Fantasy Points Discord Chat Service

Welcome to the Fantasy Points Discord Community Chat! An exclusive service for Premium subscribers only, our Discord chat offers the most immediate access to our experts and analysts, and is comprised of a variety of channels, including season-long, DFS, Betting, High-Stakes, Best-Ball, Injury, and more! Chat with other Premium members 24/7, ask our analysts questions, post your own thoughts, and help grow the Fantasy Points community! To make it easier, all our staff and experts’ usernames will be in blue lettering, to better help you locate and interact with them. During the season, we’ll be releasing tentative schedules for our experts’ appearances in the Discord chat, so check this page as often, and follow us on social media! Before entering our chat, please carefully review the chat guidelines, as outlined in the "User Content and Conduct" section of our Terms and Conditions. By entering the Discord chat, you agree to those terms and conditions and agree that any violation of those rules may result in suspension or expulsion from the chat, as well as a cease in your subscription.