Tom Simons

IDP Analyst

A savvy veteran of fantasy football since 1990, Thomas began his career in the industry 24 years ago with Fantasy Guru. He joined in 2019. He specializes in IDP and Special Teams including trends, projections, injuries, and transactions. Thomas has been involved in IDP over the past twelve years.

A Massachusetts native, Thomas has been living near the Emerald City of Seattle since 2000. He has been or still is commissioner of esteemed leagues like ffWebMasters, Hardcore Fantasy Invitational, and HAFA-X. Having played football in high school and college, Thomas has never lost his love of the sport. When he is not delving into fantasy football, he works as an instant replay or slow-motion replay technician for national clients like ESPN, FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, and Showtime as well as regional clients like ROOT Sports. Needless to say, his schedule is extremely busy.