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2020 Season Picks Contest

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It’s been 5 long and exciting months since our 2020 Season Picks contest closed, and now it’s time to reveal the winners! The following are the answers to the 25 questions and tiebreaker.

  1. AFC East Winner: Buffalo Bills
  2. AFC North Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers
  3. AFC South Winner: Tennessee Titans
  4. AFC West Winner: Kansas City Chiefs
  5. NFC East Winner: Washington Football Team
  6. NFC North Winner: Green Bay Packers
  7. NFC South Winner: New Orleans Saints
  8. NFC West Winner: Seattle Seahawks
  9. Top AFC Wild Card (5th seed): Baltimore Ravens
  10. Top NFC Wild Card (5th seed): Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  11. AFC Champion: Kansas City Chiefs
  12. NFC Champion: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  13. Super Bowl Champion: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  14. Most regular season wins: Kansas City Chiefs
  15. Fewest regular season wins: Jacksonville Jaguars
  16. Most team regular season points scored: Green Bay Packers
  17. Fewest team regular season points allowed: Los Angeles Rams
  18. Last team to lose a game: Pittsburgh Steelers
  19. First coach fired: Bill O’Brien
  20. QB1 (total fantasy points): Josh Allen
  21. RB1 (total fantasy points): Alvin Kamara
  22. WR1 (total fantasy points): Davante Adams
  23. TE1 (total fantasy points): Travis Kelce
  24. Offensive Rookie of the Year: Justin Herbert
  25. MVP: Aaron Rodgers

Tiebreaker: Final yardage total of the 2020 passing leader: 4,823

Note: Winner of tiebreaker will be closest numeric pick, either over or under. If two numbers are equidistant from correct answer, user whose number is below the correct number will win.


Grand Prize: One (1) 2021-2022 Two-Year Fantasy Points Premium Level Subscription

2nd through 5th Place: One (1) 2021 Fantasy Points Premium Level Subscription

6th through 10th Place: One (1) 2021 Fantasy Points Standard Level Subscription

Winners who already have a 2021 Fantasy Points subscription will be given an upgrade or an extension.


Winners will be contacted via email.

Grand Prize: Brandon K. (12 correct)

2nd Place: Christopher G. (11 correct)

3rd Place: Ben B. (10 correct, tiebreak differential of 2)

4th Place: Andrew W. (10 correct, tiebreak differential of 87)

5th Place: Fernando A. (10 correct, tiebreak differential of 113)

6th Place: Matt N. (10 correct, tiebreak differential of 127)

7th Place: Jack A. (10 correct, tiebreak differential of 252)

8th Place: Matt W. (10 correct, tiebreak differential of 266)

9th Place: Kevin G. (10 correct, tiebreak differential of 292)

10th Place: Vinny G. (9 correct, tiebreak differential of 11)