Nick Spanola

Staff Writer

Nick is a data driven analyst, passionate about the constantly evolving variables inherent in the game of football. Originally coming from a baseball background — both as a player and where his analytics journey began — Nick uses a broad range of perspectives to form substantive opinions with matchups and higher-level trends.

Prior to joining Fantasy Points, Nick began work as a college base data analyst for Pro Football Focus upon graduating from Indiana University in 2020. His interest in writing from a data-driven perspective took flight when he began contributing to The Bolt Beat, a Los Angeles Chargers site with The FanSided Network.

Nick is a Chicago Cubs lifer. His passion for team building and roster construction all started when Theo Epstein took over their front office in 2011. Every day throughout those rebuilding seasons, he was keeping tabs on their farm system. This desire to study and identify prospects is the foundation of his work in football, evaluating NFL Draft prospects at the collegiate level. Nick’s analytical curiosity and technical skills combine to provide some unique and informative data visualizations.