2024 Statistically Significant

About this Series

This series is a deep look into the stats that matter from Fantasy Points Data. Our staff explains these stats, why they're important, how they’re predictive, and how we can use them for 2024 fantasy football strategy!


Statistically Significant: Catchable Targets


A look into catchable targets: how QBs affect receivers, how "sticky" the stat is, and how we can use it for 2024 fantasy football strategy.

Fantasy Points Data 201: Advanced Passing


A tutorial on using the Fantasy Points Data Suite advanced passing tool, a powerful statistical database for evaluating NFL quarterbacks.

Fantasy Points Data 101: The Basics


A tutorial on how to get started using the Fantasy Points Data Suite, a powerful NFL research tool for fans, bettors, and fantasy players.

Free Agency: A Fantasy Football Scam


In a special Statistically Significant article, Ryan Heath examines the decline in production for players who change teams in free agency.