Dr. Mark Adickes

Medical Analyst

Dr. Mark Adickes, an Orthopedic surgeon, was a first-team All-American at Baylor, a player in the USFL (where he blocked for QB Steve Young) and an NFL Super Bowl winner with the Redskins in 1992. A graduate of Harvard Medical School, Adickes is one of the most respected sports physicians in the country. In addition, he’s a highly respected media analyst with 10+ years of experience breaking down NFL injuries on television. He was ESPN’s NFL Injury Analyst for 5+ years starting in 2013 and has worked on DirecTV’s Fantasy Zone channel (with our John Hansen) for the last six years, specifically breaking down NFL injuries from a fantasy perspective. Dr. Adickes will be utilized when key injuries occur to give our readers and viewers the best perspectives on injury outlooks and likely return timetables based on his vast base of sports and medical knowledge and film review of each injury.