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July Gear Giveaway

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Thank You

Thanks everyone for participating in our July Gear Giveaway! We had an extraordinary amount of entries and want to thank everyone for your support. As part of our promotional merchandise week, we donated $5 for every Standard subscription and $10 for every Premium subscription purchased/upgraded during that timespan, and will be donating it to the #FantasyCares charity program!

A quick rundown on the results:

  • 222 total entries.
  • 87 participants got at least 5/10 questions correct.
  • 50 participants got at least 6/10 questions correct.
  • 30 participants got at least 7/10 questions correct.
  • 10 participants got at least 8/10 questions correct.
  • Average score of participants was 4.2/10.

Only 3 subscribers got 9 out of 10 questions right to finish at the top of our leaderboards. Congratulations to our winners of the contest.

Grand Prize

9/10 Correct, 4 Points away from Tiebreak 1 answer

  • 1 Black Founders Edition T-Shirt
  • 1 Blue Fantasy Points Pin T-Shirt
  • 1 Fantasy Points Logo Snapback Hat
  • 1 Fantasy Points Pin Snapback Hat

Second Place

9/10 Correct, 18 Points away from Tiebreak 1 answer

  • 1 White Fantasy Points Pin T-Shirt
  • 1 Fantasy Points Pin Snapback Hat

Third Place

9/10 Correct, 57 Points away from Tiebreak 1 answer

  • 1 Fantasy Points Logo Snapback Hat


Question 1: Who is Graham Barfield's 2020 rookie WR1?
Jalen Reagor

Question 2: Which dynasty dart throw of John Hansen's finished 45/402/1 receiving over the final 9 weeks last year?
Russell Gage

Question 3: What draft spot is Joe Dolan drafting from in Scott Fish Bowl this year?

Question 4: Alvin Kamara and Dalvin Cook came to mind when Greg Cosell was projecting which 2020 rookie running back to the NFL?
D’Andre Swift

Question 5: At 45.5%, who is Joe Dolan's most owned player in Best-Ball drafts so far this year?
Marquise Brown

Question 6: Which of the following wide receivers is Dr. Edwin Porras giving the "green light" for this upcoming season?
N’Keal Harry

Question 7: After Marquise Brown, who is Scott Barrett's next most targeted 2nd year wide receiver, a player who was charted as open on 84% of his targets last year according to PFF?
Diontae Johnson

Question 8: Which team does Tom Brolley currently have atop his Betting Power Rankings?

Question 9: Which rookie WR did Adam Caplan say "could flat out fly" and should "probably have been drafted a little bit higher" in the 2020 Fantasy Points Pow-wow?
John Hightower

Question 10: John Hansen drafted only 1 quarterback in the Fantasy Points Dynasty startup draft. Who was it?
Patrick Mahomes

Tiebreak 1: Guess Graham Barfield's final team score in his 2019 Week 16 SuperFlex league championship?

Tiebreak 2: How many collective views did the Fantasy Points Pow-Wow have over the combined 4 episodes?

Thank you again for everybody participating, and be on the lookout for more contests and giveaways as time goes on!