Alex Pendergrass

Betting Contributor

Alex is a digital data analyst by day, a football-obsessed analyst by night. He’s provided freelance contributions to One Week Season for the last two years, primarily as a researcher, supporting the weekly matchups columns. As a content provider there, he also has covered how to play best ball tournaments on DraftKings, tracked every best ball contest to help contestants make smart bankroll decisions, and built the occasional tool as requested.

Alex has completed multiple data analytic certifications, with a recent graduation from Michigan State University’s Data Analytics Bootcamp. Doing so helped him make a career transition from the retail banking world into full-time data analysis. He combines his years of fantasy and betting experience with his data analysis skills to turn his passion for football into a profitable hobby.

When not obsessing over best ball and same-game parlays, Alex collects and voraciously reads fantasy and science fiction novels, engages in heroic bedtime battles with his toddler, and lives and dies with the Detroit Lions.