Jeff Henderson

Staff Writer

Jeff grew up in Illinois and now lives in Southern California. After a lifetime of having his soul beaten down by my Chicago Bears fandom, he pivoted to fantasy football around 2010 so he could mix in some excitement along with sorrows on football Sundays. He enjoys sports analytics and even writes occasional sports analytics humor blogs when he gets the time. He also enjoys getting out there and playing flag football. Probably worth a mid-3rd round fantasy flag football (Orange County Meetup Division) selection as a wide receiver, and a dart throw 13th round quarterback.

His contribution to fantasy football analytics lies in his development of fantasy Wins Above Replacement. This metric provides a new way to think about what value a fantasy player provides to his team managers in terms of what matters most to fantasy managers: fantasy games won. It also allows comparing players across positions to see what the optimal draft selection every player ended up being worth. He looks forward to continuing to develop this metric and writing theoretical fantasy takes from it. Anything really to take his mind off dwelling on the state of my Chicago Bears.