
1.1212Tom SimonsJosh Jacobs (RB, LV)Wanted Jonathan Taylor, but settled on 2nd year Jacobs in improving Raiders’ offense. Shoulder is a concern but he played through injury in 2019.

Round 2

2.0113Tom SimonsDeAndre Hopkins (WR, Ari)So hard to not pick Patrick Mahomes here, especially with Hopkins entering 8th year. Love Hopkins landing spot and feel he has 3-4 more years in him.
2.0214Ben KukainisNick Chubb (RB, Cle)I overthought this for a minute, and while Chubb’s passing game usage was stunted when Hunt returned from suspension, he’s still averaging 5.1 YPC for his career, and Hunt will be a UFA next year.
2.0315Dolan (from Barfield)Chris Godwin (WR, TB)I moved up four spots to take someone who probably should have been a first-round pick. Just 24 and spending the next two seasons with Tom Brady, Godwin has 100-catch upside. He’s young and an immediate impact player. It doesn’t have to be either-or. It was worth moving back 15 spots from 4.07 to 5.10 to make this move.
2.0416Justin VarnesTyreek Hill (WR, KC)Joe made it an easier decision: I was split on Godwin and Tyreek here. I like Tyreek’s steady projected output (role, QB, etc should stay similar for years), but I love Godwin’s upside. I was planning on Godwin, but I’m happy to have likely two top-10 dynasty players from this draft slot.
2.0517Adam CaplanAustin Ekeler (RB, LAC)I had targeted Godwin or Hill, who both went before me. I went with the best RB on the board, who was Ekeler. I also gave consideration to selecting Mahomes since we’re in a dynasty league.
2.0618Varnes (from Barrett)George Kittle (TE, SF)Particularly against sharp players, sometimes you just have to go get your dude. Having liked my start with Mixon (1.09) and Hill (2.04), I was lamenting having zero shot at Kittle or Kelce, because in Dynasty I think they are the clear 1-2 and it gets ugly after that. When Scott posted that he was interested in trading down, I decided it was worth the price to have 3 players in the top-20. We’ll see whether losing those mid-round picks will come back to bite me.
2.0719Porras (from Dolan via Barfield)D.J. Moore (WR, Car)With Matt Rhule now in Carolina the hope is that the playbook opens up more so D.J. Moore and Curtis Samuel can flash what they can do. In 2019 he showed his ability to play the role of an X receiver and at just 23 years old this is a short term and long term investment. The only concern is Bridgewater’s conservative style of play.
2.0820Varnes (from McLean)Kenny Golladay (WR, Det)My old poker instincts have kicked in, and I’m playing the aggressive strategy against a table full of patient sharps. Why? Because there’s an advantage there early. I now have 4 players in my top 25. But this is the easy part. The hard part comes when I don’t draft again until Round 7. I traded my Rounds 3-6 to get three 2nd rounders. That’s 60 picks going to the best fantasy players in the world before I get my hand back in the cookie jar. Then the real work starts. As far as Golladay, he has been an underrated player who - like Mixon - has seen his draft stock drop due to a poor stretch. That poor stretch was losing his All-Pro QB Matt Stafford. The 26-year-old Golladay has 2,253 yards and 16 TDs in his first two full seasons.
2.0921John HansenPatrick Mahomes (QB, KC)Fantasy is still all about high-impact players, so I ignored my usual wait-on-a-QB plan because Mahomes’ first two seasons have been as impactful as it gets. I’ve also never owned Mahomes, so I couldn’t pass on picking him here in a league that I expect to be around in 10+ years. His situation is obviously great, and when I talked to Andy Reid about Mahomes and the combine and told him I think he’s the most gifted QB to ever play, Reid didn’t disagree. But he said he’s more impressed by “the kid,” as he put it. So Mahomes is the complete package, and if healthy he’s going to rewrite the record books while carrying my ass for a decade plus.
2.1022Tom BrolleyDerrick Henry (RB, TEN)I had a long wait to grab my first RB, but I was quite happy to see a player of Henry’s caliber still on the board for me at 22nd overall. He led the league in rushing last season, he’s missed just two games in four seasons, and the Titans are fully committed to feeding him the rock every week. He’s part of a dying breed as a true workhorse back.
2.1123Kukainis (from Porras via Barfield)Kenyan Drake (RB, ARI)I know the value to be had at WR in the later rounds and wanted to shore up my RBs. After reading Scott Barrett’s Upside: RBs piece, I knew I didn’t want to wait another 12 picks, and pulled the trigger on a possible top-6 RB.
2.1224Paul KellyMike Evans (WR, TB)Ben traded up and sniped Drake from me so I turned my attention to the BPA on my board. Evans was WR4 last year in PPR FPG and entering his age 27 season he’s got plenty of prime time left. He’s averaged 1210/8 per season so far.
  • TRADE DETAILS: Dolan deals 2.07, 4.07, and 10.07 to Barfield for 2.03, 5.10, and 9.10.

  • TRADE DETAILS: Varnes deals 3.09 and 5.09 to Barrett for 2.06 and 12.06.

  • TRADE DETAILS: Dr. Porras deals 2.11, 5.02, and 9.02 to Barfield for 2.07 and 4.07.

  • TRADE DETAILS: McLean deals 2.08 and 16.08 to Varnes for 4.04 and 6.04.

  • TRADE DETAILS: Kukainis deals 3.11, 5.11 and a 2021 2nd round rookie pick to Barfield for 2.11, 7.10, and a 2021 3rd round rookie pick.

Round 3

3.0125Paul KellyAaron Jones (RB, GB)Jones has been downgraded everywhere because of the addition of Dillon but our guy Adam Caplan says the Packers are looking to sign Jones to a long-term deal which encourages me that he’ll maintain a large role beyond 2020. TD regression is coming for sure in 2020 but even if we cut last year’s TD total in HALF he would have still been 2019’s RB8 in PPR.
3.0226Dr. Edwin PorrasLamar Jackson (QB, Bal)In a league full of sharks leverage matters in the micro but it’s also important from a macro perspective. There’s an advantage to be had with a hybrid QB/RB at a onesie position. With Mahomes off the board the tone for QBs had already been set so I felt good continuing my aggressive draft by trading up and taking Lamar here.
3.0327Tom BrolleyJK Dobbins (RB, Bal)Henry is my stud for the present and I landed my potential stud for the future in Dobbins. It was probably a bit of a reach, but I really needed to grab a RB I wanted at this spot or else the position was going to be pretty picked over by the time I selected again 46th overall. Dobbins is seemingly a perfect fit for Baltimore’s downhill rushing attack.
3.0428John HansenAJ Brown (WR, Ten)Not an easy call for this pick with RB talent drying up and some veteran WR studs on the board. I prefer balance on my teams, so I decided to go WR, and since it’s dynasty, I could not pull the trigger on JulIo Jones, who’s now 31 and could retire in 2-3 years. I don’t trust OBJ enough to take him here, either. I don’t love taking a WR in a low-volume passing attack, but AJ Brown was a man among boys last year, and he’s as youthful as they come at 22 years old. He certainly looks like their go-to guy going forward, and his QB situation is solid with Ryan Tannehill locked into a 4-year contract.
3.0529Jules McLeanJuJu Smith-Schuster (WR, Pit)If JK Dobbins were here, I would have picked him, but Tom Brolley got him two picks earlier. I gave strong consideration to Cam Akers, but I like having at least one big WR for my line-up and JuJu fits the bill. Big Ben will be back in the fold this season (hopefully at least 1-2 seasons more) and JuJu will enter 2020 healthy after being injured in 2019. I like JuJu’s competitive spirit, toughness, strong hands and that he is just a season removed from having a 100+ catch year. Contract year also. Bonus: SoCal guy!
3.0630Barfield (from Dolan)Cam Akers (RB, LAR)I missed out on the top tiers of RBs just because of my draft slot, so I tried to manufacture value by trading down relentlessly. I wanted Drake, Dobbins, or Akers in the late-2nd or early-3rd round and ended doing a small trade up with Joe to make sure I got Akers. RB gets dicey early and Akers/Swift were the end of the top-end tier after 16 RBs came off the board.
3.0731Porras (from Barrett)Odell Beckham Jr. (WR, Cle)This is exactly the spot where OBJ is a smash draft. With Akers off the board I’l l need to hit RB hard in the next few rounds, but I’ve effectively maximized my teams upside at this point.
3.0832Adam CaplanJulio Jones (WR, Atl)I tried to trade out of this spot, but because I couldn’t pull off the trade, I selected Jones. He should give me at least 2-3 years of high-end production. Typically in a keeper or dynasty league you’re looking 2-3 years out for your drafted players. It’s less about this year and more about the future.
3.0933Barrett (from Varnes)DK Metcalf (WR, Sea)Happy with Metcalf, though I don’t love him. Was chasing young wide receivers, and defaulted to ADP here.
3.1034Kelly (from Barfield)Allen Robinson (WR, Chi)I traded up 14 spots to get my guy Robinson who caught 98 balls last year with garbage QB play. The guy’s a star and the QB play will be better this year either with Foles or an improved Trubisky. I didn’t think there was any chance of him falling to me on the 4-5 turn. He’s our WR7 for 2020 on the site but I grabbed him here as WR14 and this is only his age 27 season so he’ll be more than fine for the next few seasons.
3.1135Dolan (from Kukainis via Barfield)Travis Kelce (TE, KC)I initially wasn’t interested in Kelce because of his age, but you know what? Someone needs to win the league in 2020 and 2021. Kelce should remain an elite asset for at least the next two years, and this is great value. I also managed to move down five spots and still snag him despite thinking about him at 3.06. At the time of writing this, I still have three 5th-round picks I can use to wheel and deal. I can go any direction too.
3.1236Tom SimonsD’Andre Swift (RB, Det)Dalvin Cook and Alvin Kamara came to mind when Greg Cosell was projecting Swift to the NFL. Swift has to unseat Kerryon Johnson who has missed 44% of a possible 32 career games.
  • TRADE DETAILS: Porras deals 4.07 and a 2021 1st round rookie pick to Barrett for 3.07 and a 2021 3rd round rookie pick.
  • TRADE DETAILS: Barfield deals 3.11 and 5.11 to Dolan for 3.06 and 7.06.
  • TRADE DETAILS: Barfield deals 3.10 and 9.02 to Kelly for 5.01, 7.01, and a 2021 2nd round rookie pick.

Round 4

4.0137Tom SimonsRussell Wilson (QB, Sea)Struggled with taking a QB this earlier but all the RBs and WRs considered had one thing or another that bothered me and kept bringing me back to Wilson. Russ was extremely efficient and consistent in this league’s scoring format last year and that allows me to be extremely competitive in year one. Plus, I chose him over Kyler Murray to avoid too many eggs in one basket (Hopkins).
4.0238Ben KukainisKyler Murray (QB, Ari)I entertained trading down, as I wasn’t in love with any of the WR options at this spot. Thought about taking Andrews here, but instead locked up my QB of the future - just 22 years old, coming off a ROY season, and has a huge arsenal of offensive weapons. Could have overall QB1 upside this year.
4.0339Graham BarfieldMark Andrews (TE, Bal)Was targeting Kelce or Andrews at 3.10 so I traded back, gaining a 2021 second and a 2-round move up (9th to 7th) in the process in a deal with Paul Kelly. I think there is a massive gap between Andrews and Ertz/Waller/Engram in dynasty and could make the argument that based on his age and his connection with Lamar Jackson, Andrews is already the TE2 ahead of 30-year-old Kelce. Andrews is 23-years-old; three years younger than George Kittle.
4.0440McLean (from Varnes)Amari Cooper (WR, Dal)There were three WRs I was targeting with 4.04 pick and all three were there. There is zero question about the former Biletnikoff Award winner’s talent. Pretty clear from watching him he doesn’t give 100% all of the time, but maybe the Cowboy’s drafting a rookie WR in the 1st this year will motivate him and his new $100 million dollar contract. Only 25 he remains a playmaker, with burst and speed. In the 4th round he’s a value.
4.0541Adam CaplanDak Prescott (QB, Dal)While there were a lot of WRs still left on the board, I felt with the QB list very small who I’d be willing to take this early, I went with Prescott. What I like about him: Durable, will run for yards and TDs, and the team added badly needed help at WR with CeeDee Lamb. And him with the other two starters on the outside+athletic TE Blake Jarwin (his role should increase over previous seasons), and you have 4 quality passing targets. Prescott’s fantasy value now goes way up and he’ll be my QB for at least the next 4-5 years. That’s why I drafted a QB early.
4.0642Scott BarrettJerry Jeudy (WR, Den)Love Jerry Jeudy. Somehow my first share.
4.0743Barrett (from Dolan via Barfield via Porras)CeeDee Lamb (WR, Dal)Honestly, would rather have had McLaurin or Hollywood here, but ADP told me they should stay on the board for another few rounds.
4.0844Jules McLeanCalvin Ridley (WR, Atl)Maybe two other WRs could have been picked before Ridley, but I am all about getting players I really want in the early rounds and Ridley was a target. Last season cut short by injury or he could have been a 1,000+ yard receiver and double digit TDs. That was with no run game to speak of, so the addition of Gurley should keep Defenses guessing. Julio Jones is 31 and will be passing the torch to Ridley just like Roddy White passed it on to him. Another playmaker added to my team.
4.0945John HansenMelvin Gordon (RB, Den)As aggressive as I like to be, a draft can force me to make a non-sexy pick here and there, and this pick qualifies. As you can see, the RB talent has dried up, and since it’s first about 2020 for this league, I had to secure a solid RB2, and Gordon should certainly be that. I’d be happy with two more good years and maybe another 1-2 seasons in which he’s roster worthy and viable.
4.1046Tom BrolleyCourtland Sutton (WR, Den)Broke out in his second year with 70+ catches and 1100+ yards while averaging 2.08 yards/route run. Certainly has more competition for targets in Jeudy, Fant, and Hamler this season. He also needs Lock to take a major step forward in his second year, but Sutton has a chance to be a dominant downfield and red-zone threat for years to come.
4.1147Dr. Edwin PorrasChristian Kirk (WR, Ari)Kirk is another pick I made with the future in mind. With Nuk in the locker room the hope is this turns into a mentorship situation much like the Greg Jennings-Jordy Nelson situation from the early 2010’s.
4.1248Dolan (from Kelly)Terry McLaurin (WR, Was)I wanted to get a young WR to pair with Chris Godwin. I have some concerns about McLaurin’s QB situation, but he showed himself to be a special player with some serious explosive traits in 2019. He was the biggest value left on the board. I traded up to get in front of Graham Barfield, who has back-to-back picks and I really didn’t expect McLaurin to make it to 5.06. I still have two 5th-round picks from earlier deals.
  • TRADE DETAILS: Kelly deals 4.12 and 10.12 to Dolan for 5.06 and 9.06.

Round 5

5.0149McLean (from Barfield)Deebo Samuel (WR, SF)Pressing the WR pedal with my fourth in five picks. Truthfully, I’m not sure I had to trade up to get Deebo, but sticking with my theme of getting players I really like, I would have regretted not moving up if he went off the board. SF is loaded on offense, with plenty of match-up nightmares, including Deebo. He fits the mold of WRs I favor in that he is strong and tough. 70% catch rate in his rookie year and SF got him involved in the run game at the end of the season. With Sanders gone to NO and Deebo working hard in the off-season, I expect him to build upon his rookie campaign.
5.0250Barfield (from Porras)Jalen Reagor (WR, Phi)Joe -- there was no chance Terry McLaurin was making it back to you at 5.06. I was zeroed in on McLaurin at 5.01, so after Joe sniped me, I traded back four spots with McLean (moving up from the 10th round into the 9th in the process). Missing out on McLaurin hurt, but I’m still thrilled to get my rookie WR1 at 50 overall.
5.0351Tom BrolleyDevin Singletary (RB, Buf)Emerged in the second half of his rookie year after a hamstring slowed him to start the year. His 5.1 YPC led all RBs with 150+ carries and he averaged 18.9 touches/game from Week 9 through the playoffs. The Bills added Zack Moss to take over the Frank Gore role, but Singletary should see more passing game work going forward.
5.0452John HansenCooper Kupp (WR, LAR)With AJ Brown as my WR1, I needed catches for 2020, so it couldn’t go aggressive with one of the many ascending wideouts on the board, like Hollywood Brown. I like Bob Woods more than Kupp this year, but Kupp is also two years younger. Kupp is a little older than your average 4th year guy, as he’ll be 27 next month, but he should be very good the next 3-4 years at least.
5.0553Barfield (from McLean)D.J. Chark (WR, JAX)Was the PPR WR8 from Week 1-14 last year before an ankle injury slowed him down over the Jags final 3 games. Saw a team-high 24% of targets and 35% of air yards when healthy in Minshew’s starts. Both Chark’s target/AY share would have ranked top-12 among WRs. Turns 24-years-old in September.
5.0654Kelly (from Dolan)Robert Woods (WR, LAR)Woods was WR13 in PPR FPG last year while catching only TWO TDs. He’s the most prime WR candidate for TD regression this season which is why we have him ranked as the #9 WR for 2020. At 28 years old he’s not exactly a fossil and the loss of Brandin Cooks should mean Woods is set up for another 90+ grabs this year. I now have three of the site’s Top 11 WRs for 2020 (Evans, Robinson, Woods).
5.0755Scott BarrettStefon Diggs (WR, Buf)I wanted Marquise Brown *and* Diggs. Brown more than Diggs, but took Diggs first because his ADP was higher. Brutal snipe by Caplan.
5.0856Adam CaplanMarquise Brown (WR, Bal)It came down to Diggs or Brown here. Brown, who was hampered by his Lis Franc surgery all last season, is ready to take off in year 2. He’s an elite deep threat and they will take their shot plays most games. This was an early upside pick who I want on my team for years to come.
5.0957Barrett (from Varnes)Diontae Johnson (WR, Pit)Too many snipes. Had to grab at least one of my guys -- even if it was a reach.
5.1058Dolan (from Barfield)David Montgomery (RB, Chi)Scott was pissed about me sniping Terry McLaurin with my earlier trade-up, but he got me back grabbing Diontae Johnson (I thought I’d pull a fast one and make a “smartest man in the room” pick). Instead I went the opposite — nobody is going to find Montgomery a sexy pick, least of all me. But he’s entering just his second year, has fantastic opportunity, and fell a bit because of his “meh” rookie year.
5.1159Dolan (from Kukainis via Barfield)Adam Thielen (WR, Min)Another “boring” pick, but Thielen is someone who can help me win the league in the first two years of it, much like Travis Kelce. You can make an argument for Thielen as a top-12 WR in 2020 (where we have him ranked). If my team falls on its face, he should be a coveted trade asset.
5.1260Tom SimonsTyler Lockett (WR, Sea)Needed a “semi” veteran WR in the 5-8 year range as my WR2. Keenan Allen was considered but LAC QB situation makes him a risky pick whereas Lockett has the upside.
  • TRADE DETAILS: McLean deals 5.05 and 9.07 to Barfield for 5.01 and 10.07

Round 6

6.0161Tom SimonsJustin Jefferson (WR, Min)Debated Henry Ruggs and Jefferson here. Vacated targets in Minnesota (Stefon Diggs) made Jefferson the choice.
6.0262Ben KukainisJarvis Landry (WR, Cle)1,000+ receiving yards in 3 of the last 5 seasons, should still have solidified WR2 value for the next few years, and just seemed a bit safer than some of the rookie options, considering I had yet to draft a WR. I’m also banking on a bounceback from Baker this season.
6.0363Graham BarfieldMichael Pittman (WR, Ind)No. 34 overall pick will be Colts Week 1 starter at X. Cosell thinks Pittman can be Indy’s version of Michael Thomas.
6.0464Jules McLeanTyler Boyd (WR, Cin)6.04 (and 4.04) came via a trade down from 2.08. Golladay went 2.08 and I got Amari Cooper at 4.04 and now Tyler Boyd at 6.04. Time will tell on that trade. But, Boyd will continue to do damage from the slot, especially with rookie Burrows under center. Not worried about A.J. Green coming back from injury, that just makes Cincy’s offense more potent (yes, I wrote “potent”). Boyd has b2b 1,000+ seasons and I’m banking on a third.
6.0565Adam CaplanDarius Slayton (WR, NYG)Had my eye on only 2 WRs for this pick: Slayton or Ruggs. While I like Pittman, there are questions at the QB position for him past this season, which is why I was going to pass on him had he made it to where I was selecting. Slayton is another upside pick for the future for my team. Love Slayton’s game (he’s not just a deep threat--see his 10 catch game from last season). He’ll have a chance to start in 2021 (Golden Tate has no guaranteed money left in his contract after this season). And I love that Daniel Jones and Slayton developed chemistry in their 1st season together. Jones, BTW, is an aggressive deep ball thrower. See Eagles game when Slayton torched them.
6.0666Scott BarrettKeenan Allen (WR, LAC)Wasn't a true target, but the dude has three straight 1,100+ yard seasons and is the same age as OBJ, Nuk, Jarvis, Lockett, and Woods.
6.0767Joe DolanHenry Ruggs (WR, LVR)There are rookie receivers I like more (Lamb, Reagor), but I have to admit I’m pretty thrilled to get Ruggs, the first WR taken in the 2020 NFL Draft, in the 6th round as my WR4 without having to trade up for him. I’m a little worried the Raiders have too many weapons for Derek Carr, but the draft capital invested in Ruggs — along with his speed — is very enticing. I also considered Michael Gallup here.
6.0868Jules McLeanTodd Gurley (RB, Atl)I was fairly certain Gurley would be around in the late 6th and was one of the reasons I kept taking WRs. When Todd Gurley came out of college I described him as a special talent and have not used that description since. It’s a shame his career will be cut short by an arthritic knee. I’ll get three years out of him tops (if that). Still, on a one year deal, Gurley will be motivated. ATL has already said his snap count will be limited to 15-20, which I think is smart, as arthritis needs to be managed. Doubtful I get a 1,000 yards from him, but I feel double digit TDs coming.
6.0969John HansenKareem Hunt (RB, Cle)Despite his obvious downside due to off-field concerns, I liked this pick because, with two flex starters, Hunt is a guy I’ll likely use every week this year as an RB3 - and as an UFA in 2021, he could easily move on to a new team that will hand him a large role next year.
6.1070Tom BrolleyDeshaun Watson (QB, Hou)I was prepared to wait a couple more rounds to take my QB, but I couldn’t pass on Watson this far into the draft. I had him rated behind only Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson at the position, who each went off the board in the 20s. Watson will turn just 25 years old this season, and he has a QB1, a QB4, and a QB2 finish to his name in his first three seasons.
6.1171Dr. Edwin PorrasLeonard Fournette (RB, Jax)At this point I needed a second RB and with Fournette still the lead in this backfield it was a safe floor pick. Chris Thompson has had a heck of a time staying healthy and at his age I don’t expect him to necessarily start now leading to more passing down work for Fournette.
6.1272Paul KellyDeVante Parker (WR, Mia)Parker had a breakout season in 2019 finishing as WR11 in PPR. As Scott pointed out in his Underrated Upside article, Parker was WR5 over the final 14 weeks of the season. He’s already shown that he can put up big numbers with Fitzmagic at QB and he seems to be perfectly suited for this offense whenever Tua takes over. I got him at WR39 here as my fourth receiver which makes him a value in my book.

Round 7

7.0173Barfield (from Kelly)Michael Gallup (WR, Dal)After Cooper and Lamb went in Round 4, I’m stunned Gallup lasted until the 7th round as the 40th (!!!) WR off of the board. I sent Joe an offer in the mid-6th trying to trade up for him. Cowboys have 164 vacated targets — thanks to Cobb/Witten departures — and Gallup will surely get his.
7.0274Dr. Edwin PorrasZach Ertz (TE, Phi)Again, in a league with guys and gals as sharp as these, I’m looking for any micro-edge that might exist. With Ertz gaining new speed receivers on the outside the middle of the field should open back up and (hopefully) the double teams will disappear. At a onesie position this is another floor pick that doubles as leverage if Ertz is even 80% as good as he has been.
7.0375Tom BrolleyTee Higgins (WR, Cin)I got sniped big time here. After taking Watson 70th overall, I had three players in mind for my 75th pick: DeVante Parker, Zach Ertz, and Michael Gallup. Those three players went in the next four picks! SICK OF THIS! I went with an upside pick in Higgins. Both A.J. Green and John Ross could be gone next season, and Higgins could be the main man for Joe Burrow for years to come.
7.0476John HansenMecole Hardman (WR, KC)This was a small overpay for 2020, but these guys are proactively snagging all the young, exciting WRs, so I had to acquire an ascending talent I feel good about long term. Hardman won’t get a lot of targets still this year, but I’m sure I can get a better WR3 for 2020 later in the draft, so I couldn’t pass on a potential stud starting in 2021 or 2022.
7.0577Jules McLeanJoe Burrow (QB, Cin)A tad early for taking a QB for me usually, but I don’t pick for another 15 picks and no 9th round pick. I know Burrow is a fave of some of the guys, so grabbed him here as he was one of my target QBs. Bonus I got the Burrow-Boyd hook-up. Has to play BAL & PIT twice, but Burrow will make plays when flushed from the pocket. I considered Burrow in the 6th, but Watson was still on the board and I didn’t want him with DeHop sent packing, O’Brien still HC and Texans exercising fifth year option. Burrow doesn’t have a big arm (which is another reason I like Boyd in the slot), but his football smarts and toughness will make up for that.
7.0678Kukainis (from Barfield)Preston Williams (WR, Mia)I get that he’s coming off an ACL injury. I also know that Albert Wilson is JAG, I’m personally not a DeVante believer, and Williams’ 60 targets and 13.4 YPR in just 8 games as a rookie is very impressive. This is a risky pick but with a lot of the 2020 rookie WRs off the board, Williams was more appealing to me than the likes of Mims and Aiyuk.
7.0779Simons (from Barrett)Ke’Shawn Vaughn (RB, TB)Bucs are thin at RB and Bruce Arians and his staff are not impressed with Ronald Jones, who they did not draft. Vaughn may not be a featured back but should get 10-15 touches a game.
7.0880Adam CaplanZack Moss (RB, Buf)Really wanted to continue to add WRs with upside for future years and had targeted Gallup, but with him gone, I went with a RB who could have an interesting role in the future--Moss.
7.0981Justin VarnesChris Carson (RB, Sea)60+ picks went off the board before I finally got to draft my 5th player, but I’m happy with Carson here. On a run-heavy team, the reports are Carson should still be the main guy. He’s continually underrated, Rashad Penny has yet to unseat him even when healthy, and Carson is just 25. (Edit: I would later trade Carson and a 2021 pick for Tua and T.Y. Hilton to Graham. He was short on RBs and heavy on WRs, and I was in the exact opposite boat. Plus, I really wanted Tua’s upside.)
7.1082Barfield (from Barfield via Kukainis)Will Fuller (WR, Hou)Was targeting him at 7.06 but ended up sliding back a few spots with Ben and still got my guy. Availability is always the concern, but Fuller is just 26-years-old and locked-in as Watson’s No. 1 WR with Hopkins gone.
7.1183Jules McLean (from Kukainis)Hunter Henry (TE, LAC)Traded up to get back into the 7th rd (and 9th). Was targeting TE all the way, but did give slight consideration to Mims. Took Henry over Engram because I’m tired of chasing Engram’s rookie year. I think both TEs have issues with games played, but in some cases it takes time to learn to play with or through injuries, to get yourself ready for the punishing NFL season and protect yourself on the field. Hopefully both TEs matured in these areas. Tipping the scale was that Henry has a career 71% catch rate vs. Engram’s 61% and more TDs in his career than Engram (17 vs. 12) on less targets.
7.1284Barrett (from Simons)Evan Engram (TE, NYG)Injuries legitimately worry me, but he’s young and has crushed whenever he’s stayed on the field.
  • TRADE DETAILS: Kukainis deals 7.10 and 12.02 to Barfield for 7.06 and 13.10.

  • TRADE DETAILS: Kukainis deals 7.11 and 9.11 to McLean for 8.08, 11.05, and a 2021 3rd-round rookie pick.

  • TRADE DETAILS: Simons deals 7.12, 8.01, and a 2021 5th-round rookie pick to Barrett for 7.07 and 8.06.

Round 8

8.0185Barrett (from Simons)Brandon Aiyuk (WR, SF)Kyle Shanahan absolutely loves him. And I love Kyle Shanahan. Match made in heaven.
8.0286Ben KukainisDenzel Mims (WR, NYJ)
8.0387Graham BarfieldT.Y. Hilton (WR, Ind)Wasn’t planning on drafting Hilton, but this value was too strong to pass up. I’ll be able to trade Hilton to a win-now team early in the season if he gets out of the gates hot.
8.0488Justin VarnesJames Conner (RB, Pit)Graham snagged Hilton from my clutches, and with my comfort level lower on the remaining RBs (as opposed to WRs...that’s all I’m focused on at this point in the draft with the elite QBs and TEs gone), I pulled the trigger on Conner. Another guy who should have a steady and active role in the offense and who is still plenty young to be valuable, and who should only have one major challenger to that role. And in dynasty, I prefer to handcuff good RB roles way more than in season-long. So I’m going to grab his more-talented handcuff soon.
8.0589Adam CaplanLaviska Shenault (WR, Jax)I sweated this one out. The upside WRs were being thinned out, but I added a player who I wanted badly for the future. He’ll start no later than 2021 and is extremely talented. The one big negative is his injury history.
8.0690Simons (from Barrett)Raheem Mostert (RB, SF)Mostert and Tevin Coleman shared the workload in 2019 (137 carries each) and likely will do so again in 2020. The difference is Mostert averaged 5.6 yards per carry and Coleman just 4.0 yards.
8.0791Joe DolanMark Ingram (RB, Bal)At some point, there’s just going to be value on some veteran players. Ingram might have only one or two good years left, and he could lose serious work to JK Dobbins as early as this season. But he had a great 2019 and is in the NFL’s best rushing offense.
8.0892Kelly (from McLean via Kukainis)Le’Veon Bell (RB, NYJ)I traded up 4 spots to get who I believe was by far the best back left on the board for 2020. Bell was RB19 in PPR FPG last year despite scoring only 4 TDs behind a terrible O-line (he was continually getting hit behind the line). The line is improved as is the weaponry at receiver and TE which should make Bell’s job a bit easier. His touches may decrease this season but he’ll be more efficient at turning those touches into fantasy points.This isn’t a long-term play but Bell should be a weekly starter for me this year.
8.0993John HansenTyler Higbee (TE, LAR)To address Tom’s point below, I actually thought TJH would drop a couple more rounds, but I was obviously wrong. I do love TJH, but he went over 50 yards just once after Week 1 last year. Higbee, on the other hand, was 16 yards away from ending the season with five straight 100-yard games, which is pretty incredible. I believe the Rams will either trade Gerald Everett or will let him walk in FA in 2021. And I 100% believe in Higbee’s ability and at 27 (turned in January) he is right now looking at his peak prime years the next 3-4 seasons. I compare Higbee to Travis Kelce, who has been over 1000 yards the last four seasons in his age 27-30 seasons. I may regret passing on my guy TJH, though.
8.1094Tom BrolleyT.J. Hockenson (TE, Det)I’m giddy about this pick. I was mildly surprised John passed on Hockenson with the pick ahead of me. Rookie TEs almost never do anything, but I’m expecting Hockenson to take a leap in his second season with a healthy Matthew Stafford. Greg Cosell actually couldn’t find a weakness in Hockenson’s game when he broke down his Iowa tape. I’m getting Hockenson at his absolute cheapest price since I think he has the chance to become one of the next great TEs.
8.1195Dr. Edwin PorrasMarvin Jones (WR, Det)Marvin Jones is the perfect veteran to fit into my generally young team. He’s dependable and consistently outperforms his ADP. He’s on the older side and has chronic ankle issues but he’s a great piece while I’m in “win now” mode.
8.1296Kukainis (from Kelly)Dallas Goedert (TE, Phi)Maybe my Philly bias is showing, but if I’m looking at the future of the TE position, I’m seeing Goedert as a consistent top-5 producer. Ertz is almost 30, and Goedert is more physically gifted. And Doug Pederson loves to involved his TEs. Goedert won’t get many targets while Ertz is still around, but he carries more upside than several TEs ranked above him, in my opinion.
  • TRADE DETAILS: Kelly deals 8.12 and 13.01 to Kukainis for 8.08 and 13.11.

Round 9

9.0197Paul KellyA.J. Green (WR, CIN)I took a chance on the disgruntled Green coming off a lost season in 2019. Reports are that he is healthy which should perch him atop the Bengals’ deep receiving core. Cincy’s offense should be a fantasy friendly one as they’ll likely be playing from behind quite a bit.
9.0298Kelly (from Porras via Barfield)Darren Waller (TE, LV)Last year’s breakout TE was third in TE targets and second in TE yards. The Raiders have added some shiny new toys at WR and an old one in TE Jason Witten so Waller has more competition for targets but he’s a prime candidate for TD regression this year as he only posted 3 in 2019. I’m looking at him as a mid-range TE1 and I like the value here as the 10th TE taken.
9.0399Tom BrolleyN’Keal Harry (WR, NE)Injuries kept Harry from getting on the same page with Tom Brady and from making an impact as a rookie. The 2019 first-round pick is still just 22 years old with a path to a #1 WR role for years to come, and the Patriots gave him a vote of confidence by not adding any WRs in the draft or free agency. Jarrett Stidham is a complete wild card at QB but, hopefully, I’m buyin Harry when his stock is at its lowest.
9.04100John HansenBreshad Perriman (WR, NYJ)I’m higher than most on Perriman, but Greg Cosell is with me when I say he was borderline brilliant down the stretch last season. He’s on a new team, but a team that wanted him in the Jets, and I have to assume fantasy killer Adam Gase signed off on the addition. I have questions about rookie Denzel Mims, especially this year, so I’m expecting Perriman to be the top guy on the outside in 2020,, and he has a QB in Sam Darnold who can get him the ball. Similar to Higbee, Perriman was close to ending the season with five straight 100-yard games. In the three final games with Chris Godwin out or hurt, Perriman put up 5/113/3, 7/102, and 5/134/1. He’s still only 26 years old.
9.05101Barfield (from McLean)Mike Williams (WR, LAC)One of my favorite buy-lows in dynasty right now. Fits perfectly with my team build.
9.06102Kelly (from Dolan)Josh Allen (QB, Buf)Josh Allen’s accuracy is suspect, he doesn’t throw the deep ball well, he imploded in the playoffs last year...and I don’t care. This is fantasy football and it’s all about fantasy points. QBs score 250% more fantasy points for rushing yards than passing yards and 150% more fantasy points for rushing TDs (Allen leads all QBs the last two years) than passing TDs. It’s possible Allen runs even more this year as the Bills may utilize more empty sets. When it comes to passing stats, last year Allen improved his completion percentage by 6% and grew his TD percentage from 3.1% to 4.3% while lowering his interception percentage and increasing his YPA. Now add Stefon Diggs. Allen is a high-floor QB1 with upside.
9.07103Scott BarrettNoah Fant (TE, Den)Lots of target competition, but we know Fant is a receiver-first, with high draft capital behind him, and TEs tend to make a massive leap in their sophomore seasons.
9.08104Adam CaplanHayden Hurst (TE, Atl)It was time to add a TE to the roster and Hurst was one of the 6 I targeted at the position (the other 5 were gone). He should wind up being their 3rd passing option.
9.09105Justin VarnesAnthony Miller (WR, Chi)When I traded my mid-rounders (3-6), I knew my back end would be almost all upside. Enter Miller, who could be one QB change away from being fantasy relevant. His year 2 numbers showed progress (albeit modest) across the board, except a flukey 2 TD total, which is likely to bounce back to the mean. Also, it’s common enough for the “sophomore” leap for WRs to actually happen in Year 3. With Tyreek and Golladay as my top 2 WRs, I’ll be happy to get modest production out of him, and ecstatic if he finally clicks.
9.10106Dolan (from Barfield)Carson Wentz (QB, Phi)Easy call for me here. The star has dimmed from Wentz’s dynasty value because of the Eagles’ Jalen Hurts selection in the 2020 NFL Draft, but I think Wentz proved late last season that he could carry the corpse of an offense. The Eagles did a lot to make sure his receiving corps doesn’t look nearly as bad — and slow — in 2020 as it did in 2019.
9.11107Jules McLean (from Kukainis)Daniel Jones (QB, NYG)I was looking to go RB with this pick, but most of the RBs that would have helped me this season (Mostert, Ingram and Bell types) were picked in the 8th and I had no 8th round pick because I traded up to get Hunter Henry. Daniel Jones is good Burrow insurance (and it keeps a young ascending QB off other teams). Considered Baker, but he has same bye as Burrow. I’m interested to see how much Jones improves under new OC Jason Garrett. Does enough to get some points with his legs and here’s hoping his turnovers come down a tad.
9.12108Tom SimonsAustin Hooper (TE, Cle)While I am not expecting huge numbers for him in Cleveland, he should garner 80-90 targets. Plus he is entering just his fifth season, so he is more of a future investment at TE.

Round 10

10.01109Tom SimonsRob Gronkowski (TE, TB)Gronk is a one, maybe two year option. I drafted him for the immediate reward this year to help make me competitive right out of the gate. Taking Austin Hopper one pick earlier gave me my TE of the future and allowed me to take this risk.
10.02110Ben KukainisAntonio Gandy-Golden (WR, Was)AGG won’t be a starter at the outset of the season, but his competition is underwhelming and there’s a fairly clear path to be the WR2 in Washington.
10.03111Graham BarfieldJamison Crowder (WR, NYJ)Least sexy pick of the draft, but Crowder will walk into another 120 targets this year. Somehow only 26 years old. After I traded Chark to Ben Kukainis, Crowder is my WR8 on this team.
10.04112Justin VarnesAnthony McFarland (RB, Pit)And here’s my early move to grab Conner’s handcuff (well, not a true handcuff). McFarland is a more explosive player in space and could be their back of the future. As long as one of Conner or McFarland is playing and productive, I’ve got an RB2/RB3 I’m happy with.
10.05113Adam CaplanRobby Anderson (WR, Car)I really wanted a WR with upside and targeted Perriman. With him off the board, I went with Anderson, who will be the Panthers big-play WR for at least the next two seasons.
10.06114Scott BarrettBaker Mayfield (QB, Cle)Ideal post-hype sleeper? Hopefully.
10.07115McLean (from Dolan via Barfield)Irv Smith, Jr. (TE, Min)Instead of going RB/RB with 10.07 & 10.08, I wanted to again get at least one player I liked here. Athletic Smith Jr. is a good fit to my team. Linebackers will have a hard time covering, so hopefully Kubiak will take advantage of these mismatches. I really like him as my TE2 here.
10.08116Jules McLeanSony Michel (RB, NE)There comes a point in drafts where you can’t be in love with all your picks. Needed some RB depth. He’s young (going into his third year) and he will get opportunities. Certainly could do worse for a bye week filler. He’s also a tough runner, which by now we know I like tough players. Remember a few years back when there was actually a debate about who would be better in the NFL, Sony Michel or Nick Chubb?
10.09117John HansenTarik Cohen (RB, Chi)I don’t disagree with the assertion that “upside wins championship” but in a competitive league like this, with two flexes, a “safe” option like Cohen can be quite valuable. I still think he’s good at football, and he was top-5 in RB targets and catches last year, but the main point is that the Bears offense can only get better in 2020, so Cohen could be a little sneaky. He’s not incredibly young, but the guy’s turning only 25 this summer, so he’s got plenty of good football ahead of him.
10.10118Tom BrolleyDavid Johnson (RB, Hou)I’m not exactly doing cartwheels after this pick, but DJ has a path to a huge workload behind an improving O-line. He also played a little better than people remember early last season before injuries really slowed him down. The fact that the Texans invested so much to trade for him by sending DeAndre Hopkins to Arizona also makes me feel better about his chances for the next 1-3 seasons.
10.11119Dr. Edwin PorrasAlexander Mattison (RB, Min)This is where injury knowledge is useful. At 10.11 it might seem early for a guy who is perceived as a handcuff but Dalvin Cook’s chances of re-dislocating his shoulder this year are literally above 50%. Not to mention Mattison is the future of that backfield and has the ability to break a long TD run on his own occasionally.
10.12120Dolan (from Kelly)James White (RB, NE)Yawn. The lack of Tom Brady is a huge question mark for White, but he remains one of the best pass protectors and receivers at his position in the entire NFL. Jarrett Stidham could fall in love with him as a checkdown option, and this is PPR scoring.

Round 11

11.01121Paul KellyBrandin Cooks (WR, Hou)Playing for four different teams in a seven year career isn’t a great sign and there are lingering injury concerns but when you’re 58 WRs deep into a draft everyone is going to have question marks. Here’s what I like...Cooks steps into a potentially huge role filling the X receiver spot vacated by DeAndre Hopkins who averaged 150 targets per season in Houston. Cooks won’t get 150 but he should get 100+ if healthy and he’s averaged 77/1149/7 in the four seasons that he’s gotten more than 100 targets. He’s also just 26 (27 in September) even though it feels like he’s been in the league since the turn of the century.
11.02122Dr. Edwin PorrasEno Benjamin (RB, Ari)
11.03123Tom BrolleyParris Campbell (WR, Ind)This is the third second-year receiver that I’ve landed at discounted prices because of quiet rookie campaigns — I previously drafted T.J. Hockenson (94th) and N’Keal Harry (99th). I love targeting these types of players in re-draft formats, as well. Campbell flopped last season as a second-round pick because of a slew of injuries. The speedy WR should be prominently featured this season with Philip Rivers, and T.Y. Hilton’s best years are likely behind him at the top of the depth chart.
11.04124John HansenEmmanuel Sanders (WR, NO)It has not been easy for me to draft as aggressively as I like to in this one, since most are all about youth and upside. With this pick, I had youthful and talented WR Paris Campbell lined up, but Tom took him right in front of me. My next best option was Sanders, who’s obviously a guy I can’t count on for very long. He’s 33, and Drew Brees may retire in 2021. Still, the perennially underrated Sanders is a perfect fit for this offense and he should do well this year and give me a solid depth option for bye weeks, etc. He’s under contract for the next 2-3 years most likely, so he could certainly help me beyond 2020 if Brees returns. But no question this pick was all about winning now, in 2020.
11.05125Kukainis (from McLean)Chase Edmonds (RB, Ari)Drafted him a bunch earlier than his ADP to lock in my Kenyan Drake handcuff. Edmonds also played great when given the starting opportunity last year.
11.06126Joe DolanDamien Williams (RB, KC)Williams is a talented player who the Chiefs have consistently looked to unseat the last few years. I’m not necessarily buying that he’ll have a significant role in 2020 — KC took Clyde Edwards-Helaire for a reason — but if CEH goes down, Williams is a league-winner.
11.07127Scott BarrettBryan Edwards (WR, LV)A guy my model LOVED, and Adam Caplan confirmed on our podcast he would have been a first-round pick without injury.
11.08128Adam CaplanDawson Knox (TE, Buf)Knox is on my list of potential breakout players over the next two seasons because his role is expected to expand in the Bills passing game. And while he’s my backup TE currently, I may use him over Hurst depending on the matchup on a given week.
11.09129Justin VarnesSterling Shepard (WR, NYG)QBs present their own form of “chicken” in a room full of fantasy pros. Most people would be shocked to see the number of QBs (several HOFers) still adrift on the board while people take their 5th and 6th WR or RB. I had my sights set on Tua Tagovailoa as my long-term QB, but I thought I could go a few more picks to my 12.04. So I grabbed my next underperforming-but-still-young receiver in Shepard. I need one of Shepard or Miller to “hit” and I’ll feel like my play to trade up paid off. However, Tua comes off the board next, and I spend the next few days chasing a trade for him (which I was finally able to land).
11.10130Graham BarfieldTua Tagovailoa (QB, Mia)No offense to anyone who took a QB early in this draft, but I really do not value the position beyond Mahomes/Jackson/Murray/Prescott/Wilson/Watson in dynasty leagues where you only start 1 QB. SuperFlex is a totally different game; but in a keeper league where only 12 QBs start each week, the position should naturally be devalued. Everyone should be able to have at least one startable, top-20 QB on their roster. So, I waited… and waited… but I finally got the Matt Ryan-Tua Tagovailoa combo I was targeting at the 11-12 turn. Love Tua’s high long-term upside and love Ryan’s high short-term floor.
11.11131Ben KukainisJace Sternberger (TE, GB)John likes this dude. And that’s good enough for me for a TE2 playing with Aaron Rodgers with little tough competition for targets aside from Davante Adams.
11.12132Tom SimonsKerryon Johnson (RB, Det)I handcuffed rookie RB DeAndre Swift with Johnson. Thus, I have the starter in Detroit on opening day until 3rd year pro Kerryon goes down with an injury again.

Round 12

12.01133Tom SimonsCurtis Samuel (WR, Car)Samuel has to gain the confidence of new QB Teddy Bridgewater and may be the third option. At least Samuel is a starter at the SWR spot.
12.02134Barfield (from Kukainis)Matt Ryan (QB, Atl)See 11.10 Tua blurb.
12.03135Kukainis (from Barfield)Duke Johnson (RB, Hou)I was honestly surprised Duke was here. We have him as the RB29 per our season projections, yet I took him here at the 40th RB taken. David Johnson will lead the backfield here, but “underwhelming” is sort of an understatement when it comes to his recent work. I fully expect Dookie to see 5-7 targets per game and a consistent 10+ FPG.
12.04136Justin VarnesDerrius Guice (RB, Was)With the only few currently-elite or potentially-elite QBs gone, I changed tack back to loading up on upside RBs/WRs. Guice has RB1 upside, and that’s what I want. He’s got 6 other RBs to contend with, and an injury history that gives one pause, but I know that at 12.04, I’m not getting a sure thing. I now have 4 picks in a row that are legitimately all boom-bust. Just need a few to come through. If they don’t...yeesh.
12.05137Adam CaplanKJ Hamler (WR, Den)Hamler’s role with the Broncos will be one to watch as he’ll be used as a vertical slot WR. He’s dynamic with the ball in his hands in space and is a threat to score any time he’s one on one with the defender in an open area. He has a lot of upside as a #3 fantasy WR.
12.06138Varnes (from Barrett)Antonio Gibson (RB, Was)I decided to take back-to-back shots at the WAS backfield. Guice and Gibson are both talented enough to be RB1s at best, or possibly an RB2 committee (ala Kamara and Ingram-lite). I’ve got good odds one of these two (if not both) we unseat Adrian Peterson sooner rather than later.
12.07139Joe DolanMike Gesicki (TE, Mia)I ended a run of “boring” picks with one I view as an exciting, upside value. Yes, I already have Travis Kelce, but he’s not getting any younger, and Gesicki is a legitimate breakout candidate at the position. He’s a stupid-good athlete who had a big second half of 2019, and the Dolphins are thin at WR. Keep in mind that we start four FLEX players in this league, including TEs. I have Gesicki penciled into my presumed starting lineup.
12.08140Jules McLeanTevin Coleman (RB, SF)Getting to the point in the draft where I am looking to fill some holes. I do not have much depth at RB and am looking for players at that position who play on teams with strong offenses and who might have a path to playing time. Niners HC Shanahan likes to play whack-a-mole with his RBs, so Coleman has a chance. He also has low mileage, only 665 career carries and a decent 4.3 yards per carry average.
12.09141John HansenChase Claypool (WR, Pit)At this late stage of the draft, I still felt the need to address WR and get some upside for the future. Our guy Greg Cosell did not love Claypool - or else he’d have probably gone 1-2 rounds higher - but GM Kevin Colbert has the WR algorithm that finds talent, and their track record and Claypools’s measurables were enough for me to pull the trigger here.
12.10142Tom BrolleyRonald Jones (RB, TB)I’ve never been a huge RJII fan, but I’ll certainly take him as my fifth back in the 12th round. He hasn’t even turned 23 years old, and he made giant strides as a sophomore after a disastrous rookie campaign in 2018. He’ll be the starter heading into camp in one of the league’s best offenses. He’ll need to hold off their third-round pick Ke’Shawn Vaughn for early-down work and goal-line snaps. Jones is actually three months younger than Vaughn, but he has a major leg up in NFL experience heading into a season with perfectionist Tom Brady.
12.11143Dr. Edwin PorrasIan Thomas (TE, Car)Ian Thomas is a young athletic dude who has proven capable of filling the shoes of Greg Olsen several times. The hope here is that if Bridgewater does continue to check down often, I have the non-CMC safety valve at tight end behind Ertz.
12.12144Paul KellyLatavius Murray (RB, NO)Entering his age 30 season, Murray remains arguably the most valuable handcuff in fantasy football. In the two games he played without Alvin Kamara last year, Murray racked up elite RB1 numbers...48/221/3 rushing and 14/86/1 receiving. When both backs were healthy Murray took a distant backseat to Kamara and he likely will again this season, but an injury to Kamara would make Murray a potential league-winning pick and there are only so many of those you get a chance to make over the course of a draft.
  • TRADE DETAILS: Barfield deals DJ Chark, 12.03, and a 2021 2nd-round rookie pick to Kukainis for 13.10 and a 2021 1st-round rookie pick.

Round 13

13.01145Kukainis (from Kelly)Jordan Howard (RB, Mia)Howard was performing very well with Philadelphia before injury last season. He also had totaled 900+ rushing yards in his first 3 seasons. He has plenty left in the tank and even if he’s sharing the Miami backfield 50/50 with Matt Breida, he could make for a great 3rd or 4th Flex spot for a couple more years.
13.02146Dr. Edwin PorrasAaron Rodgers (QB, GB)A good solid backup at this stage in his career Rodgers is still capable of putting up solid numbers when necessary.
13.03147Tom BrolleyDevin Duvernay (WR, Bal)This pick conflicted me since I’m trying to strike a balance between competing for 2020 and competing for the future. I nearly went for the 2020 help in Golden Tate with this pick, but I ultimately went with a Tate clone in the rookie slot WR out of Texas. Duvernay plays like a running back with the ball in his hands on crossing routes, or he can run past defenders on vertical routes with his 4.39-speed. I can already see Lamar Jackson hitting Duvernay in stride down the seams after dusting DBs in the middle of the field.
13.04148John HansenJared Cook (TE, NO)This was a win-now pick and protection for me if the Rams do something silly like not continue to feature Tyler Higbee in 2020. Cook was actually a stud down the stretch last year and he should have another good year in him, especially since he has a season’s worth of experience with Drew Brees. I would not put it past the 33-year old Cook to put up good numbers for another 2-3 years.
13.05149Jules McLeanVan Jefferson (WR, LAR)There are a few rookie WRs still left on the board so I wanted to get at least one. Jefferson grew up around football, his father Shawn was a NFL WR and this has led to a high football IQ. He’s not a speedster, but is a solid route runner and plays with that toughness I like. Josh Reynolds is blocking his path to playing time, but Jefferson is the type of WR that will force himself onto the playing field at some point, though it might take 1-2 years. Great landing spot with the Rams and McVay’s offense.
13.06150Joe DolanJulian Edelman (WR, NE)I’m back on my boring value picks. I don’t know how productive Edelman will be without Tom Brady. I do know that the Pats don’t have much else at receiver.
13.07151Scott BarrettAJ Dillon (RB, GB)My RB2! Easy value buy at a position I neglected. Here’s hoping Aaron Jones doesn’t re-sign with GB.
13.08152Adam CaplanLa’Mical Perine (RB, NYJ)We’re getting near the end of the rookie RBs that are worth drafting for dynasty league purposes. Perine won’t have much of a role this season, but his role could increase in 2021 because starting RB Le’Veon Bell’s contract could be terminated with very little dead money (just $4m).
13.09153Justin VarnesRyquell Armstead (RB, Jac)Adam Caplan mentioned how much the Jags love Armstead, which makes sense as they were trying to deal Leonard Fournette earlier this offseason. He might not be useful until next year, but with RBs having such short careers in terms of fantasy relevance, it’s never too late to try and grab the next lead back. Jacksonville did nothing in the draft to give us reason to believe Armstead isn’t the next in line.
13.10154Barfield (from Barfield via Kukainis)Darrell Henderson (RB, LAR)I have drafted two RBs: Cam Akers and now Henderson. Go me. I’ll be in the trade market for a RB this summer.
13.11155Ben Kukainis
13.12156Tom SimonsGolden Tate (WR, NYG)Entering his 11th season does not make Tate a long term keeper. Yet, he can be an immediate starter for me in year one of this league.

Round 14

14.01157Tom SimonsMatthew Stafford (QB, Det)Prior to his injury in Week 9 of 2019, Stafford was a top 5 scoring QB in this league’s scoring format. He and Russell Wilson give me a powerful one-two punch at QB that gives me matchup options when needed.
14.02158Ben KukainisNyheim Hines (RB, Ind)
14.03159McLean (from Barfield)Joshua Kelley (RB, LAC)I traded up five spots with Graham to make a homer pick. The last time I threw a late round dart at a UCLA RB was MJD’s rookie year. Booyah! I had a very good season that year. Joshua Kelley is no MJD and Austin Ekeler got a four-year contract this off-season. But, I don’t think Ekeler can be an every down back without wearing down. In steps Kelley (or Justin Jackson) to spell Ekeler. Kelley has good hands in the passing game, can also run inside and most importantly can pass protect. If he ever gets the opportunity for full-time work, he will deliver.
14.04160Justin VarnesAllen Lazard (WR, GB)I wasn’t in love with my options at this spot, so I grabbed another dart throw. Lazard doesn’t have much upside in this offense as the 3rd (at best) option in this low-volume passing game, but there are worse wagons to hitch to than an Aaron Rodgers favorite. If Rodgers goes rogue and throws it 100 more times than Matt LaFleur wants him to, Lazard could creep into WR4 territory. Not really a glowing review of my pick, is it?
14.05161Adam CaplanMarlon Mack (RB, Ind)Mack will be involved every week, but clearly will not have the same role he did the last 2 seasons since the team selected Jonathan Taylor in the 2nd round. The hope here is that Mack gets 10-12 touches/week, which gives him some value as a #3 RB.
14.06162Scott BarrettTony Pollard (RB, Dal)Pollard could be a league-winner if Ezekiel Elliott suffers a serious injury. I loved his tape last year.
14.07163Joe DolanJohn Brown (WR, Buf)The addition of Stefon Diggs really puts a damper on Brown’s fantasy value, but I don’t know if it’s so much that he should fall to the 14th round of a dynasty startup. But the Diggs addition, Brown’s age (30), and the fact that Josh Allen isn’t exactly an efficient ball distributor gave me a little bit of a value pick here.
14.08164Barfield (from McLean)
14.09165John HansenPhillip Lindsay (RB, Den)I got too greedy and tried to get my Zeke Elliott handcuff in this round or next, but Tony Pollard went a few picks in front of me. So I went right to Lindsay, who is the #2 behind my RB2 in Melvin Gordon. Not a sexy pick, but he gives me some security.
14.10166Tom BrolleyChris Herndon (TE, NYJ)Herndon had a completely lost sophomore campaign. He played just 18 snaps because of a four-game suspension and hamstring and rib injuries. Adam Gase had big plans for Herndon last season to move him all around the formation after the 24-year-old TE had a promising first season with Sam Darnold in 2018. The Jets receiving corps remains extremely thin so Herndon has a chance to get his career back on track this season.
14.11167Dr. Edwin PorrasJustin Jackson (RB, LAC)Jackson flashed last year in his limited opportunities and in the 14th round there’s no reason not to take a flier on Ekeler’s backup who will likely continue to be involved.
14.12168Paul KellyGiovani Bernard (RB, Cin)Gio remains one of the best plug and play handcuffs in fantasy. If Joe Mixon decides to hold out or gets injured during the year, Gio is a top-12 PPR back. As Scott outlined in his Underrated Upside RBs article, across Bernard's last four games without Mixon on the field, he averages 80% of the team's snaps, 13.0 carries, 5.3 targets, and 19.4 fantasy points per game. Also don’t overlook the fact that Gio will likely remind his new QB Joe Burrow of CEH.
  • TRADE DETAILS: McLean deals 14.08 and a 2021 4th round pick to Barfield for 14.03

Round 15

15.01169Paul KellySammy Watkins (WR, KC)It’s been an interesting off-season for Sammy so far as he’s made headlines sharing some of his beliefs and struggles with the world. He’s also made it known that he thinks he has another 8-years, 2 Super Bowls and a gold jacket in Canton in his future. While that’s certainly debatable, what’s not debatable is how big a contributor Sammy was during the Chiefs Super Bowl run, logging 25 catches for 487 yards and a touchdown in three wins – after a quiet regular season. He’ll be playing 2020 on an incentive-laden contract and with a chip on his shoulder so he’s well worth a shot here as WR72.
15.02170Kukainis (from Porras)Kenny Stills (WR, Hou)
15.03171Tom BrolleyDarrynton Evans (RB, Ten)I was hoping to have the chance to take Evans if the time was right after selecting Derrick Henry 22nd overall. The Titans found their new lightning to Henry’s thunder in Evans, who creates yards with his speed (4.41 40-time) and his loose, shifty hips in a smaller package (5’11”, 203 pounds). Evans will likely just be a handcuff stash for 2020, but he could be the guy in Tennessee in 2021 if the Titans and Henry can’t work out a long-term deal.
15.04172John HansenDede Westbrook (WR, Jac)I probably should have taken Boston Scott here for RB depth, but I still don’t love my WR corps, so I’m giving Dede one more chance to break out on a team that is still quite thin at receiver. I was actually surprised to see how consistent his numbers were the last two seasons (101 targets and 66 grabs in each season), and his QB should be a little better in year two.
15.05173Jules McLeanRussell Gage (WR, Atl)I like the 3rd year WR as a late round flyer. Had four games with 9 or more targets last year after Sanu left. Does most of his damage from the slot, but is versatile enough to play outside if Jones or Ridley (on my team) go down. 49 receptions for 446 yards as the third WR on a potent offense last year. I’ll take him all day in the 15th round.
15.06174Joe DolanAndy Isabella (WR, Ari)Speed and youth. Isabella currently looks buried in Arizona, but you can’t teach 4.3 speed, and no team plays with 4 WRs more than the Cards do.
15.07175Scott BarrettAntonio Brown (WR, FA)League-winning upside. Could see myself trading him away at a profit if he gets reinstated.
15.08176Adam CaplanDeSean Jackson (WR, Phi)This was a selection with the thinking that Jackson, one of the elite deep ball threats in NFL history, will only help me for this season though he’s signed through 2021. With Jackson it’s always about availability, not ability.
15.09177Justin VarnesGerald Everett (TE, LAR)After grabbing George Kittle early, I was debating on going with a solid backup if Kittle goes down, but the way the draft fell, I passed on those options and decided to keep my streak of upside dart throws going. Everett and Tyler Higbee finally hit fantasy relevance toward the middle of the season, as Sean McVay adjusted away from his Todd Gurley-based outside zone and moved toward more 12 personnel. Both TEs did well, but Higbee was the clear #1 option over a hobbled Everett. Everett had some monster games last season, and if he gives me a few of those on the off chance Kittle goes down for a few weeks, then I’m happy with my round 14 shot.
15.10178Graham BarfieldDamien Harris (RB, NE)
15.11179Porras (from Kukainis)Kaden Smith (TE, NYG)
15.12180Tom SimonsCarlos Hyde (RB, Sea)Chris Carson is coming off an injury. While he should be ready for opening day and be the starter, Hyde could be the early down back if Carson gets dinged or under achieves, especially since Rashad Penny like begins the year on the PUP list.

Round 16

16.01181Tom SimonsJames Washington (Pit, WR)He should be a starter on opening day and he performed well without Ben Roethlisberger last year. With Big Ben back, Washington could excel if he has chemistry with Roethlisberger.
16.02182Ben KukainisJohn Hightower (WR, Phi)Maybe a little Eagles bias here, but I take our guy Greg Cosell’s word that Hightower could be a key part of this offense and is much more than just a vertical threat.
16.03183Graham BarfieldLynn Bowden (RB, LV)
16.04184Justin VarnesHunter Renfrow (WR, LV)Another case of me playing “QB chicken” too long, I had Drew Lock on my board over the next few rounds, because I think he’s got a great chance to be a mega sleeper. I still have yet to draft a QB, and we’re almost out of rounds. MInd you, some scrubs like Tom Brady and Drew Brees are still out there. I digress. After all the upside picks in the last several rounds, I decided on a solid player who likely wouldn't light up any draft boards, but would save me if my 8 boom-bust picks went mostly bust. I like having players like Renfrow. They’re dirt cheap, and can solidly plug away in your WR3/WR4 spot for a lot cheaper than most players in that range. Picture Cole Beasley back with Dallas, or Adam Humphries with Tampa Bay. They don’t get much love, but they move the sticks. Blue collar fantasy football. If he turns his 49 grabs and 4 TDs from his rookie season into 80 grabs and 7 TDs, then he might earn some starts over the “bust” crew.
16.05185Adam CaplanDrew Lock (QB, Den)Lock went from being a lower-end fantasy QB last season to now having such good talent around him (TE Noah Fant, WRs Courtland Sutton, Jerry Jeudy, K.J. Hamler) that he could wind up being in the upper half for years to come.
16.06186Scott BarrettCorey Davis (WR, Ten)I’m not a Davis fan by any stretch, but he’s a former first-round pick and he fell at least a few rounds by ADP.
16.07187Joe DolanJalen Hurd (WR, SF)A total flier pick. I wanted some youth at WR, and Hurd — a former college RB — fits the Niners’ YAC M.O. He missed his rookie season with an injury.
16.08188Varnes (from McLean)Jonnu Smith (TE, Ten)I had Smith targeted as soon as I drafted George Kittle in Round 2. Smith has massive upside and would be more talked about if he wasn’t on the run-first, ask-questions-later Titans. He’s athletic, the team really likes him and wants to use him more, and he improved his catch rate and yards per target dramatically last season.
16.09189John HansenRashaad Penny (RB, Sea)We’re almost 200 picks into this thing, so there’s not much upside to be had at any position, so I took a chance on Penny, who is still just 24 years old with a very minimal workload so far in his career. He’s likely to open the season on PUP, but this league allows for players to be placed on IR without costing you an active roster spot for a guy who won’t play. It is entirely possible that, in one year, a healthy Penny leads this backfield in touches, since Chris Carson is an UFA in 2021. Penny before his horrible ACL Week 14 was just starting to show what he could do with 29/203/2 in Weeks 12-13 (7.0 YPC).
16.10190Tom BrolleyJohn Ross (WR, Cin)Ross was playing the best football of his career in the first month of last season before another injury slowed his third campaign. The Bengals declined his fifth-year option, but he has the chance to right the ship heading into free agency. Ross’ 4.22-speed should pair better with Joe Burrow’s downfield throwing compared to Andy Dalton’s. I think Ross, at just 24 years old, can have a strong second act to his career if he can ever stay healthy for an extended stretch of his career.
16.11191Dr. Edwin PorrasMiles Boykin (WR, Bal)Boykin is a field stretcher in his second year as an NFL receiver. The hope is that he can take a step forward and make that Baltimore offense a version of the Kansas City killers.
16.12192Paul KellyBoston Scott (RB, Phi)Scott was a supporting player for the Eagles in 2019 but in his first real opportunity at meaningful NFL playing time he showed that he belonged. He’s quick, he’s got some juice and he can catch the football (92% catch rate last year). His role expanded late in the year playing better than 40% of the snaps in 3 of the Eagles last 4 games and he turned 23 touches into 35.8 FP in Week 17. The Eagles may still add a veteran back but for now Scott has a chance at meaningful playing time behind Miles Sanders.

Round 17

17.01193Paul KellyTom Brady (QB, TB)Brady was QB16 in FPG last year in New England throwing to a weak (to put it kindly) group of WRs and TEs. In Tampa, he has an embarrassment of riches. Evans and Godwin make up arguably the best tandem of WRs in the league and he’s also got the deepest group of TEs to throw to in Howard, Brate and the returning Rob Gronkowski. We’ll see about the backfield but the O-line should be good enough to protect the GOAT. Obviously it’s a new system and a new supporting cast so there’s possible downside here but I also think the potential for one of his better fantasy seasons is staring us right in the face.
17.02194Dr. Edwin PorrasEric Ebron (TE, Pit)Everybody loves an inconsistent 27 year old tight end. He’ll be a great fil-in who can still be successful in Pittsburgh.
17.03195Tom BrolleyJ.J. Arcega Whiteside (WR, Phi)I strictly drafted JJAW based on his second-round draft capital from 2019. I sure as hell didn’t draft him based on how he played as a rookie. The Eagles put the pressure on him to step as a sophomore by drafting three WRs in April. JJAW said this off-season he struggled to play through multiple injuries, which may explain his terrible rookie performance. In the 17th round, I’ll give Arcega-Whiteside a couple months to show that he’s a much better player than he showed as a rookie. If he doesn’t show enough improvement, I won’t feel bad cutting the 86th WR selected in our draft.
17.04196John HansenJosh Reynolds (WR, LAR)Just looking for more quality WR depth and this guy more than fits the bill based on talent and more importantly based on the fact that I own Cooper Kupp.
17.05197Jules McLeanQuintez Cephus (WR, Det)Rookie is buried on the Lions depth chart, but look who is in front of him: Chris Lacy, Geronimo Allison and 30 year-old Marvin Jones (who is also a free agent in 2021). Draft stock tumbled due to an off-field incident. Strong, physical, runs good routes and has good concentration. Lions got a steal as long as his character holds up.
17.06198Joe DolanTyler Johnson (WR, TB)I think I sniped Scott here. Johnson was a favorite of analytics Twitter prior to the NFL Draft. Tape guys struggled with him, but our Greg Cosell views him as a potentially productive slot WR at the next level.
17.07199Scott BarrettDrew Brees (QB, NO)Heart-breaking snipe from Joe, but this pick was easy. Brees averaged 22.8 fantasy points per game excluding a nine-snap performance in Week 2.
17.08200Adam CaplanBenny Snell (RB, Pit)Snell won’t be the starter, but he’ll likely be involved with 5-7 carries/game and possibly more if starter James Conner continues to miss time (missed 5 games last 2 seasons and parts of others).
17.09201Justin VarnesAdrian Peterson (RB, Was)Now that I’m basically out of any RBs or WRs I like, I decided to complete the WAS backfield trifecta. ONE of these dudes is gonna lead this backfield. Not very efficient use of this pick, but I know I’ll need to grab my QB next (and 3 of my targets are still there), so I just figured I would allow for the possibility that AP is indeed an alien and my Guice/Gibson picks will be for 2028 when Peterson finally retires because he’s bored.
17.10202Graham BarfieldGabriel Davis (WR, Buf)
17.11203Porras (from Kukainis)Chris Conley (WR, Jac)
17.12204Tom SimonsJustin Herbert (QB, LAC)I watched him play numerous times working on FOX college football packages the past few years. He landed in a great spot and should be the starter sooner than later. He is my QB for the future.

Round 18

18.01205Tom SimonsAdam Trautman (TE, NO)The Saints use TEs frequently in their passing attack. Jared Cook could be gone next year and that opens the door for this rookie to be fantasy relevant.
18.02206Ben KukainisHakeem Butler (WR, Ari)At this point, there are a lot of dart throws. I wanted Gabriel Davis but he went just 4 picks prior to Graham. I went back and read Greg Cosell’s analysis of both Butler and KeeSean Johnson, and went with Butler for his unique combination of size, speed, and skillset. He’s buried on the Ari depth chart but I’ll be hoping he sees the field and shows some promise for higher value in 2021.
18.03207Kukainis (from Barfield)Sam Darnold (QB, NYJ)Needed my QB2. Was choosing between Darnold, Garoppolo, and Goff. And while Adam Gase sucks, I don’t trust Jimmy G in fantasy to be much more than a game manager, and I couldn’t ignore the massive step back Goff took last year.
18.04208Justin VarnesJimmy Garoppolo (QB, SF)With my second-to-last pick, I finally draft my QB (I did trade for Tua Tagovailoa earlier, but he’s likely not starting out of the gate). I went with Jimmy G over Jared Goff and Ryan Tannehill because he has the higher floor. Goff and the Rams could be nearing the end of their honeymoon, and Tannehill is likely to regress this season. They should all be about the same in this league, I just went with the one who I felt had the fewest variables.
18.05209Adam CaplanDevonta Freeman (RB, FA)Freeman will wind up being a backup RB for a team this season or more depending on which team he signs with. And if he signs with the Eagles, I’ll have the handcuff for Sanders.
18.06210Scott BarrettWill Dissly (TE, SEA)Injuries have probably taken their toll, but he’s a great boom-or-bust pick at a price-tag of (basically) free.
18.07211Joe DolanRyan Tannehill (QB, Ten)I needed a backup QB to Carson Wentz. Of course Tannehill will regress, but he is locked in as Tennessee’s starter for at least the next two seasons.
18.08212Jules McLeanMichael Warren (RB, Phi)I would have taken TE Adam Trautman, but he went a few picks earlier. I’ve thrown Phill RB darts before to rookie players buried on the depth chart (Bryce Brown) and caught lightning. Wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t make the 53-man roster, but his nickname is The Truck, so based on just that, I am upticking his chances of sticking around.
18.09213John HansenRaymond Calais (RB, TB)Bruce Arians called this guy a smaller version of David Johnson. He was only a 7th round pick, but he really stood out at the combine, and since he’s a good returner, he’s a good bet to stick around here. He can catch the ball and offer homerun speed in this backfield, so he’s got a shot. Of course, shortly after making this pick, I saw a report about the Bucs interested in Devonta Freeman, which could be a problem for 2020.
18.10214Tom BrolleyTyrell Williams (WR, LV)Williams quietly posted 11+ FP in his first five games last season before plantar fasciitis completely sapped his 4.42-speed in his 6’4” frame. Las Vegas did give him $22 million guaranteed last off-season so they have plenty of reasons to give him another chance to establish himself with Derek Carr. Our guy Adam Caplan said Williams is the favorite to open the season as a starter with Henry Ruggs in two-WR sets. Williams, 28, will either step up and cement himself as a viable weapon in this offense or the Raiders will cut him since he has no guaranteed money left on his contract after the season.
18.11215Barfield (from Porras)Cole Kmet (TE, Chi)
18.12216Paul KellySteven Sims (WR, Was)This is a dart-throw here on a guy that put up 16/190/4 over the final 3 games of 2019. He’s a better option than Trey Quinn in the slot and while he could see Antonio Gibson cut into his snap share, he proved he could play last season so he’s got a chance.

Round 19

19.01217Paul KellyDevin Asiasi (TE, NE)Asiasi will compete for a starting role and instantly becomes the Patriots’ most viable receiver at tight end. He can stretch the field vertically and horizontally but we all know rookie tight ends tend to struggle for fantasy. It’s a depth/developmental pick for me as Darren Waller is my starting TE every week.
19.02218Kukainis (from Porras)Jimmy Graham (TE, Chi)I traded Hakeem Butler to Edwin last minute because I wanted a 3rd TE, and I’m taking Greg Cosell’s word that Jimmy Graham still has some juice left in the tank and that 2019 was more an indictment of the GB offense’s use of him than his performance.
19.03219Tom BrolleyJared Goff (QB, LAR)I selected Deshaun Watson pretty early for my standards at 70th overall so I wasn’t going to spend another pick at quarterback until the very end. The rest of the positions had been picked over anyway, but I had two strong options at QB in Goff or Ben Roethlisberger in the final round. I ended up going with the 25-year-old Goff because of his long-term outlook over Big Ben’s short-term upside. Goff still finished second in pass attempts (626) and third in passing yards (4638) last season but his TD rate plummeted from 5.7% in 2018 to 3.5% in 2019.
19.04220John HansenO.J. Howard (TE, TB)Howard’s still only 25 and was drafted last summer around 55 overall, so while his 2019 was terrible, he was worth a flyer this ridiculously late.
19.05221Jules McLeanBen Roethlisberger (QB, Pit)I counted, Big Ben has eight games against soft Defenses. My one-year rental will crack my line-up several times. Coming back from injury he has something to prove and will want to go out with a bang, not a whimper.
19.06222Joe DolanDeeJay Dallas (RB, Sea)I really wanted Devin Asiasi here. No matter. Dallas was one of my favorite NFL Draft sleepers, though his value appears to have been torpedoed by the Carlos Hyde signing. Nonetheless, he’s a fine end-of-bench stash given Seattle loves to run the ball.
19.07223Scott BarrettKirk Cousins (QB, Min)Don’t need a QB3, but could try to sell Cousins for a late pick if he goes off early in the year.
19.08224Adam CaplanDanny Amendola (WR, Det)The veteran slot WR had 31 receptions over the 7 games he played with QB Matthew Stafford including 3 games with at least 7 receptions (Week 1 at Ari (7), Week 7 vs MIN (8), Week 8 vs NYG (8). He’s certainly worth a shot for 1 season for depth purposes in the last round.
19.09225Justin VarnesLarry Fitzgerald (WR, Ari)While Fitz has almost no dynasty value left (he’s 36), he posted 74/804/4 last season. Drafting elite players at the tail end of their career gives you steady production at a stupidly discounted rate. How many last picks have a legit chance to post 75/800/5 lines? Plus, I spent so much late round capital on boom-bust players, that Fitz helps my roster floor if things go south with most of them.
19.10226Graham BarfieldTeddy Bridgewater (QB, Car)
19.11227Barfield (from Kukainis)Bryce Love (RB, Was)
19.12228Tom SimonsAlshon Jeffery (WR, Phi)Mr. Irrelevant! He averaged over 12 points a game before Lisfranc injury shut him down last year. The injury is why he lasted this long.