Chris Wecht

Director of Analytics

Chris graduated as an engineer from the University of Delaware, and since graduating he was always interested in combining his programming and coding skills along with his love of football to find a career in sports. He started his football career working for PFF in 2019 where he learned many football charting techniques to assist in data collection and curation of advanced fantasy football stats. Following PFF, he joined FTN where he continued his part-time work as their lead football charter. After a year of working part-time he earned a full-time role managing FTN's entire play-by-play dataset along with creating many of their premium stats tools using his programming skills. Chris looks to use his unique combinton of data analysis and film study to come up with new ways to analyze the game of football.

When he isn't coding or charting football games he spends time at the beach or on walks with his wife and dog. He is also a tortured lifelong Philadelphia sports fan that can't help but trust the process.